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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is a relationship management system with customers that effectively use all company-customer interaction data, which is utilized to perform customer retention, increase engagement and sales.

Chatbot is a digital CRM channel solution that allows companies to minimize operational costs by providing interactive communication media between the company (system / computer) and customers in the form of text, audio, video on websites and mobile apps using an AI platform. Chatbot services can be accessed via Whatsapp channel, live chat, Facebook messenger, twitter DM, telegram, line, and others.

The solution is equipped with statistics & activities reporting dashboard, build QnA & path, and broadcast message. In addition, this service can also be used for the survey purposes of the company.

Benefits :

  • Increase company brand image by providing a more up-to-date and personal communication channel
  • Simultaneously increase company productivity and minimizing costs through the flexibility of a 24/7chatbot service

Email Management System is a digital CRM channel solution for managing incoming (inbound) company emails from customers in the form of complaints, requests, information and suggestions that are grouped by category. Received emails can be automatically forwarded, auto replied, or create ticket and escalated to a specific PIC.

This solution is equipped with escalation rules, work orders, reporting and agent performance

Benefits :

  • Distribution of email in a system is based on category making it easy to monitor and respond in a complete manner
  • Ease and efficiency of data management and interaction history with customers via email

Live Chat is a digital CRM channel solution that assists companies in caring for customers with the addition of a live chat channel. This service is an application system that is installed on the company's website making it possible for customers to easily connect with the company.

This solution is equipped with agent level features (visitors, chat history, chat per agent, per interval, by date, daily, monthly, customer data and blocked visits) and administrator level features (canned messages, profile, notifications, and logout).

Benefits :

  • Caring between customer and company is done in real time
  • Easy to operate and no need to upgrade the application

Contact Center is a digital CRM channel solution that allows companies to provide customer care services to customers equipped with Auto Attendant, dialer & auto dial, Automatic Call Distributor, voice, telephony & video conference, basic Computer Telephony Integration & Call Management System features, and Interactive Voice Response.

These solutions include Inbound Contact Centers (providing information, handling complaints, requests for additional services / products) and Outbound Contact Centers (telemarketing, telesurvey, telesales, telecollection). These services provided a comprehensive contact center system, namely infrastructure, applications, agents, sites with the implementation of daily operations.

Benefits :

  • Increase customer satisfaction through better customer experience (after sales service & information services)
  • Increase sales and company brand image through telemarketing and telesurvey

Cloud Contact Center is a digital CRM channel solution that provides the same capabilities as a traditional contact center, but companies no longer need to pay periodic fees for software updates because this application is cloud-based. It is easy to set-up, add / subtract features can be done without depending on standby technicians at the location.

This solution is equipped with inbound / outbound operations, cloud-based business continuity, multichannel (email, SMS, social media, web chat), and self service configuration.

Benefits :

  • Features and settings can be changed quickly, including campaign scripts aimed at specific agents
  • Obtaining managed solutions (cloud software, hosting, voice and data networks) without the need for system integration
  • Eliminate capital expense and replace it with operational expense

Social Media Management is a digital CRM channel solution assisting companies manage social media accounts in maintaining the company's reputation and image. The social media function provides updates and information on an ongoing basis, including delivering marketing programs, campaigns, etc.

These solutions cover Content Planner, Social Media Operation Agent, Social Media Team Leader, Social Media Analytics, Seat Management, Platform Licensing, and Social Media Marketing.

Benefits :

  • Systematic social media management (planning, implementation of daily operations, evaluation and reporting)
  • As a mass promotion media for company products / services that can increase the company's business

Multichannel Communication is a digital CRM channel solution that allows companies to quickly and precisely communicate through many channels such as mobile channels, email channels, voice channels, social media and the web. Companies can send messages directly and simultaneously. On the other hand, message recipients can also receive messages on which the content is personal (one recipient and another recipient have different content).

This solution is equipped with an automated escalation & resend, tracking & reporting, multi-lingual message templates, and cross channel inbound & outbound.

Benefits :

  • Provide a more personalized customer experience with a wide selection of media channels
  • Information delivery is carried out in a centralized manner within the company
  • Available for utilization for operational communications within the company

Digital CRM Omnichannel is a customer interaction solution that combines several communication channels (digital CRM channels) in one platform (omnichannel), which can interact with each other and share data and information. This solution guarantees that communication history with customers is recorded comprehensively, resulting in agents not asking again for information that has been submitted by customers.

This solution is equipped with inbound and outbound communication applications in all communication channels, channel integration with a single database, as well as a complete selection of channels (voice channels, SMS channels, email channels, OTT chat, RTC chat, social media).

Benefits :

  • Integrated communication channel where the history of interaction with customers can be seen in all communication channels
  • Simplifying upselling, sales promotion, and program retention with integrated transaction & interaction history data

Sales Analytics is a CRM Analytics service solution that assists companies monitor and analyze sales performance, customer profiles and behavior which will result in recommending the right campaign based on the results of this analysis and in the end can help increase the number and number of customer transactions.

Features :

  • Sales Performance, covering traffic & transaction analysis, performance, dan sales forecasting
  • Customer Analytics, covering customer segmentation, customer profile, dan customer behavior
  • Campaign Management, covering content management, target audience, scheduling, channel dan performance

Benefits :

  • Obtain customer behavior data to determine the accurate segmentation and campaign content
  • Obtain insights and action plan recommendations to increase sales and the precise campaign strategy

Social Media Analytics is a CRM Analytics service solution that assists companies measure Account Performance (covering reach and content performance, engagement measurement, fan segmentation to measure the performance of a campaign on Facebook and Twitter accounts) and Brand Monitoring (covering monitoring, reach measurement, sentiment analysis, influencer identification to find out conversations about a brand on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, blogs, and digital news accounts).

Benefits :

  • Knowing the market sentiment (both positive and negative) and monitoring the activities of competitors
  • Companies can develop appropriate business strategies based on interaction data of social media users

Customer Voice Management is a CRM Analytics service solution that assists companies take advantage of company-customer interaction data allowing companies to quickly and easily find out the voice of customers from various interaction channels and make the proper decisions to overcome problems that occur.

The solution is equipped with topic & sentiment analysis, advance insight reporting & root cause analysis, multichannel interaction, and integrator data.

Benefits :

  • Provide a better customer experience through rapid handling of interruptions
  • Feedback management is executed automatically

Order Management System is a CRM service solution to ensure that the company's sales activities run efficiently and effectively in order to improve service to customers, and is equipped with order info & taking features, online payment, automatic order to store, dispatching, banner promotion, and click to dial client delivery.

These solutions cover Order Management (a digital commerce platform integrated with payment features, digital campaigns, analysis, and a live 24 hour chatbot), Store Management (inventory management, mobile POS, analytics module), and Delivery Management (in collaboration with O2O players and integrated with tracking system).

Benefits :

  • Increase credibility with the ease of digital touch point services and online payments
  • Availability in marketing the latest products and create promotions through the mobile application
  • Utilization of transaction history data for campaigns / product development

CRM Walk In is a CRM service solution that provides face-to-face interaction media between companies (customer service) and customers solving problems of moderate to high complexity, which is also equipped with simple and effective operational service procedures and easy-to-use technology support.

This solution is equipped with queue management, problem handling, transactions, information seeking, surveys (mobile apps & SMS), and real time dashboard.

Benefits :

  • Provide a comprehensive system ranging from infrastructure, applications, agents and sites to daily operations
  • Companies can easily persuade upselling, sales promotion, and retention programs to customers

Market Research is a market survey service solution that helps companies formulate marketing strategies in seizing market opportunities through systematic design, collection, analysis and reporting of data and findings relevant to certain marketing situations faced by the company.

The solution can be executed with a choice of methods of quantitative research tools (including face-to-face interviews and mystery shopping), as well as qualitative research tools (including focus group discussions and in-depth interviews).

Benefits :

  • Obtain accurate information explaining the market situation objectively
  • Using appropriate methods in collecting and analyzing research data

Telesurvey is a market survey service solution that assits companies carry out research utilizing telephones, questionnaires / interview questions to find out who they are, what they think, feel, make decisions. Through telesurvey, companies can control the stages of filling out the questionnaire, carrying out advanced probing questions, and allow for more complex questioning formats.

Benefits :

  • Listening and resolving complaints experienced by customers after using the company's products / services
  • Reaching large numbers of customers within a wide geographic range and that possesses a short time and high response rate

Virtual Reality (VR) is a service solution that adopts Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR) technology to maximize and optimize business potential such as product presentations, employee training and product manufacturing applications in the form of simulations. This solution allows companies to provide an experience in the form of digital interaction with a virtual computer simulated environment, making their users feel they are in that environment.

The solution covers VR 360 Photo, VR 3D Render, VR 3D Interactive, VR 360 Video, VR Entertainment, VR Drone, AR Interactive, dan AR Wayfinding.

Benefits :

  • Improving the digital experience with an immersive display that maximizes the company's presentation
  • VR and AR are formed into embedded links that can be displayed on the website or in the company application

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