Telecommunication Network in West Sumatera Relatively Normal

Jakarta, October 1, 2009 – After the 7.6 SR big earthquake striking West Sumatera on Wednesday afternoon (30/9), TELKOMFlexi and fixed line were in relatively normal condition, although some of Telkom’s office buildings, including STO building Padang, STO building Sungai Limau (Pariaman) and STO building Balai Salasa (Painan) severely damaged. Now Telkom is still making inventory of the damage.
Explained Vice President Public and Marketing Communication Telkom, Eddy Kurnia, related to the latest condition of Telkom’s telecommunications facilities in West Sumatera. “The latest condition, fixed line network in West Sumatera is able to use despite communication traffic load possibly making the community have difficulty in contacting telephone numbers in West Sumatera areas,” he said.
Besides the traffic density, now the population in West Sumatera has chosen to stay outside, that is the reason why they are difficult to contact. STO building Padang severely damaged, production tools operated by batteries and under process to change to generator set. “Generator set has not been able to operate as many electrical cables are damaged and worried to get short circuited. Our technicians on site are now working hard to activate the generator set,” explained Eddy Kurnia. Condition of Padang city last night was totally dark caused by no electricity.
Telkom expects to immediately solve the electricity problem, considering Telkom’s production tools will be off if not getting electricity supply from PLN. On Thursday morning, 42 of 90 Flexi BTS in West Sumatera in down condition as power supply only able to remain six hours, while not all BTS able to cover by the generator set. While at Padang city, of the 25 BTS, 20 BTS of of which unable to function, and other BTS located at Padang city, around 22 BTS not function, while 65 BTS still function.
For cellular mobile service (Telkomsel), due to extensive coverage and accidentally disturbing transmission core network, it requires big efforts to make it normal. “Telkomsel technical team now exerting any efforts that in six hours ahead the service should be good with problem of power supply uneasily to solve,” said Eddy Kurnia.
Anther difficulty faced by Telkom in West Sumetara aside from the power supply is the severely damaged Telkom’s offices unable to use as a work location like Kandatel building Padang.
He explained the building of Telkom Office Padang located at Jalan KHA Dahlan, Padang has severely damaged which disturbed activity of Telkom staff. “We will try to immediately recover the network or at least help use an alternative system so as to make communication connection able to use normally,” he said.
Telkom expects recovery process able to run fast, considering the employees and their family are all safe. Telkom is trying hard to normalize telecommunications service, including distributing supply to potential BTS. “We expect this crisis reactive measure is able to recover the situation so the community and the team use it,“ he said. “We realize, in the disaster situation like this, communication line is so much needed, so recovery to the telecommunications facilities become our top priority,“ he confirmed.
Added Eddy Kurnia, Telkom Recovery team from Riau Province now approaching Padang city. This team will use mobile generator set to distribute supply.
Meanwhile, as a realization of solidarity to the victims of the earthquake in West Sumatera, in the first stage Telkom will immediately send medical team and medicines, 100 sheets of blankets, 5 units of platoon tents, and 10 units of folding beds. Next supply from TelkomGroup, said Eddy Kurnia, under coordination.
“On behalf of the management, Telkom conveys deep sympathy and condolences to the victims of the disaster in West Sumatera, may God bless you all in West Sumatera and around,” said Eddy Kurnia.

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