SMS Donation 5000: TELKOM Distribute Subscribers’ Donation for School Building Construction in Padang

Jakarta, December 5, 2010 – Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Tiffatul Sembiring, together with CEO TELKOM, Rinaldi Firmansyah, and Director of Planning & Development Telkomsel, Herfini Haryono, Saturday, December 4, 2010 in Padang, Sumatera Barat, lay the first foundation as a symbol of start of reconstruction of SMPN IV Padang affected by the quake hitting Padang last 2009.

School reconstruction is financed by donation from subscribes of TELKOM (Flexi and Telkomsel) distributed via SMS Donation 5.000. The making of foundation is witnessed by Mayor of Padang, H. Fauzi Bahar, and Muspida of Sumatera Barat.

”The reconstruction of the SMPN IV Padang school building is able to be realized following the donation from subscribers of Flexi and Telkomsel distributed via SMS Donation 5.000,” explained Acting Head Of Corporate Communication TELKOM, Eddy Kurnia. TELKOM’s SMS Donation 5000 Program facilitates subscribers of Kartu Halo, Simpati, As and Flexi to distribute humanity aid. He added, TELKOM highly appreciates the attention and care of the subscribers who have given the donation and will be managed as good as possible. Amount of SMS Donation 5000 from Telkomsel and Telkom subscribers reaching Rp. 6.72 Billions.

With number of Telkomsel subscribers around 93 millions and Flexi 16.5 millions, it is expected that the SMS Donation program will have a positive and broad response. Aside from SMS Donation in Padang, TELKOM Group also opens SMS Donation 5000 for the victims of Wasior, Mentawai and Merapi.

In line with the laying of foundation of SMPN IV Padang, TELKOM symbolically distributes computer supply to the Computer Laboratory of SMPN IV Padang. As explained by Eddy Kurnia, the computer supply is part of corporate social responsibility activity.

Reconstruction of SMPN IV Padang, according to him, is another proof that if the community, in this case, the subscribers get united, they will get something incredible. ”We are sure, there are a lot of Indonesian people who want to do something to those affected by the calamity like in Padang occurred last year,” said Eddy Kurnia.

The problem is, the subscribers need a very practical and justifiable method to distribute the donation. Through SMS Donation 5000 program, it is expected that those wanting to donate, are easy to do the distribution.


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