Communication and Information Minister Launch Telkom-ITB SME Creative Center

Bandung, June 14, 2011 – To support and expand SME business in West Java, Communication and Information Minister, Tifatul Sembiring, launched Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Creative Center at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Tuesday, June 14, 2011. SME Creative Center is customer service centre organized by Telkom’s Business Service Division as Delivery Channel handling  SME and Community Development Center (CDC) running role of Partnership Program and Environment Establishment as Telkom’s Corporate Social Responsibility.
According to Telkom’s Enterprise & Wholesale Director, Arief Yahya, establishment of  Telkom-ITB SME Creative Center is intended to serve business/SME customers to meet the need of TELKOMGroup service provision through various activities of SME establishment and expansion program integratedly and to improve competency, competition and empowerment of SME through provision of ICT solution as business enabler, and procure SME establishment  facility covering training, solution support in the field of business, marketing, financial and design.

Establishment of Telkom-ITB SME Creative Center is to follow up the MoU of SME expansion between Telkom and ITB on April 1, 2010 realized in the transfer of function of Telkom Plaza at Building A ITB Jalan Ganesha Bandung. Telkom-ITB SME Creative Center is expected to be an SME estsblishment facility with peculiarity on improving IT-based creative design innovation.  

Telkom-ITB SME Creative Center has three key functions as communication center, community center and commerce center. Function as communication center because in the SME Creative Center has various modern office facilities, among other things, functioning as virtual office covering telephone, fax, internet acces, webcam conference, and sms broadcast. 

Further as a community center, SME Creative Center can be made as a media and facility of gathering among SME community to share information and transfer of knowledge, cooperative group institutions, and Telkom. Telkom itself will facilitate training about how to make online transactaction or E-Commerce. SME Creative Center also provides such services as Information Center, Showroom Center, Consultative Center, Training Center, and many other things.

Aside from communication and community, also there is a Commerce Center. Function of this commerce is focused on e-commerce solution which has online system and application of the e-commerce support consisting of e-commerce, that is,, business support ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), banking application service and BPR Cooperative Group, Photo Studio for SME products and Trading House.

Arief Yahya expects the presence of this SME Center to expand SME business in West Java area to develop and grow as SME able to compete in global market by implementing IT solution as a  business enabler. Besides Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung, Telkom soon open SME Centre in other cities.

West Java Government Will Utilize G-Cloud

In the event of e-Indonesia Initiatives (e-II) Forum VII 2011 “Conference and National Gathering of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Indonesia” at ITB Campus, June 14 -15, 2011, Telkom intoduce G-Cloud service, an application designed by Telkom to help government effectiveness.
e-II Forum VII 2011 Conference has a theme to “Build Broadband Ecosystem and Design Indonesia’s Cloud Computation”. The Conference is intended to understand result of research, product/service development and policy expansion related to ICT particularly broadband and clound computation service to welcome a new era, e-Indonesia, covering Next Generation Infrastructure, Next Generation (Content, e-Government, Public Service), and many other things.  

Telkom’s Enterprise & Wholesale Director, Arief Yahya, explains G-Cloud is an Information Communication Technology (ICT) service which is complete, affordable and simple providing a media to make collaboration through Telkom collaboration between application module e-Government and Government Portal in a model of Clound Computing. “G-Cloud is network connectivity required by the Government, by placing responsibility of providing infrastructure and management of information technology to Telkom,” he says.

In general, benefit of G-Cloud service for the government is not requiring investment, but use of ICT compensated with routine cost, cost efficiency (not requiring special management unit), not requiring license payment to the software used, use of hardware and software as needed, accelerate process of system capacity improvement, integrate applications of e-Government, email, instant messaging, and share documents in a portal an expand government connectivity coverage.

As explained by Arief Yahya, government sector does become Telkom’s concern. This is in line with the President Instruction No. 3/2003 on ”National Policy and Strategy about e-Government Development”. The Government gives a policy of applying e-Government to support government activity in central level, provincial, municipal as well as district level.

Target of G-Cloud service covers 87 cities, 348 districts, 5.224 sub-districts and 6.890 villages in  Indonesia. ”Besides constituting a huge opportunity for Telkom to give cloud computing service to the government, G-Cloud is a dedication from Telkom to help improve government effectiveness,” explains Arief Yahya.

Market segmentation of use of this G-Cloud service is government offices like municipal government either metropolitan or non-metropolitan cities, district government either large or small districts, provinvial government, and government office as a whole.



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