Telkom Start Marketing Instant Speedy Card in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 19 Januari 2014 – Sukardi Silalahi, Director Consumer at PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom) and Oki Wiranto Sarwoto, CEO Telin Malaysia launched The Speedy Instan Card of Malaysia at Kedai Grapari Chowkit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Sunday, 19 Januari 2014.

Sukardi Silalahi said that The Speedy Instan Card of Malaysia can be used to buy music content from Melon ( and movie content from UseeTV ( He added, T The Speedy Instan Card service can be accessed through (If it used in Indonesia).

“With The Speedy Instan Card of Malaysia, Indonesian in Malaysia can cure their homesickness by listening Indonesian song and watching Indonesian movie through Melon and UseeTV,” explained Sukardi Silalahi.

The Speedy Instan Card of Malaysia will be marketed through Penetration market of Malaysia and available to Indonesian community in Malaysia. The Speedy Instan Card of Malaysia marketed by denomination RM 2, RM 3, RM5, RM 10, and RM 15 then can be used to download 2- 25 songs. “This card active between 7-14 days if you use this card to download some movies from UseeTV. And it can be used to streaming movie between 3-20 movies with active period between 3-30 days,” explained Sukardi.

If this speedy card used to accesses internet through, for smallest denomination, that is 2 RM can be used to one day, but for the largest domination, that is 15 RM can be used until 30 days.

Before that, Telkom has carried As Card to Malaysia to ease Indonesian’s communication in Malaysia. As Smart service and presence of Speedy Instan Card in Malaysia is a form (manifestation) of commitment of Telkom Group to help and serve Indonesian, especially all of Indonesian migrant labors by providing some easy communication to them.

CEO Telin Malaysia, Oki Wiranto Sarwoto added,”Speedy Instan Telin Malaysia supported by marketing program to attract interest some users of data, music content or movie in Malaysia. And now, this card can be obtained in Kedai Grapari Telin Malaysia and distributed by two authorized dealer, there are PT. Telesindo Shop and CV Akar Daya Mandiri.  At this time, The Speedy Instan Card of Malaysia can be obtained in both of these outlet authorized dealer in Malaysia.”

Telkom, through his subsidiary, Telin, officially expand to Malaysia on Agustus 2013 and he has been getting Mobile Virtual Network Operator’s (MVNO) license from government of Malaysia.