Telkomsel Test LTE Technology Through Smart Car

Jakarta, 19 Maret 2012 Telkomsel develops implementation of Long Term Evolution (LTE) as an effort to give many innovative services through unlimited mobile access. Smart Car is one of the LTE technology use which has been tested directly in the launch of Research & Development Center (R&D Center) in Bandung on Desember 5, 2011.
Ricardo Indra, Head of Corporate Communications Division said, “In R&D Center, Telkomsel develops LTE Smart Car, a vehicle having LTE technology connectivity to access various contents and applications like LBS (Location Base Sevices), Vehicle Monitoring, Mobile TV, Telkomsel Application Store and other LTE-based applications.”
Smart Car use Mobile connection technology of LTE and powered by Internal Connection in the form of  MiFi with capability of modem 4G, Access Point, and GPS able to connect through Head Unit, Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone. Mobile Connection with LTE network of Telkomsel enable to make speed of data service among people or Machine to Machine, and designed not to  cause interference with users aside from those in the vehicle.
LTE is also an architecture of network based on Internet Protocol, with low-latency delay and  Quality of Service (QoS) assurance presenting quality of subscribers’ experience on data service of Telkomsel. Speed of download 150 Mbps and upload 50 Mbps can be served by telecommunication operator that can possess Bandwidth frequency up to 20MHz.
Looking at the growth of total data usage of Telkomsel estimated to increase at 200% from the previous year with average of data usage per-subscriber will increase more than 140%, surely Telkomsel will continue to improve performance of newest technology network to meet demand of data access speed. LTE technology, responding to the need of mobile internet connection with higher network capacity.
Access speed in the Telkomsel network is to automatically optimize the existing services like e-mail, internet browsing, and MMS. LTE Smart Car presents all internet services in one mobile instrument. LTE is a gateaway for various interesting services. Those are Voice Over IP, Multi-User Gaming Over IP, High Definition Video On Demand and Live TV. More over, LTE gives  real time services.

LTE technology or 4G has much been applied in some of developed countries. Using either new spectrum or existing spectrum of operator by Refarming the existing spectrum. In Indonesia, the application is still waiting for the regulation and readiness of operator. LTE which previously predicted to enrich broadband competitive market in Indonesia year 2011 still not running properly. That is why sophisticated tool based on LTE has not entered market in Indonesia.

Regulator support to apply LTE in Indonesia is also very important. Telkomsel network is now ready to implement LTE technology by modernizing Base Station network adopting Single Radio Access Network (RAN) technology, but still waiting for regulation certainty defining the  LTE technology.