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The use of technology creates new opportunities for the business world. We will continue to innovate along with the development of digital technology for the advancement of your business. It becomes a matter of pride when we can grow together through innovations that are recognized not only domestically, but also in the international arena.

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Big Data Solutions

Salah satu faktor penunjang operasional bisnis perusahaan adalah tersedianya infrastruktur TI seperti hardware, software, dan network dengan kualitas prima, serta antisipasi perangkat usang (obsolete) seiring perkembangan teknologi.

Seat Management is a service solution for managing all workstations and other hardware devices within the corporate network.

The solution covers Banking Equipment Solution (the provision and managed service of ATMs, Cash Recycler Machines, Cash Deposit Machines, and EDC machines), Device / CPE Solutions (the provision and managed service of network devices, office support devices, etc,), and Medical Device Solution (the provision and managed service of medical devices, laboratory equipment, and remote pregnancy monitoring systems).

Features :

  • Inventory Management, covering information regarding installed devices, location, user name, work unit, etc
  • Software & License Management, ensuring software is in accordance within the SSC (Standard Software Catalog) and is capable of detecting the amount of software licenses
  • Software Deployment Management, distributing software to all workstations for application roll-out
  • Patch Management, which performs patch / service pack updates on the device
  • Antivirus Management, which covers the regular use of Antivirus Management
  • Maintenance, covering the maintenance within hardware and software
  • Network Management Services, which covers network discovery, analysis, evaluation support, switch monitoring and server management

Benefits :

  • Efficient use of IT expenditure budget from investment costs / capital expenses to operating costs
  • End to end device & hardware management services utilizing updated technology

Enterprise Mobility Management is a service solution that allows companies to connect their employees whenever and wherever they are through the use of mobile devices while keeping company data separate from personal data and providing centralized security for all company data on these mobile devices.

Features :

  • Mobile Device Management, which connects and tracks all mobile devices within the company's internal network
  • Mobile Application Management, which manages internal corporate and public applications on all mobile devices
  • Mobile Content Management, which distributes documents anytime and anywhere safely through a Secure Content Locker
  • Mobile Email & Browsing Management, which controls a mobile device’s access to corporate email and secure browsing content
  • Broadband Solution, allowing access to corporate data securely and in real time through a wireless internet network with speeds up to 100Mbps
  • Unified Collaboration, integrating all communications in one application, ranging from SMS, voice calls, video calls, and video conferencing

Benefits :

  • Very high level security system for company data
  • Central management of applications and content of mobile devices
  • Improve performance by keeping employees connected anytime & anywhere
  • Efficient use of IT investment costs

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