Promo Flexi ‘Free Call’ Expanded to Yogyakarta

Jakarta, January 19, 2009 – Promo program Flexi ”Free Call” in the area of West Java, Banten and Jakarta is re-extended. Even Flexi subscribers in Jakarta are now able to make call to the same Flexi subscribers in Jogja with the tariff Rp 0 or free. The promo packaged in the program ”Sekarang Gratis Nelpon SLJJ Diperluas” will add benefit to what has been gained by the Flexi subscribers so far.

Vice President of Public and Marketing Communication of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (Telkom), Eddy Kurnia, said that this Free Call promo program was continuation of the same promo program held in West Java, Banten and Jakarta that should have ended on December 31, 2008.

Flexi subscribers may directly have the promo program ”Sekarang Gratis Nelpon SLJJ Diperluas” just from the first second and no registration needed. “This is the difference between Flexi free call promo program and that of other operators,” he said.

“To get SLJJ (long distance) tariff Rp.0.- Flexi subscribers in Jakarta, Banten and West Java should press 01017 + Area Code + Number of Destination Flexi ,” explained Eddy Kurnia. Particularly for Flexi subscribers in Jakarta, they can make free call to Jogja, by pressing only number 01017+0274 (area code Jogja)+No.of Destination Flexi. While Flexi subscribers in Jogja, will have low tariff Rp 49,- per minute to make call to Jakarta, by pressing 01017+021+No. of destination Flexi.

Aside from the promo program “Gratis Nelpon Diperluas Sampe Jogja, Puas Tanpa Batas”, all Flexi subscribers can still have the program “Nelpon Se-Indonesia, Tetap Tanpa Mahal” by flat tariff Rp 49,- per minute by pressing 01017+Area Code+No. of destination Flexi.

The community welcome this Free Call Promo Program in the area of West Java, Banten and DKI Jakarta. This is seen from the increase of Flexi subscribers in the three areas. Up to end of   2008, Flexi subscribers in West Java and Banten have reached 1.3 millions of subscribers and over 3.2 millions of subscribers in Jakarta. In Divisi Regional IV Central Java and Yogyakarta there are around 1.1 millions of Flexi subscribers. Nationally, the Flexi subscribers at present reach over 13.5 millions of subscribers.

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