Etape IV: Purwokerto-Semarang, Event of Superiority of Iranian Racers

Semarang, November 25, 2009 – Stage 4, Purwokerto-Semarang became the evidence of the Iranian racers superiority. In individual number, three Iranian racers have won the race simultaneously. Also in the prestigious number competing for champion jersey all achieved by the Iranian racers. Stage 4 itself is the longest stage along 221 km.
“Although we are not get used to very warm weather like today, we thank God we reach the best position,” said the best Asia racer, Amir Zargari. His team, Tabriz Petrochemical Cycling Team (TPCT) on the Stage 4 dominates all numbers competed.
First to third position of Stage 2, each occupied by Mizbani Ghader, Mehdi Sohrabi and Andrey Mizuroj. The TPCT Team racers do have complete qualification either for slope category or sprint. “We thank God we have complete qualification so that we support each other,” explained Amir.
TPCT, aside from being supported by the best Asian racer, Amir Zargari, also supported by the team members having similar qualifications with Amir Zargari. Ghader Mizbani, who previously acted as the supporting team, on this Stage 4 showed superiority by getting the Green Jersey. Meaning Ghader became the fastest racer on this Stage 4.
While the TPCT team well-known as ‘King of Mountain’ proved such nickname, Com (slope) and Com 2 were passed easily by Mizbani Ghader and Amir Zargari. While Com 1 and Com 2 have hard slope and route. Amir Zargari on this Stage 4 achieved Polka Dot Jersey, while the Yellow Jersey still be dominated by Mehdi Sohrabi. Yellow Jersey is the fastest symbol of race from Stage 1 to Stage 4.
The Indonesian racer succeeded in occupying the big ten only represented by Hari Fitrianto from Poligon Sweet Nice team. Therefore, classification of individual for the Indonesian racers of from the 1st to the 3rd position occupied by Hari Fitrianto, Abdullah Fatahillah and Didit Purwanto. Red and White Jersey which on the Stage 3 was put on by Didit Purwanto, on this 4th Stage to be given to Hari Fitrianto.
Meanwhile, up to the Stage 3 Tasikmalaya-Purwokerto team champions occupied by Poligon Sweet Nice team as winner 1, Custom Cycling Club as winner 2 and Tabriz Petrochemical Cycling Team as winner 3.
Meanwhile, confirmation of Stage 8 Surabaya has been obtained. Stage 8 initially to have race performance in Surabaya changed to Road Race from Surabaya- Probolinggo taking the distance around 63 km. The reason of cancellation of the race around Surabaya, because it does not fulfil the international standard requirements.
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