About Posko Telkom Group Peduli

In order to help flood victims, Telkom provides a range of support facilities in Posko Telkom Group Peduli. The facility provided includes Internet and voice telecommunication services, free health and medication services, media center, and floodgates monitoring. It’s a form of Telkom anticipation to ease the burden of the flood victims.

Telkom provides local and long distance telephone service for its telecommunication services. This is based on the need of telephone service because a lot of flood victims have lost their telecommunication devices. Telkom also provides free charger service so that people can charge their cell phone.

One of the flood victims in Kampung Melayu area said, “The telephone service provided in Posko helps me to communicate with my other family outside Jakarta so that I could inform the condition of my family and myself.”

In addition, there is also freeĀ Internet service via wifi and modem that help flood victims to go online in the middle of this disaster. This service available in Posko also functioning as a media center so that it’s not only help the flood victims but also the journalist who must stand by at the site. “Internet access in the media center of Posko has eased my work in sending news to my editor because I have to stand by in location to give the newest update,” said one of the reporter of print media based in Jakarta, in Posko Telkom Group Peduli.

To entertain the flood victims, Telkom provides TV and Usee TV streaming service in the post. Given a lot of children in this post, TV entertainment is certainly a very good choice for them to pass the time. It can be seen from the children’s high interest in watching TV in Posko Telkom Group Peduli. Telkom also creates a live streaming application for monitoring the floodgates in order to always aware of the latest condition of water level in those floodgates so that people could be more prepared when the flood is coming.

For health services, Telkom has served no less than 180 patients for health and medication services until January 20, 2014. Telkom serves approximately 93 patients in Posko Kampung Melayu and 91 patients in Posko Otista. Most of the victims suffered from respiratory tract infections, skin diseases, fever, headache and diarrhea. All medical personnel (doctor on call) are prepared to always stand by at the health center in order to provide first aid as quickly as possible for the flood victims.

In Posko Otista, Telkom has referred some patients to Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Budi Asih for allegedly suffered dengue fever and a miscarried woman. For the other posts in Jakarta, Telkom provides vitamins for the victims, especially for children, so that they could stay fit in this bad weather.

All telecommunication, health, and media center services Telkom provides are the realization of their commitment for the society, especially for Jakarta flood victims. Telkom hopes that this aid will help and relieve the burden the victims felt.