Telkom Achieves “Best Secondary Deal of the Year in South East Asia”

Early 2014, Alpha Southeast Asia Magazine based in Hong Kong gave a special appreciation to PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom) in the category of “Best Seccondary Deal of the Year in South East Asia”. This award was granted for Telkom ‘s success in releasing 211 million shares that were this SOE treasury stock valued no less than Rp 2.4 trillion in June 2013.

This award was given directly by Alpha Southeast Asia Magazine to Telkom in 7th Annnual Best Deal & Solution Awards in Malaysia. Alpha Southeast Asia Magazine claimed that this award has been granted in the aim of recognizing the best and the most innovative investment focused on corporates and commercial banking solutions in Southeast Asia.  Treasury Stock is the corporation stocks that are temporary rebought (buyback).

Telkom Vice President of Public Relations, Arief Prabowo, said that the award could be interpreted not only as a form of international society trust in Telkom financial foundation but also as a sign that Indonesian companies still have appeal for the investors.

“This award also reflects the experiences and dedication of our team who are committed in providing the best service for our clients. We also want to thank our clients, partners and stakeholders over their continuous supports and trusts in us so far,” said Arif. “We really look forward to continuing our positive role and contribution in the development of Indonesian Capital Market,” he added.

Along with the award for Telkom, Bahana Securities, which was the lead placing in the treasury stock transactions of Telkom shares were also granted the same award. In June 2013, Telkom took corporate action by releasing 211 million shares treasury stock which they got from the buy back step valued Rp 2.4 trillion. Transaction. Telkom Director of Finance, Honesty Basyir, at that time said that the action was in accordance with the provisions of the authority, which is the company shall exclude   the treasury stock from the balance sheet.