Plasa TELKOM’s “New Corporate Identity”

Bandung, July 1, 2010 – PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (TELKOM), today (1/7) launch renovation of Plasa TELKOM in Bandung and Jakarta Utara. Plasa TELKOM is a service centre provided by TELKOM Direct Visiting to all products of TELKOM and its group members.

“Plasa TELKOM Bandung is the first Plasa TELKOM of the whole Plasa TELKOM all over Indonesia using E-SISKA or Integrated Service Application System,” explained Vice President Public and Marketing Communication TELKOM, Eddy Kurnia.

Rearrangement of building as well as service provision at Plasa TELKOM is part of TELKOM transformation. This is intended that subscribers and also applicants have added value as in  TELKOM’s motto: World In Your Hand.

"Competition in telecommunication industry is getting tighter. Now, each operator is competing to provide the best quality to its product users," said Eddy Kurnia. "That is the reason why we have focused on improving service provision to users of Telkom Group products," he added.

Eddy explained, the company has changed appearance of Plasa Telkom to be more friendly and comfortably. ”Better service provision of Telkom surely influences subscribers’ loyalty able to support increase of revenue to the company,” said Eddy. Now, according to him, there are around 750 Plasa TELKOM all over Indonesia which by stages will change their appearance in line with spirit of transformation.

TELKOM’s seriousness in reforming Plasa TELKOM as Walk In Centre is shown by Plasa TELKOM’s achievement to the Service Quality Award 2010 in the event of International Conference & Net Promoter Customer (NPS) Loyalty Award 2010 organized by Octovate Consulting Group and SWA Magazine.

Together with the launch of new image and service provision of Plasa TELKOM Bandung and Jakarta Utara, an MOU has been signed between TELKOM and TELKOM’s strategic partners, among others, with TELKOM Poly Technique, IBCC (Istana Building Commodities Center), “Harian Republika”, ”Ganesha Operation” Learning Centre, Masjid Salman ITB and Speedy Health Internet Campaign with

On that occasion, President Director TELKOM, Rinaldi Firmansyah, presents an appreciation to subscribers and students in Bandung, those are:
• Three longest and most loyal subscribers in Bandung
• The 150,000th  Speedy Subscriber in Bandung
• Highest rank of SNMPTN tryout result, those are:
1. Nurhalimah SMAN 1 Majalaya West Java ( IPS/Social Science with point at 407)
2. Devin SMAN 1 Tasikmalaya West Java ( IPA/Natural Science with point at 521)

Rinaldi also presents appreciation to Best Sales Speedy of Semester-I to TELKOM Area Bandung Timur with total sales at 11,500 SSL and TELKOM Area Bandung Barat with total sales at  13,000 SSL.


For further information, please contact:
Eddy Kurnia
Vice President Public and Marketing Communication
PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk
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