Speedy More Penetration by Improving Speed and New Package

Jakarta, July 5, 2010 – Broadband internet service is sure to become one of the very promising business line in Indonesia in this 2010. Speedy — TELKOM’s broadband product – is expected to be able to cover up to 2 million of subscribers up to end of 2010. To increase number of subscribers, in the near future PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (TELKOM) will again improve Speedy access.

Eddy Kurnia, Vice President Public and Marketing Communication TELKOM, said that now Speedy subscribers are around 1.3 million. “Taking a look at broadband business potential like this we expect number of Speedy subscribers becomes 1.8-2 million up to end of  2010,” he said. According to him, internet penetration in Indonesia still minus compared to other countries.

Aside from increasing speed, TELKOM will also launch Speedy new packages expected to be able to meet various customers’ needs to speedy internet access. According to Eddy Kurnia, TELKOM continues improving Speedy service, so that with those new packages, customers will have a new experience in using internet which has never been through in the previous time.

Eddy Kurnia said, according to the feedback from subscribers that speed of Speedy has  continuously been increasing and as recognition to loyal Speedy subscribers, TELKOM will increase the speed from 384 Kbps to become 512 Kbps for Socialian package, and from 512 Kbps for Load package and from 1 Mbps for Game package from 1 Mbps to become 2 Mbps. Subscription tariff is fixed same as the old one.

With the increase of speed, first the subscribers can select type of service package according to requirement where the newest package offers difference of speed in its package selection. Besides, Speedy tariff actually becomes cheaper, because with the same price the speed is getting higher so it gives more enjoyment in using internet.

Eddy Kurnia explained that Speedy is not only an internet but also complete with various contents like kanal bola (www.kanalbola.com) to watch football match of English Premiere League and Italian League by live streaming and fulltrek (www.fulltrek.com) to download video and original music. Also there are educational and games contents by Speedy Games.

Speedy subscribers, aside from enjoying speedy internet access and interesting content, also having a chance to gain prizes with such grand prize as Mercerdes Benz C Class by TELKOM TPRT (TELKOM’s Point Reward) program. Especially for users of Speedy Pre Paid, now TELKOM gives new facilities to have refill voucher, as now available TELKOM Voucher (T-Voucher) easily found any where.

Meanwhile, up to April 2010, number of subscribers of Speedy internet service is recorded to have reached almost 1.3 million of SSL (Service Line Units) or an increase over 69.7% compared to number of subscribers in 2009 at only 683 thousand of SSL.

TELKOM, said Eddy Kurnia, sees high market trust to Speedy products as a challenge to continuously increase its value in the subscribers point of view. “Based on the performance trend in 2008 and 2009, we are optimistic that target of 2 million of SSL in 2010 defined by TELKOM can be achieved,” he continued.

According to Eddy Kurnia, of the 1.3 million of Speedy subscribers in April 2010, around 450 thousand of which are domiciled in Jabodetabek. ”TELKOM expects number of subscribers of Speedy internet access can grow significantly at end of 2010 with more extensive coverage,” he said.

Now Speedy service has covered not less than 378 cities all over Indonesia. TELKOM continuously develops Speedy not only in cities but also in remote areas.


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