Telkom and eBay Develop e-commerce business in Indonesia

Jakarta, April 16, 2012PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom) and eBay today (16/4) in Jakarta have agreed to make partnership strategy to increase e-commerce business in Indonesia by e-commerce site. The partnership is marked by the agreement to establish joint venture company named PT. MetraPlasa between subsidiary of Telkom, PT. Multimedia Nusantara (Metra) and eBay.
Partnership between the two companies is sure to be able to unite power in which Telkom is well-known as the largest telecommunication, information, media and edutainment (TIME) and network provider in Indonesia and eBay,  the largest online marketplace in the world and leader of mobile commerce industry.
Rinaldi Firmansyah says, “Telkom is very enthusiastic cooperating with eBay to together give the best e-commerce service through access facility from Telkomsel subscribers, around 15 millions of Flexi subscribers, and other accesses provided by TELKOMGroup enabling the Indonesian and international community can make online transaction for local atas products spread all over Indonesia, so that the SME (Small and Medium Enterprose) can develop fast by access facility to local as well as international market”.
Rinaldi adds that partnership with eBay is intended to help SME in Indonesia market its products in global market, and enable local consumers enjoy more various product selection.
“Cooperation between Telkom and eBay is an extradonary breakthrough for SME players or anyone to make business globally by utilizing eBay platform proven to be successful,” confirms  Rinaldi. According to him the success of eBay in creating online market with millions of transaction per day has motivated Telkom to follow eBay.
Senior Vice President eBay Asia Pacifik, Jay Lee, says, “We are ready to be able to cooperate with Telkom and expects can improve her shopping experience online in Indonesia, particularly those who want to make transaction of local products to global market any where and any time they want.”
Jay Lee is sure the strong relations between Telkom and its subscriners all over Indonesia and experience of eBay in international market and also platform online market possessed by eBay will support activity performance of e-commerce in Indonesia.
Both companies are sure about the high growth of internet users in Indonesia. Taking a look at the research of MarkPlus Insight, at end of 2011 the figure of internet users will achieve over  32% per year. Now it is estimated there are not less than 55 mullions of internet users making access through 3G network or fixed broadband.
The number of subscribers plus the better economy of will be a potential maket fordeveloping e-commerce network in Indonesia. From the research done by Frost & Sullivan value of total transaction of  e-commerce in Indonesia in 2011 is estimated to ahcieve USD 1 billion.
“This indiates big potential of e-commerce market in Indonesia but not yet managed optimally so that the cooperation between Telkom and eBay i in the right position to dig the potentiality,” says Rinaldi Firmansyah.
Partnership netween Telkom and eBay will support the deployment of SME in Indonesia, and as a solution to geographical constarints faced by SME players in expanding the market. At the same time, SME also has a cnstraint of production scale and access to make production export, directly so that many SME players on the agent.
This cooperation enables the SME players send their products to all over Indonesia and overseas through logistic support so as to increase SME market significantly.  It is expected through the cooperation, local and export sales will increase drastically.
Besides, by this cooperation of Telkom – eBay consumers have benefit and facility as they buy some goods from an individual and seller from Indonesia, also buy an sell the goods in the  eBay through
Rinaldi also explains that partnership between Telkom and eBay is part of the change of Telkom’s business portfolio from Information and Communication to be TIME. From year to year contrinution of IME (information, media and edutainment) business to company revenue continues to improve along 2011,  revenue from data, internet and information technology service achieves Rp 23,92 trilions, an increase 20,80% ccompared to 2010 that has just achieved Rp 19,80 trillions.
The growth is contributed by revenue of  broadband service in line with the increase of subscribers of Speedy and Flash ans also BlackBerry from Telkomsel. Looking at continuous trends of data service, the revenue to be gained from this service in the future will be significant for the growth of Telkom Group revenue.

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