Telkom Lauch Very Cheap Internet Access

Jakarta, August 17, 2009 – To celebrate the 64th Indonesian Independence, PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (Telkom), through its TELKOMFlexi fixed wireless access service, has launched very cheap internet service. The so-called FlexiNet Unlimited service enables the Flexi subscribers access the internet as they want, only at Rp 2,500 per day or only Rp 15,000 for seven days.

According to Vice President Public and Marketing Communication Telkom, Eddy Kurnia, daily and weekly Flexinet is the newest Flexi program offering very easy internet access. “FlexiNet Unlimited is launched to complete the existing Telkom internet service, like Speedy, Astinet, TelkomNet Instant and Flash from Telkomsel,” he said.

FlexiNet Unlimited is directed to those requiring data mobile service considering the cheap price and also usable throughout Indonesia having data facilities.

Flexinet Unlimited tariff is very cheap in its class, that is, for Flexi Trendy Rp 2,500,- /day and Rp 15,000,-/week without limitation in quota or unlimited with the speed at 153 kbps. “Even for post-paid subscribers (Classy) the tariff is much cheaper, that is, Rp 2,250 per day and Rp 13,500 per day (excluding PPN),” explained Eddy Kurnia.

Flexi number able to use to access this FlexiNet Unlimited could be new and old number as well, either pre-paid or post-paid, using modem CDMA or hand phone having internet access facilities. 

To facilitate access of FlexiNet Unlimited, Telkom also provides Modem Merdeka package at Rp 399,000 bundling together with Flexi Dahsyat starter pack. FlexiNet Unlimited is suitable to access Face book, e-mail, chatting or any other internet needs.

To use FlexiNet Unlimited is very easy, no need to go any where, the subscribers just send an SMS to number 2525 type REG(space)DAILY or REG(space)WEEKLY from the subscribers’ hand phone which will automatically be extended daily or weekly. To stop subscribing, just send an SMS to 2525 type: STOP.

By FlexiNet Unlimited, it is expected that the community has more options and easy to access internet and also be much closer to the whole community. This is reflected from the community’s high interest to buy modem CDMA bundling with starter pack Trendy Dahsyat in several sales events held by Flexi.

Explained by Eddy Kurnia, upon the promo and innovation made by Telkom, up to end of last July, Flexi subscribers have achieved over 13.8 millions. The number has increased over 80% compared to July 2008. With number of BTS (Base Traneceiver Station) achieving 5,060. Flexi now serving 324 cities in Indonesia.

With the introduction of FlexiNet Unlimited service, Telkom is optimistic able to increase number of subscribers. Users of data service and Flexi internet have just reached 500,000 subscribers. The number, according to him, is still far below the installed capacity of Flexi data service.

“We are optimistic that subscribers of Flexi data service will increase at 20%,” said Eddy Kurnia. According to him, in mid of data service requirement today, the existence of very cheap FlexiNet Unlimited service will of course be welcomed by the subscribers.

For further information, please contact:
Eddy Kurnia
Vice President Public and Marketing Communication
PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk
Tel. 62-22-4527455
Fax. 62-22-4521411