CSR Program

These are the CSR programs that Telkom has carried out:

  1. Indonesia Digital Learning (IDL) & My Teacher My Hero
    Indonesia Digital Learning (IDL) 2016 is annual program which reflects Telkom Indonesia’s commitment in education by training teachers about digital knowledge in an effort to implement a digital-based education activities in school and eventually establish a digital society amongst teachers.

    My Teacher My Hero is Telkom Indonesia’s way to appreciate teachers in Indonesia who implement digital learning. These teachers were introduced first with digital knowledge through the Indonesia Digital Learning seminar. From the selected number of teachers, they would be trimmed down based on UNESCO’s evaluation standard to eventually pick eight teachers for the My Teacher My Hero program.
  2. Digital Library
    The Digital Library or PaDi is a synergy between two state-owned enterprises, Telkom and publishing company Balai Pustaka, to distribute 1000 Digital Learning Corners in 1,000 points across Indonesia. Through PaDi, public and students can access books available online.
  3. Socio Digi Leaders
    Socio Digi Leaders is a competition for creative ideas aimed to provide the most benefit for the people. The ideas developed could be aimed to address social, legal, environment, human resources, technology, business, products, system development issues or ideas for digital application.
  4. BUMN Present for the Country (BUMN Hadir untuk Negeri)
  5. Indonesia Independence Day celebration activities
    This is the SOEs annual program to celebrate Independence Day during which the SOEs roll out programs such as SOEs Teach (BUMN Mengajar), House Makeover for Veterans (Bedah Rumah Veteran), Students Getting to Know the Archipelago (Siswa Mengenal Nusantara), Houses Electrification (Electrifikasi Rumah), Development of Water and Sanitation Facilities, and Fun Walk.
  6. BUMN Hadir untuk Negeri during Ramadan
    This is the SOE program during the fasting month of Ramadan. Programs carried out during the season are Holiday Exodus With (Mudik Bareng) BUMN and affordable market place which provides 200,00 items
  7. Disability Care
    It is a Telkom CSR program, which is also part of the BUMN Hadir untuk Negeri activities, for the disabled, through which Telkom and other participating SOEs provide assistance such as disabilities assistance tools and training and certification, including I-CHAT, for the disabled community.
  8. Telkom Craft
    Telkom Craft Indonesia was the first digital-based showcase for SMEs. It was part of an effort to implement the Good Corporate Citizenship values from Telkom’s community partnership and empowerment program, and as a form of Telkom’s active participation to boost economic, social progress and assistance to local SMEs so they can develop into a solid people-based economy.
  9. Study Tour and Real Experience VR Satellite Telkom 3S
    This was a CSR program carried out as part of the Satellite 3S launch, which also served as a medium to educate and inform the public about what the real benefits of the satellite for the public.