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In order to advance to digital telco company, Telkom is transforming its organization from four segments TIMES (Telecommunication, Information, Media, Edutainment and Services) based on digital business adjacent portfolio to Customer Facing Unit and Functional Unit model, or CFU and FU. The transformation will make Telkom’s organization more lean and agile in adapting to changes in the fast-changing telecommunications industry. The new organization is also expected to increase its efficiency and effectiveness to create a quality customers experience.

Telkom’s business activities have grown and changed along with the development of technology, information and digital, but still within the corridor of telecommunication and information industries. This is evident from the company’s business lines that are constantly developing in addition to the existing legacy business. Currently, Telkom manages six products portfolio which serve four customer segments, namely corporate, residential, individual and various other customer segments..

The following are the description of Telkom’s business portfolio:


This portfolio provides product portfolio comprised of mobile voice, SMS and value-added services, as well as mobile broadband. We provide mobile cellular communications services through our subsidiaries, Telkomsel, with brand name Kartu Halo for postpaid and simPATI, Kartu As and Loop for prepaid.


This portfolio provides fixed service (voice and broadband), with IndiHome brand.

Wholesale & International

The products are interconnection services, network service, Wi-Fi, VAS, hubbing, data center and content platform, data and internet, and solution.

Network Infrastructure

The products are network services, infrastructure and tower operations. satellite,

Enterprise Digital

Consists of information and communication technology platform services and smart enabler platform services.

Consumer Digital

Consists of media and edutainment services, such as e-commerce (blanja.com), video/TV and mobile-based digital service. We also provide digital life service, such as digital life style (LangitMusik and VideoMax), digital payment such as TCASH, digital advertising and analytics such as digital advertising business and mobile banking solution and enterprise digital service, which provides Internet of Things (IoT).

Corporate Strategy :

  • Directional Strategy
    Disruptive competitive growth
    Amid the challenging changes in the industry, Telkom Group believes that the market capitalization will grow significantly. This is done by providing added value to customers through the provision of products and services, promoting synergies and building a strong digital ecosystem in both the domestic and international markets.
  • Portfolio Strategy
    Customer value through digital TIMES portfolio
    Telkom Group focuses on TIMES digital portfolio through the provision of convenient and convergent services synergistically to deliver high values to customers.
    Parenting Strategy
  • Strategic Control
    To support business growth effectively, Telkom Group implements the strategic control approach to align business units, functional units and subsidiaries so that the process runs in a more targeted, synergetic, and effective way to achieve the company’s goals.
    Vision and Mission


“Be The King of Digital in The Region”


“Lead Indonesian Digital Innovation and Globalization”

Corporate Culture : The Telkom Way

Basic Belief : Always The Best

Core Values : Solid, Speed, Smart

Key Behaviours : Imagine, Focus, Action

Strategic Initiatives

  • Center of excellence.
  • Focus on high growth or high value portofolio.
  • Accelerate international expansion.
  • Cost transformation.
  • IDN (id-access, id-Ring, id-Con) development.
  • Indonesia Digital Solution (“IDS”) – convergent services in digital ecosystem solution.
  • Indonesia Digital Platform (“IDP”) – Platform enabler for ecosystem development.
  • Execution of the best subsidiary management system.
  • Managing portofolio through BoE and CRO.
  • Increasing synergy within Telkom Group.