TELKOM Launch Game Online on Indonesian History

Jakarta, July 20, 2011 – To give recognition to the history, culture, and education  in the country, PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom), on Tuesday, July 20, 2011, has launched a gamenamed Game Nusantara Online which is presented by Telkom’s Director of  IT & Supply, Indra Utoyo, at the Museum Nasional. Nusantara Online is one of Telkom’s efforts to expand  its product portfolio, that is, business line of edutainmentcontent.
Game online is one of the most desired contents in which the students are dominant users. Looking at the game online now spread in Indonesia is of the foreign one some of which is not so suitable to the Indonesian culture, Telkom has to publish the gameNusantara Online having educational values and variety of uniqueness of historical story,” says Indra Utoyo.
This Game Nusantara Online is organized upon the cooperation between Telkom and PT. Tele Nusantara Visi (Telegraph), as the game provider. In the promotion period, Telkom will perform some roadshow to schools in Jakarta and Bandung area, and will distribute installergame to warnet as member of Awari, to all Speedy subscribers, and public users. For Jakarta realm, serveris placedin Telkom’s Data Center,and for Bandung, the serveris placed in Melsadata center. Nusantara Online also cooperates with Seamolec to place server at Jardiknas "
Nusantara Online is the first Indonesian-created Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). MMORPG is one kind of the game based on Role-Playing Game (RPG) concept able to play from various places and time by many players. In the RPG play, a player will play a created character and run it following the plot. A player is free to play his character following the plot provided and not always directed to one standard story, as the player plays the story plot as desired.
Nusantara Online is created with a theme about the history and culture of the country in kingdom era long time ago. In the first version launched this year, Nusantara Online presents three kingdoms: Majapahit, Pajajaran, and Sriwijaya. Next version presents about other kingdoms.
As confirmed by Indra Utoyo, Nusantara Online is created as an awareness about how to provide the public with original contents of Indonesian history and folklores in a more modern, dynamic, and attractive form, so that it is expected that the young generation will know about the history of the kingdom era and story about the ancestors with enjoyment.
This Nusantara Online is also expected to make the students and other gamers able to play some entertaining game full of educational and cultural values. Also to support creativity of local game developer to create similar contents so that they will give a positive value to contribute to the game world development in the country.
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