Telkom’s Director Start to Put Construction Foundation of IM TELKOM Campus Building

Bandung, October 25, 2009 – Director of Human Capital and General Affairs PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (TELKOM), Faisal Syam, Thursday (15/10) start to put foundation  of construction of new building of IM TELKOM (Telkom’s Management Institute) Campus at Dayeuhkolot, Bandung. By the commencement of the construction, IM TELKOM  stepping towards World Class University is getting approaching.
“The commencement of this building construction is expected to more improve IM TELKOM’s roll in preparing the experts in the field of business management to respond to the business world challenge,” said Faisal Syam. “Competition will be more tighter so that it is necessary to have skilled personnel to handle it. We hope IM TELKOM is able to respond to the challenge,” he added.
Faisal Syam very welcomes the commencement of the campus building construction because surely with the new building, the students will be more comfortable and have more enthusiasm in their study. “I hope from this great building, there will be the best management and business experts and also the best entrepreneur in Indonesia,” appealed Faisal.
Meanwhile, as conveyed by IM TELKOM Rector, Dr Asep Suryana Natawirya, they have planned construction of new IM TELKOM campus since 2007. New building that will spend around Rp 37,5 billions consists of five floors with the area of the building at 7,960 m2.
“This building is designated not only to accommodate new students in year 2010 at 1,300 students but also to use by IM TELKOM IM rectorate building and other supporting administrative offices in which to date still occupying the floors 1, 2 and 3 of Gedung Widiyaloka at TELKOM Learning Centre at Gegerkalong Hilir, Bandung,” described Asep Suryana.
Students’ activity of IM TELKOM is now being made at the Gegerkalong Hilir Campus, Setyabudi Campus and Jl. Suci Campus. Gegerkalong Campus and Setyabudi Campus are of IM TELKOM property while Jl.Suci Campus is of the rented one.
“By the completion of construction of Campus Building of IM TELKOM,, aside from efficiency of renting cost also to integrate all learning activities in one location,” explained Asep Suryana.
IM Telkom is projected to prepare experts in the field of business management according to the study program offered based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and entrepreneurship having skill and wide insight as a response to the business competition challenge in the INFOCOM industry which nowadays is getting tighter and tighter.
New campus located at Dayeuhkolot area is very conducive to study, it has wide area and in the same location with other institutes under the management of TELKOM Education Foundation, thsoe are, TELKOM Institute of Technology and TELKOM Polytehnique .

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