• Telkom Group Helps Sinabung Eruption Refugees in Tiga Binanga -

    Again, Telkom Group gave their social aid for Sinabung Mountain eruption in Kecamatan Tiga Binanga. Telkom Infratel Manager, Lawrence Boston, with Kakandatel Kabanjahe, Binsar Uli Johner Silalahi, and Branch Manager of Telkomsel Pematangsiantar, Eko Atmaja, gave Telkom Group aid to Lurah Tiga Binanga, Edy Soneta Sebayang, in Posko Los Buah, Tiga Binanga, January 13, 2014. Read More

  • Towards to 100.000 M2, Telkomsigma Create Data Center with IBM -

    Jakarta, January 10th  2014 – After having third data center by international standard at the beginning of 2013, PT. Sigma Cipta Caraka (Telkomsigma) which is one of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia’s subsidiaries ready to have fourth and fifth data center in 2014. Data center which has specification tier 3 and 4 will be located at Balikpapan, Read More

  • Telkom and BJB Agrees the Cooperation of the Sinergy of Products and Services Utilization -

    Arief Yahya, Telkom CEO, and Bien Subiantoro, CEO of Bank Jabar signed Memorandum of Cooperation of the Sinergy of Products and Services Utilization between Telkom Group and Bank BJB (19/12). Located at Hotel Grand Hyatt, Telkom and Bank BJB had agreed to work together as the implementation of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) services in Read More

  • Telkom CEO, Arief Yahya, Awarded “Marketeer of the Year” 2013 -

    CEO of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom), Arief Yahya, awarded “Marketeer of the Year” 2013 on Thursday, Dec 12th, 2013. for his role in marketing field. Arief Yahya considered as a marketing practitioner who successfully demonstrated a great passion in marketing field coupled with good performance despite having to face tough competition in this era. Read More

  • Telkom CEO Named as Best Corporate Strategy CEO -

    The CEO of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom), Arief Yahya, was awarded Best Competitive SOE leader in Anugerah BUMN 2013, which was held in Jakarta on Thursday (12/05). Arief Yahya won Cooperation Strategy category of 2013 Best Competitive SOE leader as SOE in which he directed has an excellent corporate strategy and consistently showed improved Read More

  • Telkom Sweeps Six 2013 Indonesia Human Capital Study Award (IHCS) 2013 -

    PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom) won six prestigious awards, including the CEO Commitment category for Telkom CEO, Arief Yahya, in 2013 Indonesia Human Capital Study (IHCS), which was held in Jakarta, December 5, 2013. It showed that the human resources management in the SOE was one of the best in Indonesia. IHCS considered Telkom as Read More

  • Success in APEC 2013, Telkom Ready to Operate World-Class ICT Infrastructure -

    Jakarta, October 1, 2013 – As the only state-owned telecommunications company, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom) is committed to support the success of APEC 2013. By becoming Telecommunication Partner of APEC 2013, Telkom is ready to operate the network of world-class ICT infrastructure. This was conveyed by the CEO of Telkom, Arief Yahya on the Read More

  • TELKOM Launches First Indonesian Postcard for WIFI Internet Access -

    Jakarta, 30 September 2013 – Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit was an international event held annually, involving 21 countries. In 2013 it was held in Indonesia, precisely in Nusa Dua, Bali. It was a very important event for Indonesia so that all parties struggle to make it success by providing support in accordance with Read More

  • Minister of Communications and Information Visits Telkom Group’s War Room for APEC 2013 -

    Nusa Dua, 4 October 2013 – PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom) ensures that infrastructure preparation and world class ICT telecommunication services for APEC are ready for operation, addressed Telkom’s Director of IT Network & Solutions, Rizkan Chandra to the Minister of Communications and Information, Tifatul Sembiring at Telkom’s Operation and Control Center for Infrastructure and Read More

  • Telkom Education Foundation Builds Batam Technoplex -

    Batam, October 1, 2013: Through Directorate of Elementary Secondary Education or Primary & Secondary Education (Dikdasmen), Bandung-based Telkom Education Foundation (YPT) planned to build a regional education in Batam, namely Batam Technoplex name. According to the Chairman of YPT Johni Girsang M.Sc, it would integrate education area from kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, senior Read More

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