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Communication, Data & Internet Connectivity

The aspect of reliable network connectivity is very important, especially when combined with the development of internet technology. A company's communication and connectivity must be met through communication services and broadband connectivity.

SIP Trunking is a voice service solution in the form of IP-based voice trunking that utilizes SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) by providing a flexible amount of capacity, with the ease of adding that said capacity and the availability of Incoming only, Outgoing only and Bothway operating modes. The connection from the service node to the IP PBX on the company side is a point-to-point connection with one IP address allocation.

Benefits :

  • Flexible number of capacities ranging from small to large capacities
  • If the customer moves, he can still use the existing number in the same area

Web Conference Service is a voice service solution in the form of a secure web-based, real time online conference, multi-platformed, and wide coverage making it possible represent the presence of companies around the world through local access and Toll-Free numbers with 24/7 service without reservation.

Features :

  • Audio & Web Conference, Audio & web conference platform with a maximum of 100 participants at a time
  • Website Access, Web access to manage & control meetings
  • Moderator PIN code, providing PIN code per moderator and per conference room
  • File Sharing, file sharing facilities to make conferences more comfortable

Closed User Group (CUG) is a voice services solution in the form of communication for companies that includes unlimited voice calls and SMS services in the same group, as well as internet data package services.

This solution is equipped with Post and Prepaid features (CUG between postpaid & prepaid users), as well as unlimited Voice Calls and SMS (voice calls & SMS non broadcast to fellow employees who have registered in 1 CUG group).

Benefits :

  • Optimizing the company's communication budget and employee productivity
  • Using special communication rates for companies that have more than 1 branch
  • The company can control employee devices and manage the application
  • Streamlining communication between company employees

VPN (Virtual Private Network) IP (Internet Protocol) is a data communication service solution based on IP MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) that allows companies to create private IP networks with any to any connection in a national coverage to connect branches in various cities equipped with Value Added Services (VAS) in the form of Instant VPN, used to access to a private network / intranet via internet media safely and easily, dynamic routing, and bandwidth on demand.

Benefits :

  • Coverage is very broad with access nodes spread throughout Indonesia
  • Scalability, providing services from 64kbps to 1 Gbps
  • Reliability, meets the needs of various types of applications providing a high quality experience
  • Trusted, ensures the confidentiality of data & network securities with international certification
  • Manageability, monitoring, diagnosis and network management in real time
  • Mobility, the company's internal information system can be accessed remotely via internet

Metro Ethernet is a broadband communication network service solution based on IP / Ethernet technology with a metropolitan area coverage that can provide flexibility, simplicity, effectiveness and QoS (Quality of Service) for companies. This network can be used as a Metropolitan Access Network to connect subscribers and companies to a WAN (Wide Area Network) such as the internet to connect branch offices with headquarters in a metro area (intranet).

Benefits :

  • Standarized Service for point to point and point to multipoint connections
  • Scalability, providing services up to 1 Gbps
  • Reliability, the network's ability to detect and recover problems
  • Service Management, the ability to monitor, diagnose and manage the network

Dedicated Internet is a service solution for providing dedicated internet access to both global and domestic internet with a guaranteed bandwidth ratio of 1: 1 to the reference point.

Dedicated Internet service solutions include Beda Bandwidth (with the maximum difference between global and domestic bandwidth being 1:10), Burstable (providing additional bandwidth capacity up to two times the dedicated bandwidth in a burstable manner), and Lite (asymmetric with the middle gap ratio of upstream and downstream bandwidth for global connection).

Benefits :

  • Coverage area of service to reaching in all regions of Indonesia
  • 24 hour monitoring through Network Management System tools
  • MRTG (MultiRouter Traffic Grapher) providing bandwidth traffic in real time

Internet Protocol (IP) Transit is an interconnection service solution to both the domestic and global internet with a guaranteed bandwidth of 1: 1 up to the reference point, using the company's internet resources.

IP Transit service solutions covers IP Transit with Different Bandwidth (maximum difference between global and domestic bandwidth by 1:10), IP Transit Burstable (providing additional bandwidth capacity up to a maximum of twice the committed bandwidth), and IP Peering (mutually beneficial interconnection service between 2 internet network).

Benefits :

  • The largest gateway capacity and the widest coverage area in Indonesia
  • Ease of distribution (resale) of internet services
  • Discretion in managing personal IP
  • Improve ISP network performance as it is a redundant gateway
  • Direct connection to the global internet with premium quality

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a service solution for distributing traffic to several PoP (Point of Presence) locations to provide accelerated access with high availability and high performance levels.

CDN technology can increase the quality of experience (QoE) level of visitors in accessing content by distributing content access traffic to several CDN servers that initially point to one Origin Server.

Features :

  • Website Acceleration, accelerate response of content when visitors access web pages
  • File Download Optimization, download large capacity files quickly & reliably without depending on distance
  • Live Streaming, streaming audio / video over the internet with a wide audience coverage
  • Media on Demand, accelerate access by placing content on the CDN Server

Benefits :

  • Availability of Capacity On Demand and no need to make large investments in the main server
  • Connected to the largest internet network in Indonesia as well as global service coverage
  • Speed up website / content responses based on closest CDN Server that serves requests
  • End-to-end services from the network infrastructure layer to the CDN service layer

Global VPN IP is a global connectivity service solution that connects corporate networks in Indonesia with corporate networks in other countries through the MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) network. This service allows multinational companies to create private IP networks with global coverage to connect their branches in various countries.

Benefits :

  • Scalability, providing services from 32 kbps to 10 Gbps in one circuit
  • Trusted, data confidentiality and network securities are guaranteed
  • Manageability, perform end-to-end network monitoring, diagnosis & management

Global Ethernet is a global connectivity service solution that connects corporate networks in Indonesia and in other countries with Ethernet layer 2 technology which includes point to point services (Private-Ethernet Private Line and Virtual Private-Ethernet Virtual Private Line) as well as point to multipoint services.

Benefits :

  • Standardized Service, standardized services for point to point and point to multipoint connections
  • Scalability, providing services ranging from medium bandwidth up to 10 Gbps in one circuit
  • Reliability, the network's ability to detect and recover disruptions without affecting service
  • Service Management, the ability to monitor, diagnose and manage the network

Global IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit) is a global connectivity service solution in the form of a dedicated end-to-end managed international layer 1 data bandwidth specified to deliver real time and mission critical applications including data, voice and video.

This service makes it possible to reroute traffic to avoid failures and provides cross-border connections for any network topology and bandwidth requirements with route data ranging from 2 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

Benefits :

  • Flexibility to choose multiple bandwidths and interfaces for seamless integration
  • IPLC with safe routes avoiding conflicting areas and volcanic critical areas

Wifi Station is a wifi service solution in the form of Dedicated Wifi internet using optical fiber with speeds up to 100 Mbps equipped with various Value-Added Services according to company needs.

Through this solution, companies get wifi access with a specific SSID, as well as obtain various value added services to support business activities and develop internet-based business opportunities.

Features :

  • Welcome Page Generator, customization of login id, voucher management system and customer profiling
  • Customized Login ID, login access options on the welcome page
  • Voucher Management System, providing login access using the voucher username and password
  • Customer Profiling, filling in user profiles before obtaining internet access
  • Venue Owner Dashboard, Dashboard for monitoring Access Point status, traffic and usage

Wifi Hospitality is a wifi services solution in the form of managed wifi that is integrated with the advertisement wifi platform making it possible for companies to obtain additional revenue from advertisements installed on wifi.

Wifi Hospitality assists the needs of a company’s business such as managing customer email lists, increasing the use of social media, increasing customer loyalty and attracting new customers which are all controlled automatically (auto pilot).

Features :

  • Data Communication, covering Dedicated Internet, Dedicated Internet Lite, High Speed Internet, M2M, & VPN
  • Device, covering Access Point, Hotspot Gateway and Switch
  • Monitoring System, covering Device, Network and Advertising Monitoring
  • Monetizing, covering User Engagement, CMS Platform, Guest Management and API Integration
  • Dashboard, covering Analytic User, User Profiling and Advertising
  • After Sales, covering the availability of Engineers on Site per area and Escalation Management

Benefits :

  • Bandwidth Management (bandwidth allocation / room) per user access
  • Realtime Dashboard, user profiling can be done any time
  • Managed Landing Pages, landing page modification can be done at any time
  • Ads Injection, the inclusion of advertisements when the user is browsing or filling out a feedback form
  • Traffic Monitoring Access Point in real time

Radio IP is a service solution for wireless communication needs with dedicated bandwidth capacity for areas in Indonesia that are not covered by terrestrial networks, especially cables due to geographic conditions.

This solution is equipped with a high level of security and closed network configuration. The scope of this service can be adjusted based on company needs.

Benefits :

  • Service costs are cheaper than satellite services
  • Flexibility in the form of convenience and low costs when upgrading

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