Telkom Education Foundation Builds Batam Technoplex

Batam, October 1, 2013: Through Directorate of Elementary Secondary Education or Primary & Secondary Education (Dikdasmen), Bandung-based Telkom Education Foundation (YPT) planned to build a regional education in Batam, namely Batam Technoplex name.

According to the Chairman of YPT Johni Girsang M.Sc, it would integrate education area from kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, senior high school and vocational school, with Tiban as priority because of the wide available there.

“We want education integration, with the ultimate goal of becoming supplier of resources and knowledge for Telkom University, Bandung Technoplex, which is located in South of Bandung,” he said in a coordination meeting themed “Telkom Schools’ Annual Meeting – Telkom Education Foundation’s primary & Secondary Education” for 2014 Managerial Work Plan and Budget in Harris Hotel, Batam on September 30 – October 2, 2013.

Also attending the ceremony were Director of General Affairs YPT Supriya Smith, Director of Primary & Secondary Education (PSE) YPT Imelda Tirra Usnadibrata , VP of Education Planning & Development PSE Sophia Yuliantie Sigit , AVP of Education Planning Development & Regulation Suharsono PSE , and some under-Directorate school headmasters from across  Indonesia.

According to Johni, the education integration as the implementation of One Pipe Education System concept would provide significant added value for all parties, especially parents and students as the education process would take direction and focus from beginning to end. Thus the creation of superior graduate character that characterizes Telkom Schools could be realized optimally.

On the other hand, said Johni, the application of this concept was also aligned Masterpieces Program of PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (as parent of YPT) in the field of human resources to create quality education that prepared to face the challenges of the future and become agents of change .

“It is also in line with the concept of the National University, where the later Telkom University (Tel – U) will be not only in Bandung, but also be opened as a national branch campus in Medan, Balikpapan and Makassar. Therefore, the development of complex primary and secondary education should be started,” he said.

Imelda Tirra Usnadibrata added a number of directives work plan for next year. After establishing Batam Technoplex her party also planned to build a concept of more integrated basic secondary education in Purwokerto – Central Java , Manado- North Sulawesi , Bandung – West Java , Makassar – South Sulawesi, and Jakarta.

In coordination meetings themed “Integration & Collaboration for Building New Brand Image”, they also examined the efforts of developing a new identity that shows synergy for the whole school integrated development program by presenting the new logo “Telkom Schools”.

According to Imelda, the development was possible when it referred to potential of PT Telkom Indonesia’ potential, as well as Telkom Education Foundation’s. Currently, Dikdasmen of YPT manages 44 schools, which were consisted of 31 kindergartens and playgroups, 1 elementary school, 1 junior high school, 1 senior high school, 3 Vocational Schools of Tourism, and 7 Vocational Schools of Telkom.

Those schools were spreaded across 37 cities of Pematang Siantar – North Sumatra to Jayapura – Papua. Those 44 schools have also existed for decades in at least 10 provinces across Indonesia.

“Therefore, let us synchronize vision with good intentions, hard work and prayer, to give our best contribution to nation through the development of human resources in Indonesia. I asked for an optimal contribution to all principals, teachers, and all parties to be able to give feedbacks, also share the key to success of program implementation, “said the director, who has served less than one month.

Johni Girsang added, “Telkom Education Foundation also even plans to Go International, where South Sudan in Africa is the country to explore. It will be starting next week. There is a chance we begin to build Telkom Schools in Pre-School up to the Vocational School level in the country.”

The whole target was achievable if the dissemination of cultural values in Primary and Secondary Education was continued to be adapted to PT Telkom, Tbk’s culture, as the parent company.

One thing should be emphasized was Cultural Awareness program by increasing the competence and forming personnel’s character. Furthermore, we should continue to maintain the performance of each entity under Dikdasmen, both in terms of revenue and number of students.

The revenue itself was pursued to be increasingly independent, because if it continued to be subsidized, there will no individual and school achievement to bring up. The Conscious Culture program become a annual message complement to Telkom Education Foundation in term of development of the Directorate of Primary and Secondary, besides One Pipe Education System and Internationalization ( ** )