Telkom Launches Instant Speedy: SLANK Special Edition

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom) as a national telecommunications company proved its commitment to provide positive contribution to nation and people. This was manifested in their commitment to create Indonesia Digital Network via Indonesia’s digital infrastructure building and digital competence development so that we could be a developed and intelligent nation, as the high intellectual level and internet usage significantly affect the progress and growth of the nation.

The large community of Slankers in Indonesian inspired Telkom Air to give positive contribution and appreciation in providing internet usage facility to the fans, as well as Indonesian people. Telkom launched a new product called Instant Speedy Card: SLANK edition. It was a means to pay for broadband Internet connectivity at and as well as to download Slank’s songs in

With only Rp 5,000, customers would get connectivity permissions for 1 (one) day and one (1) Slank’s song which could be downloaded from In addition, customers could also enjoy Slank’s video clips on the site.

The SLANK edition of Instant Speedy physical card could be obtained at the outlets and nearest Telkom Plasa. To begin, please send sms by using Telkomsel numbers to 8108, and the format is: Net <spasi> 5000 <spasi> SLK. In addition, this card could also be filled with existing rechargeable Fkios in Alfamart , Indomaret and others.

Spin Card Slank not only provide value to customers in form of FREE download Slank’s songs in but also FREE 3D Video (Augmented Reality), in which customers are required to download Augmented Reality applications in first.

Customers could enjoy a new unique experience in Slank’s 3D video watch, which once again was a new innovative presentation from Telkom Indonesia to Spin Card customers. Surely the values given to customers were a form of appreciation to the Telkom Indonesia’s customers.