Products and Services

Business transformation, apart from corporate restructuring, can also be carried out by other means, one of which is through innovative business development that specifically accommodates the needs of the customer while, at the same time, can provide opportunities to reap significant opportunities. As an integrated telecommunications operator, we embarked on a number of business developments that covered fixed wireline, fixed wireless, cellular, data & internet, and network & interconnection and are aimed at fulfilling the needs of a broad spectrum of customers ranging from the retail consumer, the corporate customer, as well as other licensed operators. 

The success of our business allows us to optimally synergize our entire potential at our disposal so as to position ourselves as the total solutions provider to customers as well as to strengthen our Company's position in the face of increased competition. For this purpose, the TELKOM Group had carried out a number of synergistic marketing and sales promotions.

TELKOM Group's products and services comprise of over 200 products and services, and are categorized by its portfolio business. Our products and services are classified as fol lows: fixed wireline, fixed wireless, cellular, data & internet, and network & interconnection.



TELKOMLokal . TELKOMLokal is a service for cal ls between subscribers within a range of less than 30 km or within one local boundary. The tariff rate used for local telephone calls is Rp250 per pulse rate.

TELKOMSLJJ . TELKOMSLJJ, commonly referred to SLJJ (Sambungan Langsung Jarak Jauh or Long Distance Direct Dialing), is a long-distance telephone service within Indonesia. The caller and the receiver utilize different area codes. The charges are dependent on the distance, time, and date of the call.

TELKOMSLI-007. Previously, this product and service was named TELKOM International Call (TIC) 007 as it launched on June 2004. On May 2006, TELKOM changed its name to TELKOMSLI-007. TELKOMSLI-007 is international direct dialing by means of the 007 access code. This service also provides operator-assisted calls by dialing 107.

TELKOMSpeedy. Speedy Broadband Access is a broadband service that uses the ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) technology for high-speed internet access with a speed of up to 3 Mbps (downstream). Speedy provides data services, multimedia, and telephone/fax simultaneously by means of an existing telephone cable line.

TELKOMFlexi. TELKOMFlexi is a voice and data telecommunications service based on wireless CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) 2000-1x technology. This is a limited mobility service, meaning that, unlike cellular subscribers, TELKOMFlexi customers can only use the service within a particular area code. Charges are based on residential telephone (PSTN TELKOM) tariffs. TELKOMFlexi offers three basic services: voice, SMS and low speed data. Value added services such as Ring Back Tones (RBT) are also available.

Among TELKOMFlexi's advantages are its clear sound quality and low radiation. Customers can choose from a wide range of terminals ranging from mobile to fixed terminal. Mobile Set (CDMA handset) users have the option of using either postpaid (FLEXIClassy) or pre-paid (FLEXITrendy) services, while fixed users can use Fixed Wireless Terminals (FWT) to access FLEXIHome, which is based on the ESN (non SIM Card) system.

One of TELKOMFlexi's most competitive products is FLEXICombo, an innovation that allows customers to have two or three Flexi numbers in one card, thus providing inter-city mobility. FLEXICombo, which is derived from FLEXIClassy and FLEXITrendy, is designed for users who frequently use roaming services.

In November 2008, we implemented FKIOSK a system that enables TELKOMFlexi to provide electronic voucher (e-voucher) services. In future the percentage sales of e-voucher will increase to exceed sales of physical vouchers.

In May 2009 we launched a service much needed by customers i.e. Long SMS, (LMS). Until now TELKOMFlexi customers had only been able to send SMS with a maximum of 160 characters. With LMS TELKOMFlexi customers can send SMS equivalent to 6 × 160 characters.

TELKOMGlobal-0107 is a premium VoIP international calling service that allows international calls to be made through the internet by inputting the access code of 01017 for calls to over 253 country code destinations. The charges applied for this service is 76.9% of the IDD charges to all countries and does not utilize a timeband. TELKOMGlobal-01017 does not require additional equipment to access and simply uses a one stage dialing method.

TELKOMSave. TELKOMSave is a standard VoIP international & long distance calling service that is similar to TELKOMGlobal-01017. However it utilizes a two-stage dialing method. In order to place international calls or long distance calls, the customer must initially dial the access code, input the pin number, and subsequently dial the desired phone number. The tariff applied for the service is 69% of the IDD. Post-paid and pre-paid customers can avail of this service.

TELKOMNet Instan. TELKOMNet Instan provides dial-up internet access without having the need to be a subscriber and is specifically designed to meet the demands of accessibility and ease of use. To access this service, the customer only needs to access the internet connection configuration on the computer and input dial number 0809 8 9999. In order to log in, the customer is required to complete the following user name: telkomnet@instan, and password: telkom. The cost will be based on the amount of time the line is used which will then be reflected in the phone bill. ( TELKOM's web portal service that provides information services as well as an Indonesian-speaking internet community with specific emphasis on the national educational community.

The currently has a number of portal services which include: free email services, online web forum, online classified ads services, online blogging for netters, electronic cards services, online web chat services and IRC- like web chat, online messaging services, RSS News clips and Komunitas Sekolah Indonesia-KSI (Indonesian School Community).

i-VAS Card. To support internet users, we have issued the i-VAS (Internet Value Added Service) Card that uses a prepaid payment (micropayment) system to access var ious contents and internet services.

It aims to provide a dependable and secure online payment system to facilitate payment transactions with a nominal value that is not too significant and where credit cards may not be a suitable means for payment.

Ventus. Ventus is a value-added service and convergence of electronic mail services (email) and mobile system or more commonly referred to as mobile push email that is made possible by means of relaying the email that is usually communicated via desktop and laptop to a smartphone or a PDA phone. Through Ventus, the e-mail account holder can receive and send electronic messages, and not just merely via SMS, through mobile phone terminals or a PDA.

Ventus is categorized as a multimedia service for Application Service Provider (ASP), whereby TELKOM functions as a relay system from various mail systems owned by customers or managed by TELKOM for its end-users. As an ASP, customers will pay a rental fee towards the use of the Ventus application on a monthly basis to TELKOM in addition to the kilobyte charges incurred with the use of GPRS or PDN services provided by mobile/wireless operators. Ventus can also be used by Companies that operate its own email system as a vital and collaborative application used to support business activities.

TELKOMIntercarrier is a service for other licensed operators. TELKOMIntercarrier provides domestic and international interconnection services, satellite services, leased line, infrastructure & facility sharing, data services and network access services.

The following details the products and services that are major contributors of TELKOM's revenues.

TELKOMVision. TELKOMVision is the brand name of PT Indonusa Telemedia, our subsidiary that operates pay TV services. The services provided by TELKOMVision include Cable TV, fast internet, and satellite TV.

Cable TV utilizes HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coaxial), a technology that combines two physical access comprised of fiber optic with coaxial cable. Premium TV channels such as HBO, Cinemax and Star Movie are provided within one basic package, without additional fees required.

Subscribers of TELKOMVision can utilize a high-speed broadband internet service (at 30 Mbps downstream and 512 Kbps upstream), with no time limits and no additional phone pulse charges. By means of a broadband cable modem Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) 1.0, subscribers can avail of services provided by the TELKOMNet network through the Multimedia Division of TELKOM.

In addition to the cable network, TELKOMVision also has a Satellite TV (DTH-Direct to Home) service that utilizes infrastructure provided by TELKOM's satellites. Subscribers are required to install additional equipment such as a mini satellite dish and a decoder.

Telkomsel is aprovider of cellular telecommunications services that utilizes GSM and 3G technology. Through its product lines: kartuHALO, simPATI , and Kartu As, Telkomsel offers one postpaid service and two prepaid card services. Users of Telkomsel are entitled to various features, applications, and value added services, including SMS, WAP, GPRS, MMS, Wi-Fi, International Roaming, mobile banking, CSD, and EDGE. These features are backed by a wide network coverage and offers competitive tariff rates that are specifically designed to serve the needs and requirements of communication and multimedia.

kartuHALO. Initially introduced in 1995, kartuHALO is the most widely used postpaid service in Indonesia, which ended the year 2009 with 2 million customers. With around 38.2% share of postpaid market, kartuHALO remains the leader in this segment. kartuHALO has 3 options : HALOkeluarga for family package; HALOBebas, which offers several packages, and offers a special tariff for calls to 10 favorite numbers, 150 free SMS per month, waiver of monthly fee, and nation-wide flat tariff; and HALOhybrid which is a postpaid service that can be switched to prepaid service anytime the customers desire or until the customers have reached the usage limit.

simPATI. This product is the first and the most popular prepaid service card in Asia and is Telkomsel's most successful product. simPATI provides international roaming services and free national/domestic roaming. Another competitive advantage of simPATI is its security features (it cannot be bugged or duplicated), accessibility, and affordable price.

Kartu As. Launched in 2004, Kartu As is an affordable and inexpensive prepaid service. Kartu As can be used throughout Indonesia with a competitive talk time tariff.