Telkom’s GCG Framework and Performance


Telkom builds GCG framework and roadmap to ensure that GCG implementation is formulated based on mutual understanding between the management and the entire elements of the company, and internalized based on 4 (four) main pillars, which include:

• Business ethics application that comprises of the Company’s cultural values, which are being communicated to the employees and of which the employees’ understanding is being surveyed every year.

• The management of effective policy and operational procedure that is consistent with the business demand, as the guidance for the Company’s management and the guideline for the employees’ work.

• The implementation of comprehensive risk management based on COSO Enterprises Risk Management; and Internal surveillance and the implementation of internal control based on COSO Internal Control, in particular internal control over financial reporting.


To achieve that, Telkom has formulated GCG Telkom Framework to guarantee the sustainability of the company:framework2

Posted on May 11, 2016