Telkom Integrity Line

Telkom Integrity Line is the Whistleblowing System (WBS), a system that accommodates complaints regarding alleged violations that occurred in the Company. Since 2006, Telkom has implemented a WBS designed to receive, review and follow up on complaints from Telkom Group stakeholders, while maintaining the confidentiality of the Whistleblowers.

At the end of 2021 WBS Telkom entered the new-phase by adding complaints channels to 7 (seven) complaint channels.

The channels for the Telkom Integrity Line reporting system include:

  1. Website       :   
  2. Hotline        :            +62 21 5088 4601
  3. Faksimili     :            +62 21 5088 4602
  4. Email          :    
  5. PO Box      :             Telkom Integrity Line

               PO Box 2800

               JKP 10028

  6. SMS          :               +62 813 9000 3217
  7. WhatsApp :               +62 813 9000 3217

Type of Violation

Types of violations that will be followed up as WBS as follows:

  1. Accounting and internal control issues over financial reporting that have the potential to result in material misstatements in the Company's financial statements
  2. Audit issues, especially those concerning the independence of the Public Accounting Firm
  3. Violation of laws and regulations and capital market regulations relating to the Company's operations
  4. Violation of internal regulations that have the potential to cause losses to the Company
  5. Fraud and/or abuse of position by officials and/or employees within the TELKOM Group
  6. Disrespectful behavior of the Board of Commissioners, Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, Management and employees of the Company such as but not limited to: dishonesty, conflict of interest and providing misleading information to the public which directly or indirectly has the potential to harm reputation or result in loss for the company
  7. Gratuity and bribery

Protection for Whistleblowers
Telkom guarantees and ensures the protection of the confidentiality of the whistleblower, both employees and third parties who submit complaints or reports of alleged violations. Telkom always prioritizes confidentiality and the principle of presumption of innocence in following up on any complaints or reports submitted.