TELKOM Present CSR Award in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, February 3, 2010 – ‘Sanggar Telematika RIMO’ Denpasar and Data & VAS Unit  Kandatel Bali won the Telkom Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2009 held on February 3,  2010 in Yogyakarta, each of which for external and internal category. The Telkom Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2009 was presented by PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom) to the internal as well as external parties who have given huge contribution to the CSR activities performed by Telkom.

“Telkom Corporate Social Responsibility Award is an appreciation to the parties involved in the  CSR activities performed by Telkom,” explained Vice President Public and Marketing Communication Telkom, Eddy Kurnia.

Telkom, he continued, either in HQ or in DIVISI by routines has planned to perform the CSR activities in which during the time has shown good result. This Telkom CSR Award, according to Eddy Kurnia, is presented so that the CSR activities in the future may be performed better and more effective.

Although focus of Telkom CSR often directed to the educational activity and creativity development based on ICT (Information and Communication Technology) through the program of CSR-Indigo, Telkom consistently pays attention to all other aspects which are bases of CSR activities, those are:

• Education, an activity aiming at improving educational quality either hardware or brain ware for stakeholders.
• Health, an activity aiming at improving health quality for stakeholders.
• Culture of Civility, an activity of awareness to preserve and build culture, arts, sports, religion and other social activities in an effort to support the company in implementing values of Good Corporate Citizenship.
• Partnership, an activity of partnership tight relations with a third party either in product or others directly or indirectly related to Telkom’s core business and aiming at giving benefit to all parties.
• Environment, an awareness to improve internal as well as external environmental quality of the company so as to create a harmonious relationship between the company and its environment.
• Disaster and Rescue, an activity to give support in disaster control.
• Public Service Obligation, an activity to improve service to the community in facilities and infrastructure.

Winners in this Telkom CSR Award are those who in their CSR activity have done three or more bases. ”The more the CSR bases supported, the bigger the CSR activity value considered,” explained Eddy Kurnia. Telkom CSR Award has two categories, one is internal Telkom and the other one is external  Telkom. Criteria of assessment covering:

Category of Internal Telkom:
Unit and or Group of Employees valued to have consistently and sustainably performed program of Telkom CSR related to at least three of the seven bases of  Telkom CSR.

Category of External Telkom:
Group/Institution or the community outside Telkom jointly contributed in performing Telkom CSR, covering: Non Government Organization (NGO), Community group, company or other institutions, and consistently and sustainably have supported Telkom either directly or indirectly in the program and implementation of Telkom CSR being related to three of the seven bases of Telkom CSR or directly or indirectly contributed to improve Telkom in the CSR program.

Aside from the importance of implementing bases of Telkom CSR, the assessment is also based on   program effectiveness (continuity of program, HR deployment, and benefit) and also quality of implementation (documentation, adjustment of process, initiative and justice). Decision for winner is made based on the result of ranking of the whole steps of assessment (Self Assessment, On Desk Assessment, Interview and Site Visit), to then decide three winners for Telkom CSR Award of Category of Unit/Group/External Community and Internal Unit/Group of Employees of Telkom.

Winners of Telkom Corporate Social Responsibility Award:

Category of Internal Unit:
• Best Winner I: Unit Data & VAS (Value Added Services) Kandatel Bali
Unit Data & VAS Kandatel Bali is a unit outside Telkom CDC (Community Development Program) Area having initiative to implement  Telkom Corporate Social Responsibility in Province of Bali and KTI (eastern territory of Indonesia), so that this assessment cannot be compared and or equalized with Unit of CDC Area and that the implementation of the activity has been considered to have fulfilled and conformed to the definitions of bases of  Telkom CSR.

• Best Winner II: Telkom Divisi Regional I Medan.

•Best Winner III: Telkom Divre IV Semarang.

Category of External Unit:

• Best Winner I: ‘Sanggar Telematika RIMO’ Denpasar
Implementation of Telkom CSR in business area with an initiative coming directly from owner of RIMO business area seen from the aspect of business strategy of Telkom, social and educational aspect which give added benefit and value for Telkom.

Raise Telkom’s image in supporting development of living quality of the community in the area of  IT (Information Technology) sustainably as part of business strategy of Telkom through the activity of seven bases of Telkom CSR.

 Telkom’s support to the ‘Sanggar Telematika RIMO’ in the form of internet network facilities has given a significant impact to company business performance and Telkom’s image in the community.

• Best Winner II: PT. Media Fajar in Makassar
With consideration from social aspect can improve Telkom’s brand image.

• Best Winner III: PT. Radio Suara Surabaya
With consideration from awareness aspect can improve Telkom’s brand image.



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