Telkom Launch i-CHAT Application and Portal to Support Language Learning for the Hearing-Impaired

Bandung, April 16, 2010 – PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (TELKOM) has launched an application and portal that will help the community, particularly teachers of SLB (Extraordinary School) for the Hearing-Impaired and the old, in a language learning process for those in special need like the hearing-impaired in Indonesia. Launching of application and portal named i-CHAT is made in the RDC Tower of TELKOM in Bandung (16/4) by President Director  TELKOM, Rinaldi Firmansyah, and witnessed by Senior General Manager Research and Development Center (RDC) TELKOM, Mustapa Wangsaatmadja.

Application and portal of  i-CHAT (I Can Hear And Talk) are made as one of the realization of commitment of TELKOM Corporate Social Responsibility and is part of the program ‘To You Teachers I Present’ aiming at helping improve capacity of teachers in Indonesia. Final aim of the launching of application and portal of i-CHAT is an availability of media for the hearing-impaired community in Indonesia to interact, share know-how, and language learning method, so those in special need like the hearing-impaired are able to communicate, socialize, grow and develop as normal people do.

According to Senior General Manager RDC TELKOM, Mustapa Wangsaatmaja, an idea to create a technology directed to those in special need is based on a thought that ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is able to give big benefit to all human beings, those ordinary or extraordinary. The benefit is surely expected to make life quality and Indonesian people living become better.

“Development of application and portal of i-CHAT made by RDC TELKOM is supported by an enthusiasm to accelerate and expand the community in taking part in solving problem of the hearing-impaired group, particularly related to their language capability,” said SGM RDC TELKOM. Meanwhile, development of language for the hearing-impaired students in SLBs is quite needed so that they are able to reach performance achievement and confidence like other normal people and able to develop all potentials possessed, including in socialization,” added Mustapa.

Following the launch, TELKOM makes brief training about application of i-CHAT to 50 teachers from many SLBs in Bandung and West Java which operation is made together with the regular training of ‘To You Teachers I Present’. Similar training, said Eddy Kurnia, also will be held in some other cities.

In Indonesia, now there are not less than 419 SLBs of the Hearing-Impaired. West Java is the province with most plenty of SLBs at 138 SLBs, followed by Jakarta (45), East Java (40), South Sulawesi (35), Central Java (22), and SLB in other 20 provinces (139).

Use e-learning concept

Initiated with the involvement of TELKOM in APT (Asia Pacific Telecommunity) event in 2007, in cooperation with UPI Bandung and SLB Cicendo, an application has been established for language learning and communication for the hearing-impaired focused on arrangement of structured sentences. Further in 2009 such application was re-developed by adding some modules, among others, dictionary module.

“This 2010, TELKOM RDC in cooperation with FNKTRI (National Federation for Indonesian Hearing-Impaired Welfare) make further development in the form of an application and portal named i-CHAT (I Can Hear and Talk),” explained Eddy Kurnia. The application is made in two  modes, that is, mode offline, where users make program installation on their computer and mode online where users run the application by accessing site of  i-CHAT at

i-CHAT Program now divided into 5 key modules, those are, dictionary module, fingers alphabetical sign module, numerical sign module, thematic module, and structured sentences module. (Module 1-4 has source from a book “Easy Way to Learn SIBI (Sign System of Indonesian Language)” published by FNKTRI.

i-CHAT able to access online by visiting portal of  i-CHAT at Now the  portal just contains application of  i-CHAT online consisting of 5 modules: Dictionary, Fingers Alphabets, Numeric, Thematic, and Structured Sentences. Learning modules further be developed in the form of application with game, animation, video, and also journal/article related to education and learning method for the hearing-impaired students. The whole learning materials be packaged in the form of modules with e-learning concept. Further development from portal of i-CHAT is to establish a forum, media social networking, and concept of user generated content.

Part of Telkom CSR

Eddy Kurnia explained i-CHAT was a part of TELKOM Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. “Although today telecommunications industry is facing the hyper competition era, Telkom very much expects that the ICT development and spread of information access for all circles still being the key priority for all parties,” he said.

TELKOM has commitment to support development of community life quality sustainably, so that between the company and the community there is a harmonious and balanced connection suitable to the environment, value, norms and culture of local community which are realized in the form of CSR program.

During the time, Telkom as a company providing telecommunication network and infrastructure has actively developed various technologies and application to facilitate those in special need to access IT.

“We expect through this event, we are able to present freedom, so that those in special need like the hearing-impaired may soon feel free in communicating and socializing with their environment. Therefore, they will continuously record performance achievement in their own field,” said  Eddy Kurnia. “Hopefully this activity may continuously be made every year as an effort to always take part in developing the Indonesian nation,” added Eddy Kurnia.

“We also thank FNKTRI, Foundation of AKRAB, UPI Bandung, SLB Cicendo Bandung, Foundation of Santi Rama Jakarta, who have given their full support and contribution up to the realization of application and portal of this i-CHAT,” he said.



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