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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) / Business Process Management (BPM)

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) / Business Process Management (BPM) is an outsourcing activity that is part of the company's business process towards third parties with the aim of cost efficiency and reducing risks to the company in order for the company to focus more on its core business.

Shared Service Finance & Accounting is a portal (BPM) platform that is equipped with RPA Orchestrator features, engine control modules, and analytical dashboards to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the company's financial and accounting processes. These solutions include Invoice to Pay (Account Payable), Bill to Cash (Account Receivable), General Ledger, Fixed Asset, and Reporting.

Benefits :

  • Standardize and optimize the company's financial and accounting processes to speed up the invoice to pay and bill to cash processes.
  • Dashboard, reporting, and company financial analysis to support GCG and decision making.

Shared Service Human Resources improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the company in the process of managing human resources, both organic (permanent employees) and non-organic (outsourcing employees). These solutions include Learning Management System, Digital Signature Platform, Recruitment Process, Employee Self Services, Payroll Management Service, and Assessment Center.

  1. Learning Management System - Includes e-learning, Training Need Analysis & Curriculum, training delivery, post training evaluation, and event management training.
  2. Digital Signature Platform - Includes a legally binding Digital Signature using a digital certificate (Certificate Authority).
  3. Recruitment Process - Includes data administration recruitment, job posting management, screening & background check, psychological test, as well as assessment & interview.
  4. Employee Self Services - Includes e-payslip, overtime & leave online, on-duty travel, and personal data updates.
  5. Payroll Management Service - Includes payroll data administration, reporting to 3rd party, payroll processing, payment to employee, and individual tax reporting.
  6. Assessment Center - Includes the implementation of assessment, development, and HR consulting.

Benefits :

  • Optimizing the payroll process, increase accuracy & compliance
  • Optimizing the recruitment process (easy to access candidate profile & test result report and monitor selection process).
  • End-to-end training process & assessment center process (starting from planning, execution, dan evaluation).
  • Empowerment and encouragement of online independent employee services (digital signature, payroll, overtime, leave, business trip, recruitment process tracking, register training, etc.)

Shared Service General Affair is a solution utilized for managing a company’s operational activities through sharing resources, standardizing and digitalizing processes, consolidation, system integration, and self-service in the process of managing general affairs within company.

The solution covers Corporate Travel Management (proposed policy, travel & claim request, online & offline booking, payment, MICE organizing, SaaS), Document Management System  (document capture & digitalization, indexing & watermarking, physical document warehousing, document pick up & delivery), and Procurement (procurement cycle management, product category management, order & fullfilment management, payment management).

Benefits :

  • Automation of business travel processes with integrated processes between employees, companies and third-party travel services.
  • Optimizing the digitalization of corporate documents in order to facilitate tracking and storage.
  • Simplify the procurement process through an integrated e-Procurement platform and B2B (Business-to-Business) market place.

Cash Management is a solution utilized for managing a company’s operational activities through sharing resources, standardizing and digitizing processes, consolidation, system integration, and self-service in the company's cash management process.

The solution covers Cash in Transit (cash pickup and delivery), Cash Processing (separation of Currency eligible to be distributed and currency not eligible be distributed based on denomination and year of cash issuance that are in accordance to BI standards), Cash Pooling (inventory of currency for distribution), and Cash Vaulting (cash stored in a safe within a specialized fire- and water-resistant room with onsite security force and 24-hour CCTV surveillance).

Benefits :

  • Shifting the security risk factor in terms of pickup / delivery of cash to third parties
  • Increase efficiency by reducing operation handling costs incurred by the company
  • Simplifying companies to manage financial liquidity and asseble strategic decisions in the financial sector

ATM Managed Service is a solution utilized for managing a company’s operational activities through sharing resources, standardizing and digitalizing processes starting from providing ATM machines complete with cash replenishment in it, maintenance, replacement of spare parts and other supporting components such as applications, UPS, etc.

The solution covers Cash Replenishment (service for replenishing cash into an ATM machine commonly used in cash withdrawal transactions), and ATM Maintenance (ATM Maintenance).

Benefits :

  • Availability in monitoring a centrelized ATM infrastructure
  • Confirmation of availability of cash in all ATM networks by the company
  • Minimizing ATM operational costs and risks

Other company operational activities management solutions utilized include Activation (organizing gathering events, seminars, music shows, etc.), Point of Sales Materials (creating digital audio video, creative design & production, script writing, etc.), and Digital Printing.


Shared Service Healthcare is a service solution for managing the health of company employees through digitizing processes to increase company efficiency and productivity. Shared Service Healthcare service solutions include Digital Claim, In House Clinic, and Medical Check Up.

  1. Digital Claims - Includes the management of health claims based on EDC and QR Code.
  2. In House Clinic - Includes the provision of a one stop service in house clinic within the company.
  3. Medical Check Up - Includes laboratory and non-laboratory check up.

Integrated Health Claim Management is an EDC and QR Code-based health claim management service solution that is placed at the location of health service providers such as hospitals, clinics, optics, labs, etc., using a digital system that is capable of processing insurance claims online, real time and instantaneously.

This solution is equipped with member data adm, real time eligibility, claim monitoring status, 24/7 contact center & case monitoring with medical advisory, EDC network, online & real time web reporting & claim verification with information on benefits, plan & limit, admin payment, SMS notification, and value card program.

Benefits :

  • Increase efficiency and transparency of the process regarding of both time and cost, in order to be auditable and accountable
  • Company is able to manage employee health budgets and determine who will make the claim payment
  • Limitation of total health insurance benefits if there are two or more payers who cover the same person

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