Telkom Launches Speedy Prepaid

Jakarta, October 29, 2008 – To more facilitate the community in accessing internet more cheaply and at the same time help users handle their internet budget, PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk. (Telkom) launched Speedy Prepaid service. This Speedy Prepaid, together with gimmick Speedy Cermat, is expected to be able to increase the internet use in the community.

Speedy Prepaid is a Speedy packet in the form of prepaid card to make internet connection by using Speedy. This service can be used via regular Speedy line or Speedy line in public area. Speedy Prepaid card can be refilled using Speedy Prepaid/iVAS voucher.

According to Telkom Director of Consumers, I Nyoman G Wiryanata, This Speedy Prepaid, together with gimmick Speedy Cermat, will be Telkom reliability in giving internet service cheaply and reliably. Speedy Cermat, is a packet of Speedy time-based with the subscription for 15 times of usage.

“Speedy Prepaid is a solution for Speedy users with high mobility.” “The subscribers can use Speedy Prepaid card either on line Speedy or via TELKOM Hotspot,” he clarified. In short, Speedy Prepaid is a semi mobile internet service.

Speedy Prepaid enables usage of one line Speedy by many users of individual using different login (for example in the campus or public area). Speedy Prepaid is also to complete an alternative option of connection for Speedy users in making internet connection (hybrid volume- based and time-based).

Speedy Prepaid is offered with reachable tariff, that is, Rp 4,500 per hour or Rp 75 per minute (excluding PPN 10%, charging made per minute). “If the Speedy Prepaid card is used for Internet access via Telkom Hotspot, so the users be charged with usage fee according to the Speedy Prepaid tariff at Rp. 4,500,- per hour ,” I Nyoman G Wiryanata said. Speedy Prepaid service covers the whole areas in all cities nationwide already served by Speedy.

Users of Speedy Prepaid card have the right to get email facility of POP3 which is an email domain for Telkom internet subscribers registered. The Speedy Prepaid subscribers also get 1 web hosting.

To be able to use Speedy Prepaid service, the subscribers have to buy Speedy Prepaid card in Telkom Plaza, authorized dealers appointed by Telkom, and other outlets determined by Telkom.

Now, Speedy Prepaid card is available in the form of starter pack with the nominal Rp 55.000.- (including PPn). If the balance of Speedy Prepaid card is finished, the subscribers can make refill using voucher iVAS either card voucher or by electronic (via SMS Flexi or Telkomsel).

Active period of Speedy Prepaid card is 3 months after use but if there is any refill, the active period will be added according to the nominal required, those are:

· Nominal Rp. 10.000 – Rp.50.000 : 2 months 
· Rp. 50.000 – Rp 100.000 : 3 months 
· Nominal > Rp 100.000 : 4 months 

To check balance of Speedy Prepaid card can be done via . SMS ke 4827 (from Flexi or Telkomsel) with the format of instruction: BALANCE<space>[10_Digit_Login_ID_Speedy_Prepaid] or contact call center 0807-100-8000 (local voucher).

To improve the community access to the internet, Telkom will also increase the hotspot area particularly in in the public areas. Now thousands of points of Telkom Hotspot all over Indonesia are ready to serve.

Now, total subscribers of Speedy all over Indonesia have reached almost 600 thousands of service line units (SSL). This service, according to Nyoman Wiryanata, is more attracting the community in line with the importance of internet access for them.

For further information, please contact :

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