Three Units of ‘Yamaha Mio’ Achieved by Fixed Line Subscribers

Jakarta, April 28, 2009 – PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (Telkom) again presenting the fixed line loyal subscribers with three units of ‘Yamaha Mio’ from the program of ‘Telepon Rumah Rezeki Tumpah’ (TRRT).

As explained by Vice Presiden Public and Marketing Communication Telkom, Eddy Kurnia, in the drawing of Stage V TRRT program done today (Tuesday, 28/4), the TRRT program was Telkom’s appreciation to the fixed line loyal subscribers and the same time to again utilize the fixed lines.

In the draw of Stage V, three units of ‘Yamaha Mio’ won by:

1. Ida Sudarmini 021 – 5950xxx (Tangerang – Banten)
2. Agus Yusuf 021 – 6401xxx (Tj. Priok – Jakarta Utara)
3. Totok Budiono Hartanto 024 – 8506xxx (Gunung Candisari – Semarang)

He added, program of ‘Telepon Rumah Rejeki Tumpah’ was, aside from winning the drawn prizes, also giving direct prizes in the form of electronic devices according to number of points possessed by the subscribers. Every 3 months we drew three winners with the prizes ‘Yamaha Mio’.

Every six months we drew for one winner with the prize of one unit of ‘Kijang Innova’. “And for Grand Prize, we have prepared the newest Mercedes Bens C Class that we will draw in October,” said Eddy Kurnia.

“How to get points is very easy,” said Eddy Kurnia. “Just make calls or receive calls through fixed line, get 1 point. This term is applied for the making or receiving calls to and from fixed line numbers (local, SLJJ and SLI) or to and from operators of GSM and CDMA.

“The subscribers not registering their fixed lines should immediately making registration either through the nearest Plasa Telkom or Contact Center 147,” suggested Eddy Kurnia. Prizes to get are, among others, more than ten units of ‘Yamaha Mio’, four units of ‘Kijang Innova’, and Grand Prizes of two units of the newest Mercedes Benz C Class.

According to Eddy Kurnia, ‘Telepon Rumah Rezeki Tumpah’ program is one of the Telkom strategies to sustain and optimize its traditional business, that is, cable line. “Telkom’s efforts in sustaining its traditional business are made by optimizing   legacy of fixed wireline,” explained Eddy Kurnia

Fixed Charge Package to fixed/cable line subscribers launched in last February 2009 is another example of Telkom’s efforts in optimizing fixed line business potential. Through this program, Telkom wants to improve service quality of fixed lines now having a number of around 8.7 millions of SST.

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