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Data Center & Cloud Services

Information Technology (IT) infrastructure has become an important part of business within a corporation. That is why companies are looking for secure and reliable data center and cloud service solutions, with high connection availability.

Colocation is a Data Center service solution that offers rack space for corporate IT equipment in dedicated colocation or share colocation, which is supported by adequate infrastructure such as electrical, cooling, and security systems. Colocation service providers are responsible for monitoring and maintaining the data center infrastructure. Available data centers are located in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia (Serpong, Sentul, Surabaya) which are connected to the global internet network and are supported by a seamless underwater cable connectivity.

Features :

  • Cross Connect, in the form of interconnecting services in the data center building using FO (Fiber Optic) or UTP cables
  • Remote / Smart Hands, which assists companies perform simple tasks, such as viewing the status indicator of devices on the shelf
  • Software Defined Network, in the form of network infrastructure virtualization and security which includes switches, routers, firewalls and load balancers
  • Backup / Restore, which assists the backup / restore process of company applications or data using certain tools and procedures
  • Tape Safe Keeping, in the form of tape backup media storage service equipped with security systems such as access control, CCTV, and PAC
  • Communication Link, the provision of private links and public links complete with monitoring, incident handling, and service performance reports
  • Batch Process, in the form of process services that are carried out in one consecutive series, such as the process of beginning of day, end of day, etc.
  • Working Room, in the form of providing work space for companies, both dedicated working rooms and shared working rooms

Benefits :

  • Does not require large investment to build in-house data center
  • The company can ensure business continuity with network security and reliability guarantees
  • Equipped with a physical security system, fire protection, and monitoring and maintenance of infrastructure

Site Construction is a service solution which determines a company’s specific needs related to data centers which includes retrofitting or building new data centers with international standards, as well as conducting data center designs (which include architectural, mechanical, electrical, physical security, safety, and monitoring systems).

Disaster Recovery Planning is a Data Center service solution in the form of a comprehensive description of a number of plan of actions that must be carried out before, during, and after a disaster occurs in the data center. This plan of action must be documented and tested to ensure operational continuity and availability of critical resources in the event of a disaster.

Benefits :

  • Minimizing service interruptions and (financial) losses that occur
  • Ensuring a system that is always on and reliable
  • Speeds up decision making when a disaster occurs

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is a cloud service solution that provides virtual server infrastructure (CPU & RAM, storage and network) that can be used for various needs such as production systems, development, testing and backup or disaster recovery.

IaaS service solutions covers Storage as a Service (StaaS), Virtual Data Center (vData Center), Virtual Machine (vMachine), Backup as a Service (BaaS), and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

Benefits :

  • High-level computing, monitoring system, agile deployment with scalability
  • Efficient company costs to build an application / solution / DRC

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a ready-to-use application service solution with a pay-per-use scheme that can be accessed anytime and anywhere via the internet making it a collaboration tool to support the company's business productivity.

SaaS service solutions covers e-Office services, Email Collaboration Platform, e-Academic, e-Project, Web Hosting, and Domain Hosting.

e-Office is an SaaS service solution in the form of an application that is able to increase the effectiveness of the official correspondence management process, by digitalizing all paper-based documents to electronic (paperless) based documents.

This solution includes Incoming Mail Management (incoming mail module, scanning, numbering agenda setting, distribution, dispositioning, tracking), Outgoing Mail Management (personal assistant function, job delegation), Basic Configuration (organizational identity, organizational structure & position mapping, notifications via email), as well as Advance Configuration (agenda setting, online editing / approval process, tracking, mail distribution).

Benefits :

  • Speed of official note processing done online and real time
  • Reduces operational costs (paper, shipping and distribution)
  • Digitally documented history and mail logs

Email Collaboration Platform is a SaaS service solution in the form of a collaboration platform that not only provides email services (both sending and receiving email), but also provides many collaboration features (such as sharing email messages, messages folders, contacts, calendars, tasks, briefcase folders / files, Global Address List) which can be accessed by users anywhere and anytime.

e-Akademik is an SaaS service solution in the form of a web-based application that helps manage the administration of academic activities in higher educational institutions (universities, colleges, institutes, polytechnics, etc.) starting from data collection (new students, lecturers, faculties, study programs, courses, curriculum , etc.), online PMB, e-library, lecture scheduling, teaching and learning activities (attendance / attendance of lectures, giving materials, quizzes, UAS, UTS, etc.), accounting processes, asset management, project RAB and reporting.

e-Project is a SaaS service solution in the form of a project management application that allows all parts of the company to monitor and coordinate using the Project Management Tools module (project monitoring with a predefined measurement and reporting system), Communication Tools (connecting all parties involved in the project through communication audio & video), as well as Social Network Tools (communicating effectively with related parties at various levels and positions).

Benefits :

  • Increase the effectiveness of program implementation through structured and real time monitoring and evaluation
  • Become a reference for taking corrective action to ensure target achievement

Web Hosting is an SaaS service solution in the form of providing server space that is used to store data from a web page or online application making it possible to be accessed via internet. All data in the html document will be stored within the web hosting making it possible to be accessed anywhere via the internet.

Domain Hosting is a SaaS service solution in the form of providing a domain to make it easier for users to remember website addresses. This type of service covers internet domain registration, sub domain addition, and domain transfer.

PaaS (Platform as a Service) is a cloud service solution for database platforms and applications, both web, mobile, logic management and API (Application Programming Interface). PaaS service solutions cover Private Cloud, Public Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud.

Private Cloud is a PaaS service solution in the form of IT infrastructure provision services, databases, platforms, etc. within the exact company location, making it possible for the use of experts, space for infrastructure provision, investment costs, monthly maintenance costs, license & application update fees, and private networks. Private cloud is specially packaged only for one user who wants to get full control and dedicated compute units (CPU & RAM) to get maximum performance.

Public Cloud is a PaaS service solution in the form of IT infrastructure provision services, databases, platforms, etc. provided in cloud providers. Companies don't need to provide everything like those in the private cloud, companies only need to pay to cloud providers and internet access.

Benefits :

  • Companies do not need to invest upfront in IT infrastructure, expertise, and maintenance costs
  • Flexible with various operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, databases, and devices
  • Increase / decrease storage capacity easily based on needs

Hybrid Cloud is a PaaS service solution in the form of a combination of public cloud and private cloud service capabilities. Companies can benefit from the flexibility it receives from the public cloud and the security from the private cloud. Or in other words, companies can freely determine the availability of data and applications according to their needs, both in Indonesia and abroad for convenience and flexibility.

Benefits :

  • Companies can focus on apps making it possible to deliver new services quickly and reliably
  • Investment costs are in accordance with technological capabilities and can reduce overall investment costs (CAPEX)
  • Flexibility to choose public or private cloud for deployment and reduce the risk of an uncustomized system

Cloud Consulting is a consulting service solution assisting companies decide on the optimal cloud model that is in accordance to technological developments and company needs.

The solutions covers Cloud Strategy (development of corporate cloud strategy and roadmap), Cloud Assessment (assessing the readiness of cloud roadmap and compatibility with existing systems), Cloud Migration Design (designing and planning the migration of corporate workloads to cloud systems), and Cloud Migration / Execution ( moving enterprise workloads to cloud using the best migration strategy).

Benefits :

  • The company obtains insights that are in accordance with the company's business, without causing high risk
  • Assists companies move workloads using the best migration strategy from any system to cloud
  • The company can ensure that the data and software being migrated runs smoothly and safely


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