Telkom Telkomsel Presents First Seamless WiFi in Indonesia

Telkomsel, together with Telkom, presented first Seamless Wi-Fi Mobile solutions in Indonesia, namely Telkomsel Flashzone – Seamless, which utilize Telkom Wi-Fi network as an additional cellular network.

This collaboration was claimed to provide high speed and stability Internet experience. Besides, it also enabled customers to automatically do network connection transition from 2G/3G to Wi-Fi (autoconnect).

The Vice President Technology and System Telkomsel, Ivan C. Permana, planned to continue providing high-speed data service access solutions to a wider range. “Flash zone-Seamless Service is one of our commitment manifestations to be advanced in mobile technology innovation which provide faster Internet experience in some center location,” he said.

To enjoy this service, you could only do the once-initial setting on smartphones by activating Wi-Fi, select SSID Flashzone – Seamless and continue to select EAP – SIM Enterprise sub-type. Once the device being in Flashzone – Seamless area, it would be directly connected to a Wi-Fi network without being asked userID and password.

This service could be used by customers using smartphones with Seamless Wi -Fi technology or EAP – SIM (Extensible Authentication Protocol – Subscriber Indentity Module). Among other things, the BlackBerry with OS 5 to OS 7, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Note and S3 are also could be used.