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The use of technology creates new opportunities for the business world. We will continue to innovate along with the development of digital technology for the advancement of your business. It becomes a matter of pride when we can grow together through innovations that are recognized not only domestically, but also in the international arena.

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Digital Healthcare & Welfare Solution

Telkom Digital Solution supports the government in improving public health through the digitalization of health services to ensure the ease and smoothness of modern service processes.


Shared Service Finance & Accounting is a portal (BPM) platform that is equipped with RPA Orchestrator features, engine control modules, and analytical dashboards to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the company's financial and accounting processes. These solutions include Invoice to Pay (Account Payable), Bill to Cash (Account Receivable), General Ledger, Fixed Asset, and Reporting.

Benefits :

  • Standardize and optimize the company's financial and accounting processes to speed up the invoice to pay and bill to cash processes.
  • Dashboard, reporting, and company financial analysis to support GCG and decision making.

Shared Service Human Resources improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the company in the process of managing human resources, both organic (permanent employees) and non-organic (outsourcing employees). These solutions include Learning Management System, Digital Signature Platform, Recruitment Process, Employee Self Services, Payroll Management Service, and Assessment Center.

  1. Learning Management System - Includes e-learning, Training Need Analysis & Curriculum, training delivery, post training evaluation, and event management training.
  2. Digital Signature Platform - Includes a legally binding Digital Signature using a digital certificate (Certificate Authority).
  3. Recruitment Process - Includes data administration recruitment, job posting management, screening & background check, psychological test, as well as assessment & interview.
  4. Employee Self Services - Includes e-payslip, overtime & leave online, on-duty travel, and personal data updates.
  5. Payroll Management Service - Includes payroll data administration, reporting to 3rd party, payroll processing, payment to employee, and individual tax reporting.
  6. Assessment Center - Includes the implementation of assessment, development, and HR consulting.

Benefits :

  • Optimizing the payroll process, increase accuracy & compliance
  • Optimizing the recruitment process (easy to access candidate profile & test result report and monitor selection process).
  • End-to-end training process & assessment center process (starting from planning, execution, dan evaluation).
  • Empowerment and encouragement of online independent employee services (digital signature, payroll, overtime, leave, business trip, recruitment process tracking, register training, etc.)

Shared Service General Affair is a solution utilized for managing a company’s operational activities through sharing resources, standardizing and digitalizing processes, consolidation, system integration, and self-service in the process of managing general affairs within company.

The solution covers Corporate Travel Management (proposed policy, travel & claim request, online & offline booking, payment, MICE organizing, SaaS), Document Management System  (document capture & digitalization, indexing & watermarking, physical document warehousing, document pick up & delivery), and Procurement (procurement cycle management, product category management, order & fullfilment management, payment management).

Benefits :

  • Automation of business travel processes with integrated processes between employees, companies and third-party travel services.
  • Optimizing the digitalization of corporate documents in order to facilitate tracking and storage.
  • Simplify the procurement process through an integrated e-Procurement platform and B2B (Business-to-Business) market place.

Other company operational activities management solutions utilized include Activation (organizing gathering events, seminars, music shows, etc.), Point of Sales Materials (creating digital audio video, creative design & production, script writing, etc.), and Digital Printing.


Shared Service Healthcare is a service solution for managing the health of company employees through digitizing processes to increase company efficiency and productivity. Shared Service Healthcare service solutions include Digital Claim, In House Clinic, and Medical Check Up.

  1. Digital Claims - Includes the management of health claims based on EDC and QR Code.
  2. In House Clinic - Includes the provision of a one stop service in house clinic within the company.
  3. Medical Check Up - Includes laboratory and non-laboratory check up.

Integrated Health Claim Management is an EDC and QR Code-based health claim management service solution that is placed at the location of health service providers such as hospitals, clinics, optics, labs, etc., using a digital system that is capable of processing insurance claims online, real time and instantaneously.

This solution is equipped with member data adm, real time eligibility, claim monitoring status, 24/7 contact center & case monitoring with medical advisory, EDC network, online & real time web reporting & claim verification with information on benefits, plan & limit, admin payment, SMS notification, and value card program.

Benefits :

  • Increase efficiency and transparency of the process regarding of both time and cost, in order to be auditable and accountable
  • Company is able to manage employee health budgets and determine who will make the claim payment
  • Limitation of total health insurance benefits if there are two or more payers who cover the same person

Chatbot is a digital CRM channel solution that allows companies to minimize operational costs by providing interactive communication media between the company (system / computer) and customers in the form of text, audio, video on websites and mobile apps using an AI platform. Chatbot services can be accessed via Whatsapp channel, live chat, Facebook messenger, twitter DM, telegram, line, and others.

The solution is equipped with statistics & activities reporting dashboard, build QnA & path, and broadcast message. In addition, this service can also be used for the survey purposes of the company.

Benefits :

  • Increase company brand image by providing a more up-to-date and personal communication channel
  • Simultaneously increase company productivity and minimizing costs through the flexibility of a 24/7chatbot service

Email Management System is a digital CRM channel solution for managing incoming (inbound) company emails from customers in the form of complaints, requests, information and suggestions that are grouped by category. Received emails can be automatically forwarded, auto replied, or create ticket and escalated to a specific PIC.

This solution is equipped with escalation rules, work orders, reporting and agent performance

Benefits :

  • Distribution of email in a system is based on category making it easy to monitor and respond in a complete manner
  • Ease and efficiency of data management and interaction history with customers via email

Live Chat is a digital CRM channel solution that assists companies in caring for customers with the addition of a live chat channel. This service is an application system that is installed on the company's website making it possible for customers to easily connect with the company.

This solution is equipped with agent level features (visitors, chat history, chat per agent, per interval, by date, daily, monthly, customer data and blocked visits) and administrator level features (canned messages, profile, notifications, and logout).

Benefits :

  • Caring between customer and company is done in real time
  • Easy to operate and no need to upgrade the application

Contact Center is a digital CRM channel solution that allows companies to provide customer care services to customers equipped with Auto Attendant, dialer & auto dial, Automatic Call Distributor, voice, telephony & video conference, basic Computer Telephony Integration & Call Management System features, and Interactive Voice Response.

These solutions include Inbound Contact Centers (providing information, handling complaints, requests for additional services / products) and Outbound Contact Centers (telemarketing, telesurvey, telesales, telecollection). These services provided a comprehensive contact center system, namely infrastructure, applications, agents, sites with the implementation of daily operations.

Benefits :

  • Increase customer satisfaction through better customer experience (after sales service & information services)
  • Increase sales and company brand image through telemarketing and telesurvey

Cloud Contact Center is a digital CRM channel solution that provides the same capabilities as a traditional contact center, but companies no longer need to pay periodic fees for software updates because this application is cloud-based. It is easy to set-up, add / subtract features can be done without depending on standby technicians at the location.

This solution is equipped with inbound / outbound operations, cloud-based business continuity, multichannel (email, SMS, social media, web chat), and self service configuration.

Benefits :

  • Features and settings can be changed quickly, including campaign scripts aimed at specific agents
  • Obtaining managed solutions (cloud software, hosting, voice and data networks) without the need for system integration
  • Eliminate capital expense and replace it with operational expense

Social Media Management is a digital CRM channel solution assisting companies manage social media accounts in maintaining the company's reputation and image. The social media function provides updates and information on an ongoing basis, including delivering marketing programs, campaigns, etc.

These solutions cover Content Planner, Social Media Operation Agent, Social Media Team Leader, Social Media Analytics, Seat Management, Platform Licensing, and Social Media Marketing.

Benefits :

  • Systematic social media management (planning, implementation of daily operations, evaluation and reporting)
  • As a mass promotion media for company products / services that can increase the company's business

Multichannel Communication is a digital CRM channel solution that allows companies to quickly and precisely communicate through many channels such as mobile channels, email channels, voice channels, social media and the web. Companies can send messages directly and simultaneously. On the other hand, message recipients can also receive messages on which the content is personal (one recipient and another recipient have different content).

This solution is equipped with an automated escalation & resend, tracking & reporting, multi-lingual message templates, and cross channel inbound & outbound.

Benefits :

  • Provide a more personalized customer experience with a wide selection of media channels
  • Information delivery is carried out in a centralized manner within the company
  • Available for utilization for operational communications within the company

Digital CRM Omnichannel is a customer interaction solution that combines several communication channels (digital CRM channels) in one platform (omnichannel), which can interact with each other and share data and information. This solution guarantees that communication history with customers is recorded comprehensively, resulting in agents not asking again for information that has been submitted by customers.

This solution is equipped with inbound and outbound communication applications in all communication channels, channel integration with a single database, as well as a complete selection of channels (voice channels, SMS channels, email channels, OTT chat, RTC chat, social media).

Benefits :

  • Integrated communication channel where the history of interaction with customers can be seen in all communication channels
  • Simplifying upselling, sales promotion, and program retention with integrated transaction & interaction history data

Sales Analytics is a CRM Analytics service solution that assists companies monitor and analyze sales performance, customer profiles and behavior which will result in recommending the right campaign based on the results of this analysis and in the end can help increase the number and number of customer transactions.

Features :

  • Sales Performance, covering traffic & transaction analysis, performance, dan sales forecasting
  • Customer Analytics, covering customer segmentation, customer profile, dan customer behavior
  • Campaign Management, covering content management, target audience, scheduling, channel dan performance

Benefits :

  • Obtain customer behavior data to determine the accurate segmentation and campaign content
  • Obtain insights and action plan recommendations to increase sales and the precise campaign strategy

Social Media Analytics is a CRM Analytics service solution that assists companies measure Account Performance (covering reach and content performance, engagement measurement, fan segmentation to measure the performance of a campaign on Facebook and Twitter accounts) and Brand Monitoring (covering monitoring, reach measurement, sentiment analysis, influencer identification to find out conversations about a brand on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, blogs, and digital news accounts).

Benefits :

  • Knowing the market sentiment (both positive and negative) and monitoring the activities of competitors
  • Companies can develop appropriate business strategies based on interaction data of social media users

Customer Voice Management is a CRM Analytics service solution that assists companies take advantage of company-customer interaction data allowing companies to quickly and easily find out the voice of customers from various interaction channels and make the proper decisions to overcome problems that occur.

The solution is equipped with topic & sentiment analysis, advance insight reporting & root cause analysis, multichannel interaction, and integrator data.

Benefits :

  • Provide a better customer experience through rapid handling of interruptions
  • Feedback management is executed automatically

Order Management System is a CRM service solution to ensure that the company's sales activities run efficiently and effectively in order to improve service to customers, and is equipped with order info & taking features, online payment, automatic order to store, dispatching, banner promotion, and click to dial client delivery.

These solutions cover Order Management (a digital commerce platform integrated with payment features, digital campaigns, analysis, and a live 24 hour chatbot), Store Management (inventory management, mobile POS, analytics module), and Delivery Management (in collaboration with O2O players and integrated with tracking system).

Benefits :

  • Increase credibility with the ease of digital touch point services and online payments
  • Availability in marketing the latest products and create promotions through the mobile application
  • Utilization of transaction history data for campaigns / product development

CRM Walk In is a CRM service solution that provides face-to-face interaction media between companies (customer service) and customers solving problems of moderate to high complexity, which is also equipped with simple and effective operational service procedures and easy-to-use technology support.

This solution is equipped with queue management, problem handling, transactions, information seeking, surveys (mobile apps & SMS), and real time dashboard.

Benefits :

  • Provide a comprehensive system ranging from infrastructure, applications, agents and sites to daily operations
  • Companies can easily persuade upselling, sales promotion, and retention programs to customers

Market Research is a market survey service solution that helps companies formulate marketing strategies in seizing market opportunities through systematic design, collection, analysis and reporting of data and findings relevant to certain marketing situations faced by the company.

The solution can be executed with a choice of methods of quantitative research tools (including face-to-face interviews and mystery shopping), as well as qualitative research tools (including focus group discussions and in-depth interviews).

Benefits :

  • Obtain accurate information explaining the market situation objectively
  • Using appropriate methods in collecting and analyzing research data

Telesurvey is a market survey service solution that assits companies carry out research utilizing telephones, questionnaires / interview questions to find out who they are, what they think, feel, make decisions. Through telesurvey, companies can control the stages of filling out the questionnaire, carrying out advanced probing questions, and allow for more complex questioning formats.

Benefits :

  • Listening and resolving complaints experienced by customers after using the company's products / services
  • Reaching large numbers of customers within a wide geographic range and that possesses a short time and high response rate

Colocation is a Data Center service solution that offers rack space for corporate IT equipment in dedicated colocation or share colocation, which is supported by adequate infrastructure such as electrical, cooling, and security systems. Colocation service providers are responsible for monitoring and maintaining the data center infrastructure. Available data centers are located in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia (Serpong, Sentul, Surabaya) which are connected to the global internet network and are supported by a seamless underwater cable connectivity.

Features :

  • Cross Connect, in the form of interconnecting services in the data center building using FO (Fiber Optic) or UTP cables
  • Remote / Smart Hands, which assists companies perform simple tasks, such as viewing the status indicator of devices on the shelf
  • Software Defined Network, in the form of network infrastructure virtualization and security which includes switches, routers, firewalls and load balancers
  • Backup / Restore, which assists the backup / restore process of company applications or data using certain tools and procedures
  • Tape Safe Keeping, in the form of tape backup media storage service equipped with security systems such as access control, CCTV, and PAC
  • Communication Link, the provision of private links and public links complete with monitoring, incident handling, and service performance reports
  • Batch Process, in the form of process services that are carried out in one consecutive series, such as the process of beginning of day, end of day, etc.
  • Working Room, in the form of providing work space for companies, both dedicated working rooms and shared working rooms

Benefits :

  • Does not require large investment to build in-house data center
  • The company can ensure business continuity with network security and reliability guarantees
  • Equipped with a physical security system, fire protection, and monitoring and maintenance of infrastructure

Disaster Recovery Planning is a Data Center service solution in the form of a comprehensive description of a number of plan of actions that must be carried out before, during, and after a disaster occurs in the data center. This plan of action must be documented and tested to ensure operational continuity and availability of critical resources in the event of a disaster.

Benefits :

  • Minimizing service interruptions and (financial) losses that occur
  • Ensuring a system that is always on and reliable
  • Speeds up decision making when a disaster occurs

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is a cloud service solution that provides virtual server infrastructure (CPU & RAM, storage and network) that can be used for various needs such as production systems, development, testing and backup or disaster recovery.

IaaS service solutions covers Storage as a Service (StaaS), Virtual Data Center (vData Center), Virtual Machine (vMachine), Backup as a Service (BaaS), and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

Benefits :

  • High-level computing, monitoring system, agile deployment with scalability
  • Efficient company costs to build an application / solution / DRC

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a ready-to-use application service solution with a pay-per-use scheme that can be accessed anytime and anywhere via the internet making it a collaboration tool to support the company's business productivity.

SaaS service solutions covers e-Office services, Email Collaboration Platform, e-Academic, e-Project, Web Hosting, and Domain Hosting.

e-Office is an SaaS service solution in the form of an application that is able to increase the effectiveness of the official correspondence management process, by digitalizing all paper-based documents to electronic (paperless) based documents.

This solution includes Incoming Mail Management (incoming mail module, scanning, numbering agenda setting, distribution, dispositioning, tracking), Outgoing Mail Management (personal assistant function, job delegation), Basic Configuration (organizational identity, organizational structure & position mapping, notifications via email), as well as Advance Configuration (agenda setting, online editing / approval process, tracking, mail distribution).

Benefits :

  • Speed of official note processing done online and real time
  • Reduces operational costs (paper, shipping and distribution)
  • Digitally documented history and mail logs

Email Collaboration Platform is a SaaS service solution in the form of a collaboration platform that not only provides email services (both sending and receiving email), but also provides many collaboration features (such as sharing email messages, messages folders, contacts, calendars, tasks, briefcase folders / files, Global Address List) which can be accessed by users anywhere and anytime.

Web Hosting is an SaaS service solution in the form of providing server space that is used to store data from a web page or online application making it possible to be accessed via internet. All data in the html document will be stored within the web hosting making it possible to be accessed anywhere via the internet.

Domain Hosting is a SaaS service solution in the form of providing a domain to make it easier for users to remember website addresses. This type of service covers internet domain registration, sub domain addition, and domain transfer.

PaaS (Platform as a Service) is a cloud service solution for database platforms and applications, both web, mobile, logic management and API (Application Programming Interface). PaaS service solutions cover Private Cloud, Public Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud.

Private Cloud is a PaaS service solution in the form of IT infrastructure provision services, databases, platforms, etc. within the exact company location, making it possible for the use of experts, space for infrastructure provision, investment costs, monthly maintenance costs, license & application update fees, and private networks. Private cloud is specially packaged only for one user who wants to get full control and dedicated compute units (CPU & RAM) to get maximum performance.

Public Cloud is a PaaS service solution in the form of IT infrastructure provision services, databases, platforms, etc. provided in cloud providers. Companies don't need to provide everything like those in the private cloud, companies only need to pay to cloud providers and internet access.

Benefits :

  • Companies do not need to invest upfront in IT infrastructure, expertise, and maintenance costs
  • Flexible with various operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, databases, and devices
  • Increase / decrease storage capacity easily based on needs

Hybrid Cloud is a PaaS service solution in the form of a combination of public cloud and private cloud service capabilities. Companies can benefit from the flexibility it receives from the public cloud and the security from the private cloud. Or in other words, companies can freely determine the availability of data and applications according to their needs, both in Indonesia and abroad for convenience and flexibility.

Benefits :

  • Companies can focus on apps making it possible to deliver new services quickly and reliably
  • Investment costs are in accordance with technological capabilities and can reduce overall investment costs (CAPEX)
  • Flexibility to choose public or private cloud for deployment and reduce the risk of an uncustomized system

Cloud Consulting is a consulting service solution assisting companies decide on the optimal cloud model that is in accordance to technological developments and company needs.

The solutions covers Cloud Strategy (development of corporate cloud strategy and roadmap), Cloud Assessment (assessing the readiness of cloud roadmap and compatibility with existing systems), Cloud Migration Design (designing and planning the migration of corporate workloads to cloud systems), and Cloud Migration / Execution ( moving enterprise workloads to cloud using the best migration strategy).

Benefits :

  • The company obtains insights that are in accordance with the company's business, without causing high risk
  • Assists companies move workloads using the best migration strategy from any system to cloud
  • The company can ensure that the data and software being migrated runs smoothly and safely


Seat Management is a service solution for managing all workstations and other hardware devices within the corporate network.

The solution covers Banking Equipment Solution (the provision and managed service of ATMs, Cash Recycler Machines, Cash Deposit Machines, and EDC machines), Device / CPE Solutions (the provision and managed service of network devices, office support devices, etc,), and Medical Device Solution (the provision and managed service of medical devices, laboratory equipment, and remote pregnancy monitoring systems).

Features :

  • Inventory Management, covering information regarding installed devices, location, user name, work unit, etc
  • Software & License Management, ensuring software is in accordance within the SSC (Standard Software Catalog) and is capable of detecting the amount of software licenses
  • Software Deployment Management, distributing software to all workstations for application roll-out
  • Patch Management, which performs patch / service pack updates on the device
  • Antivirus Management, which covers the regular use of Antivirus Management
  • Maintenance, covering the maintenance within hardware and software
  • Network Management Services, which covers network discovery, analysis, evaluation support, switch monitoring and server management

Benefits :

  • Efficient use of IT expenditure budget from investment costs / capital expenses to operating costs
  • End to end device & hardware management services utilizing updated technology

Enterprise Mobility Management is a service solution that allows companies to connect their employees whenever and wherever they are through the use of mobile devices while keeping company data separate from personal data and providing centralized security for all company data on these mobile devices.

Features :

  • Mobile Device Management, which connects and tracks all mobile devices within the company's internal network
  • Mobile Application Management, which manages internal corporate and public applications on all mobile devices
  • Mobile Content Management, which distributes documents anytime and anywhere safely through a Secure Content Locker
  • Mobile Email & Browsing Management, which controls a mobile device’s access to corporate email and secure browsing content
  • Broadband Solution, allowing access to corporate data securely and in real time through a wireless internet network with speeds up to 100Mbps
  • Unified Collaboration, integrating all communications in one application, ranging from SMS, voice calls, video calls, and video conferencing

Benefits :

  • Very high level security system for company data
  • Central management of applications and content of mobile devices
  • Improve performance by keeping employees connected anytime & anywhere
  • Efficient use of IT investment costs

Payment Point is a billing payment aggregator service solution in the form of business collaboration (partners) that can service various routine bill payments, credit purchases and online shopping payments from bill owners / operators / merchants. Both companies and individuals can take advantage of their places / facilities such as shops, outlets, space for placing vending machines and their networks (ATMs, e-channels, outlets, etc.) to serve payments.

Benefits :

  • Partners will obtain a sharing fee for each transaction
  • Various online and real time web / mobile based transaction tools
  • Single deposit for all services
  • Partners will receive a marketing kit or branding outlet

Social Media Marketing is an online advertising service solution in the form of corporate social media management and placement of ads on social media which includes Facebook Ads (with performance parameters of click to website, page post engagements, page likes, apps install, video views, and events responses), Google Display Network (using keywords, placement on certain websites, topics, interests, and demographics), Twitter Ads (with performance parameters of clicks to website, tweet engagements, followers, apps installs, and leads on twitter), Instagram Ads (with performance parameters of clicks to websites, website conversions, mobile app installations, and mobile app engagement).

Billing Payment is a billing payment aggregator service solution in the form of recording, accumulating and collecting bills digitally that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. These solutions cover invoice creation, distribution and bill collection through various payment channels.

Digital Media Advertising is an online advertising service solution that can increase sales and measure the reach of promotions through optimization of the Search Engine Optimization / SEO function (search engine optimization affects the visibility of websites or web pages in search results), Search Engine Marketing / SEM (placement of ads in search engines such as google AdWords, yahoo, etc.), as well as Website Publisher (creating a company website which covers choosing a domain name and appearance / layout / template / web design to be used). Companies can easily change website content, whether it be text or images through a CMS (Content Management System).

Media Placement Service is an online advertising service solution that allows companies to advertise on the wifi.id landing page to build brand awareness, market products, and reach consumers or potential consumers.

Mobile Advertising is an online advertising service solution that can be used by companies as an effective marketing medium to build brand awareness, market products, and reach consumers via SMS & MMS Broadcast (sending mass messages to many numbers with the sender's name masked into an alphanumeric sender automatically by independent advertisers via web or integration between applications), SMS & MMS Profiling / Targeted (sending messages to customers according to a predefined profile - age, gender, location, ARPU, handset type, OS type), as well as SMS & MMS LBA (sending messages to customers who are in certain locations with the concept of push SMS).

e-Money White Label / Co-Branding is an e-payment platform service solution in the form of a choice of payment instruments with a prepaid scheme. This platform is available in 2 technology options, namely card / chip based and server based (mobile cash). e-money white label is for companies that already have a license to operate and utilize e-money, while e-money co-branding is for companies that do not have an e-money operating license.

This is of course in line with the National Non-Cash Movement (GNNT) program launched by the government to create a cashless society.

Benefits :

  • Speed and ease of implementation to minimize operational costs
  • Minimizing management costs and the risk of fraud cash management
  • Includes submission of permits and reporting to regulators (for e-Money White Label)
  • Unnecessary in applying for an e-money license to BI (for e-Money Co-Branding)

Quick Response (QR) Code is an e-payment platform service solution that connects sellers (merchants) with payment instrument issuers to provide convenience and security for buyers in making mobile payments using the latest QR Code technology.

TV Advertising is an advertising solution on the UseeTV Indihome platform, which is spread across >300 cities with >10 million viewers and is equipped with pause & rewind features, video on demand, video recorder, and tools for measuring ratings, shares, top programs, top channels, peak hour. Types of TV Advertising services include TV Placement Ads (in the form of Creative Ads - ads that appear on the set top box user interface - booting ads, rotate banner ads, pre-roll ads, time shift ads, picture in picture ads, navigation ads, Insertion Ads - ads which appears amidst Commercial TV program channels, and Media Hub - advertising on multi pay TV providers), as well as TV Programs (in the form of Channel Blocking and the use of Studio Hall).

Payment Gateway is a transaction switching service solution that provides convenience, security and a wide choice of payment channels (such as cash, credit card, debit card, e-money, internet banking and mobile banking) that can be integrated with the company's website.

Benefits :

  • Companies can monitor transaction reports online and in real time
  • Very high transaction security accompanied by international certification
  • Facilitates development and operations in the reconciliation and settlement process
  • Transaction invoices can be sent via URL / Link, QR Code and email to consumers

Smart Social Media is a big data analytic advertising service solution in the form of a website-based application for monitoring the company brand on social media, which covers monitoring brand popularity, brand of interest and brand engagement. In addition, the company can also monitor competitors' brands.

Features :

  • Complete Information, information on all posts on social media accounts
  • Active User, user information on social media accounts, followers and biography (bio)
  • Reach & Engagement, information on the level of awareness and interest of the post
  • Conversation, number of conversations on social media accounts
  • Analytics, complete analysis of social media data possessed

Smart Advertising (Smart Ads) is a big data analytic advertising service solution in the form of a targeted SMS solution on cloud so that companies do not need put in the effort to get targeted GSM customer data but simply defines the target audience using the profile provided by Smart Ads.

This solution covers Postcall Regular SMS (semi real time SMS with specific city, day and hour parameters), Segmented Postcall SMS (semi real time SMS with city, day, hour and specific segment / classification parameters), and Advance Call Pattern (SMS Profiling based on subscriber profile which includes geographic, demographic and digital behavior profiles).

Benefits :

  • The audience is right on target because the intended audience is based on the profile set by the company
  • Campaign can be run independently by the company (Do It Your Self)
  • Campaigns run parallel to various messages with different target audiences

Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) is a service solution for providing promotional media in the form of LCD screens in public and private areas to present video information in the form of product promotions, company profiles and other visual information in an attractive and on target manner, both outdoors (with national reach and can be updated remotely) and indoors.

This service is combined with Big Data Analytics in the form of profile data for mobile customers who pass through the DOOH location, making it possible for target audience and selection of broadcast times to be adjusted and advertisements to become more effective and efficient.

Smart Building is a building & infrastructure automation service solution that applies smart, energy-efficient (green building) structures, automation systems and Advance HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning)

Features :

  • Building Connectivity (BCON), GPON Connectivity (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) facilities using fiber optic, dan Switch Core
  • Building Facility (BFAC), IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange), IP TV, dan Audio Video (AV) Phone (intercom) facilities as an added value
  • Building Safety Security (BSS), Fire Alarm, Public Announcement, CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), Access Control and Panic Button facilities
  • Building Automation (BAS), monitoring, automatic and real time controlling and maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Integrated Building Mgt (IBMS), Building Energy Management System, Facility Management, Building Information, and Integrated Monitoring System

Benefits :

  • Environment friendly due to lower electrical energy consumption
  • Management automation resulting in more efficient management costs
  • Increase comfort and safety as an added value for residents
  • Ability to be integrated with various types of devices, making it accessible from anywhere

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an application platform service solution used for planning and managing company resources, which includes financial and accounting aspects, payroll, HR, purchasing, sales, budget, materials, and all other capacities that affect company management.

Features :

  • Finance Management System, a module for collecting financial data and creating the required financial reports
  • Project Monitoring System, a module for monitoring projects (timesheets, supplies, expenses, purchases, budgets) in one system
  • Procurement & Sourcing, a module to streamline the procurement process (purchase requisitions, purchase orders, material receipts, invoices)
  • Sales & Marketing, modules covering purchase requisitions, lead & opportunity management and sales management
  • Supply Chain Mgt System, a module for supply chain management (inventory, warehouse, sales orders, return orders, delivery orders, quality management)
  • Asset Management (AMS), a module to find out the condition of assets in order to maximize it’s life cycle and maximize asset utilization
  • HR Management System, HR management module (contact information, payroll, attendance, performance evaluation, promotions, awards, sanctions)

Benefits :

  • Integrating all business processes so that data processing becomes faster, easier and more accurate
  • Reducing operational costs by eliminating delays in information and communication
  • Data analysis and reporting can be done in real time

e-Ticketing is an application platform service solution in the form of an electronic ticket system for using transportation modes, or used as entrance tickets for tourist sites, access to buildings (offices, malls, apartments, hotels, parking buildings, etc.) which can also be integrated with electronic money. Thes solution covers gate systems, electronic payments, and contactless smart cards.

Benefits :

  • Reducing fraud due to all processes & transactions are recorded in a system
  • Analysis of visitor data, reporting and evaluation can be done in real time
  • The existence of an access control system to increase security
  • The existence of a visitor registration system that can be integrated with the building security system

Smart Office is a building & infrastructure automation service solution in the form of office building support systems that can digitally integrate with each other to create an environment that is intelligent, collaborative, efficient and sustainable.

This solution is equipped with wireless features (wifi network & NFC use), seamless (virtual desktop, unified communication, video conference & print from any area), paperless (electronic correspondence, e-whiteboard, e-document management & digital signage), and riskless. (NFC for payment & entry access, intruder tracking, visitor management, iris scan document access).

Benefits :

  • Intelligent – work ecosystem integrated with the network platform
  • Collaborative – fosters and encourages collaborative experiences
  • Efficient – improve employee efficiency and productivity
  • Sustainable – energy and power saving through optimizing energy consumption

Digital Tax Hub is an application platform service solution in the form of an ICT Hub in the Digital Tax Ecosystem which includes Host to Host e-Invoice - eVAT (Corporate Taxpayer Host to Host e-Invoice service), ePPT - eBUPOT WTH (Taxpayer electronic withholding service), PPH Host to Host (PPH Host to Host taxpayer reporting service), as well as ePayment & eBilling (tax payment service) which can also be integrated with the company's Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system.

Benefits :

  • Supports the Financial Audit function and facilitates the restitution process
  • Ease of integration with company ERP
  • Micro-Services and Queing technology to guarantee speed & accuracy
  • Integrated monitoring dashboard
  • Security assurance (End to End Data Security)
  • Sharing infrastructure costs (hardware, software, connectivity)

Smart Lighting is a building & infrastructure automation service solution in the form of an outdoor and indoor lighting control system that can increase efficiency through scheduling, dimming and motion sensing, which can also be controlled remotely.

Features :

  • Light Management Dashboard, Management of light status, obstacle notification & voltage usage analysis
  • Light Remote Control and Mgt, Control via mobile devices, using a web-based admin system
  • Advanced Scheduling, Making advance scheduling (on / off / dim)
  • Triple Layer Security, layered security from applications, power line and wifi
  • Smart City Integration, integration through IP cameras and environmental sensors

Benefits :

  • Device flexibility with multiple protocol options
  • Energy efficiency and maintenance using LEDs with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Accessible via web and recieves direct notification of anomalies
  • Ease of installation as it does not require rewiring

Smart Water is a solution for building & infrastructure automation services in the form of a pre-paid water purchase system so that business processes become more efficient and save operational budgets. Infrastructure managers can easily monitor customer data, know the details of consumption of water purchases, with no manual meter recording required, and no arrears and billing to customers. The Smart Water kit consists of a metering system, valve actuator, token system and web service.

Features :

  • Meter Token, regulates water usage based on prepaid meter quota, equipped with a keypad and LCD for refilling meter quota
  • Motorized Valve, Valve will close automatically if quota runs out, and reopen if the quota is filled.
  • Sales Channels, various token purchase channels through ATMs, Payment Gateways, to infrastructure management offices
  • Web Administration, customer data management, tariff classes, PPOB integration and customized reports

Custom IoT Solution is a service solution for using M2M / IoT in various industries providing convenience and increase efficiency in business processes, including Heavy Machinery Monitoring System (data analytics through IoT sensors to improve accurate report quality and work order scheduling in real time), Airport Operation Control Center (integrated operational management resulting in information and decisions deriving from one airport operation command), as well as High Precision Tracking (object tracking based on the Global Navigation Satellite System with high precision up to 2m for basic and up to cm level for advance through Realtime Kinematic devices).

M2M / IoT Network Monitoring is a service solution for remote management and control of IT devices via an Internet Protocol (IP) network. The use of encryption integrated into the device will ensure safe and reliable use. Control can be done through Secured Shell (SSH) and Web Admin access.

Features :

  • Hybrid Management Consolidation, Providing real time visibility and control over IT devices in multiple locations
  • Remote Technician, Control, manage, console, and power (on / off / reboot) IT devices from anywhere
  • Power Management, Simplify deployment and lower IT distribution management costs
  • Custom Design, Built for businesses with various branch locations, administrator positions specifically in the main center only
  • Enterprise IT Security, SSH protection and SSL data encryption as well as AES certified encryption features
  • Easy Setup, after branch is connected to the network, administrators can perform remote configuration in bulk
  • Flexible and Scalable, with the addition of KVM devices, server management can be done down to the BIOS level

Benefits :

  • Secure network with a high level of security
  • Easy to manage, supported by mass deployment features, full remote control and upgradeable
  • Universal access from any location, anywhere & anytime via mobile device
  • Failover, device access switches automatically if the connection is experiencing problems


Integrated Talent Management System (ITMS) is an application platform service solution in the form of integrated corporate talent management, with the aim of creating and developing talents that will drive the company's business, as well as transparency and objectivity in employee career management.

The modules in ITMS cover Talent Management (for managing company talents ranging from Talent Sourcing to Talent Clustering) and Career Management (helping companies find the right nomination for a position, as well as more active employees who directly aspire to a career in the company).

Benefits :

  • Management of company talent has become more systematic
  • Increase employee activity in determining their career at the company
  • Employees can know the assessment of the career process in a transparent manner

Employee Self Service Portal is an application platform service solution in the form of a corporate employee portal for managing attendance, work activities and sharing information / ideas, which can be accessed on 2 platforms, namely mobile apps and web apps so that employee attendance management is more effective, data is reliable with the interactive dashboard, as well as the efficiency of the company's operating costs.

This portal is equipped with management presence features, broadcast messages, social media monitoring, booking management, employee care management, personal data verification, and user management.

The Custom Application Platform is a company application platform service solution that is integrated and specific as needed, including the Academic Information System (an application to simplify the online campus academic administration process), Hospital Management Information Systems (cloud-based information systems used by patients, pharmacies and insurance), Hotel Management System (integrated web-based and mobile-based hotel and room service management applications), Service Desk Management (On-Site Engineer activity monitoring applications), Application Programming Interface Services (interfaces that allow products / services / software to "communicate" ).

MNS WAN (Managed Network Service Wide Area Network) is a managed network services solution in the form of end-to-end monitoring and management of corporate networks on network devices and carriages proactively and quickly. With this solution it can speed up the resolution of disruptions to the corporate network making it possible to increase the company's business productivity in the end

Features :

  • CPE Services, to support ordering, installation and maintenance of hardware in the customer area
  • Service Desk Support, in the form of a Single Point of Contact facility for local and international calls
  • Service Assurance, service guarantees such as event monitoring, incident notifications, online disturbance reports and status updates
  • Self-Service Customer Portal, a facility to control and monitor service status anytime and anywhere
  • Reporting, covers web-based network performance reports (availability and utilization)

Mobile Workforce Management is a sales distribution & supply chain management service solution in the form of a cloud-based mobile and web application system to meet the needs of field workforce management such as sales / marketing personnel, surveyors, and collections in making transactions anytime and anywhere. This application can monitor the location and performance of field workers, send sales orders or provide services to customers precisely and accurately, as well as broadcast & personal messages.

Benefits :

  • Faster and easier to distribute work
  • Manage and monitor the work of field employees and sales teams
  • Increase productivity and customer experience

MNS Cloud Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) is a managed network services solution in the form of cloud-based wireless network management services, making it possible for companies to make changes to access point configuration anytime, anywhere despite they are not in the company's private network location.

This solution is equipped with high availability & disaster recovery features, sign on mechanism, redundancy & service security, and a single management dashboard.

Warehouse Management System is a sales distribution & supply chain management service solution in the form of an optimal warehouse management application system covering transaction information, inventory and total stock in real time, managing storage locations for goods, and managing distribution of goods. This application is web and cloud based so it is easy to use and relatively fast in implementation, and integrates with other warehouse equipment, such as barcode printers and handhelds.

Features :

  • Receiving Planning, planning for receiving goods, checking the type of goods and its quantity, allocation of storage racks
  • Barcode Process, labeling incoming and outgoing goods using a barcode that is integrated with the barcode reader / scanner device
  • Count & Quality Control, calculating stock in a system and controlling the quality of goods in the warehouse
  • Good Receive Notes (GRN), creates Goods Receipt Letter automatically through the system
  • Pick, makes it easier to pick up goods, with FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, and manual options
  • Pack, helps packing the goods that will come out of the warehouse
  • Delivery Order (DO) Notes, creates a Letter of Release of Goods automatically from the system
  • Invoice, create invoices for all goods activities in the warehouse
  • Intelligent Report, warehouse activity reports in easy-to-understand graphic form

Benefits :

  • Accelerate the process lead time in a systemized and online manner
  • Knowing all transactions, inventory and stock quantities quickly, accurately, and in real time
  • Provide service visibility for the parties in an end-to-end manner

Fleet Management System is a sales distribution & supply chain management service solution in the form of an application system for managing and monitoring logistics fleets, such as trucks, box cars, trailers, containers, and other vehicles. This service uses GPS and GSM tracking technology which is also equipped with additional sensors for monitoring fuel, temperature and door sensors.

Features :

  • Track Now, get the position of the map visualization for single or multiple vehicles in real time
  • Trace History, get the trip history of each vehicle to be analyzed
  • Vehicle Ranking Report, displays vehicle ranking based on the KPI that has been set
  • Asset Monitoring Dashboard, overview of vehicle status (available, occupied, under maintenance, pending for installation, and GPS under maintenance)
  • Advance Trip Analysis Report, displays trip data such as trip duration, distance traveled, top speed, average speed
  • Zone Management, manages and regulates vehicle movement according to a defined zone
  • Asset Maintenance Management, informing the due schedule for vehicle maintenance such as changing engine oil, etc.
  • Job Management, arranging job orders starting from planning delivery, departure, collection and delivery of goods

Benefits :

  • Integrated Service, designed to be integrated with other applications
  • Cloud Computing, ensuring reliability and is accessible anytime and anywhere
  • Increased efficiency of operational costs and fleet productivity
  • Monitoring of vehicle position and fuel usage in real time

Network & Web Application Security is a managed security services solution that helps anticipate potential losses due to cyber attacks.

The solution covers Global Internet Security (to protect corporate IT infrastructure from Distributed Denial of Service / DDoS attacks), Web Application Protector (to protect corporate business applications from attack threats both at the network level and applications located in the Data Center or Cloud), and Next Gen Firewall (cyber security system service in the form of an integrated firewall, intrusion protection to maintain network security through one device).

Security Consulting is a consulting service solution assisting companies get leading edge solutions on security systems to protect corporate businesses from cyber security threats.

These solutions include Cloud Network Design (completes cloud network design), Cloud Risk Assessment (assesses cloud infrastructure risks), Cyber ??Security Health Check (understands potential attacks), Network Architecture Assessment (assesses network architecture design), Network Compliance Assessment (provides network recommendations compliance), Penetration Testing (identification of security levels), and Vulnerability Assessment (exploiting weaknesses to reduce efforts to maintain the network).

Benefits :

  • Get insights to mitigate weaknesses in the company's existing IT infrastructure and applications
  • Improve and ensure company security systems comply with industry standards and government regulations

e-Commerce Platform is a sales distribution & supply chain management service solution that makes it easy to manage online and offline stores and develop businesses in many market places in just one platform.

By using this platform, companies can manage reseller and customer orders at the same time, and get the benefit of more effective operational management across multiple sales channels connected in one dashboard.

The Distribution System is a sales distribution & supply chain management service solution in the form of a back office application that makes it easy to manage distributor sales and distribution operations so that the productivity and efficiency of the company's business can increase. With this, the company can accelerate business operations, and focus more on controlling activities, not on administrative tasks.

This solution is equipped with Route & Delivery Management, Operation Control, Mobile Distribution, and Reporting System features.

Health Profilling Analytics is a big data analytics service solution that provides a profile of patient / company employee health information that is processed systematically and comprehensively. The results of this data analysis provide identification information on health trends and the behavior of patients / company employees.

This is beneficial for companies in making strategic decisions, formulating preventive promotional strategies, is curative and rehabilitative, and improves the quality of health services and minimize risks.

Features :

  • Disease Management, classifies employee health trends based on the historical data of said employee health
  • Medical Case Management, ensuring medical services are in accordance with agreed protocols and benefit schemes
  • Provider Management, information on health providers so that quality services remain at competitive costs
  • Medication Management, suitability & safety of drug use, especially for high-risk diseases

Benefits :

  • Assist in strategic decision making to improve the quality of health services
  • Provide an in-depth understanding of health trends and the behavior / lifestyle of patients / company employees
  • Become a reference / reference in creating health insurance products

SIP Trunking is a voice service solution in the form of IP-based voice trunking that utilizes SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) by providing a flexible amount of capacity, with the ease of adding that said capacity and the availability of Incoming only, Outgoing only and Bothway operating modes. The connection from the service node to the IP PBX on the company side is a point-to-point connection with one IP address allocation.

Benefits :

  • Flexible number of capacities ranging from small to large capacities
  • If the customer moves, he can still use the existing number in the same area

Web Conference Service is a voice service solution in the form of a secure web-based, real time online conference, multi-platformed, and wide coverage making it possible represent the presence of companies around the world through local access and Toll-Free numbers with 24/7 service without reservation.

Features :

  • Audio & Web Conference, Audio & web conference platform with a maximum of 100 participants at a time
  • Website Access, Web access to manage & control meetings
  • Moderator PIN code, providing PIN code per moderator and per conference room
  • File Sharing, file sharing facilities to make conferences more comfortable

Closed User Group (CUG) is a voice services solution in the form of communication for companies that includes unlimited voice calls and SMS services in the same group, as well as internet data package services.

This solution is equipped with Post and Prepaid features (CUG between postpaid & prepaid users), as well as unlimited Voice Calls and SMS (voice calls & SMS non broadcast to fellow employees who have registered in 1 CUG group).

Benefits :

  • Optimizing the company's communication budget and employee productivity
  • Using special communication rates for companies that have more than 1 branch
  • The company can control employee devices and manage the application
  • Streamlining communication between company employees

VPN (Virtual Private Network) IP (Internet Protocol) is a data communication service solution based on IP MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) that allows companies to create private IP networks with any to any connection in a national coverage to connect branches in various cities equipped with Value Added Services (VAS) in the form of Instant VPN, used to access to a private network / intranet via internet media safely and easily, dynamic routing, and bandwidth on demand.

Benefits :

  • Coverage is very broad with access nodes spread throughout Indonesia
  • Scalability, providing services from 64kbps to 1 Gbps
  • Reliability, meets the needs of various types of applications providing a high quality experience
  • Trusted, ensures the confidentiality of data & network securities with international certification
  • Manageability, monitoring, diagnosis and network management in real time
  • Mobility, the company's internal information system can be accessed remotely via internet

Metro Ethernet is a broadband communication network service solution based on IP / Ethernet technology with a metropolitan area coverage that can provide flexibility, simplicity, effectiveness and QoS (Quality of Service) for companies. This network can be used as a Metropolitan Access Network to connect subscribers and companies to a WAN (Wide Area Network) such as the internet to connect branch offices with headquarters in a metro area (intranet).

Benefits :

  • Standarized Service for point to point and point to multipoint connections
  • Scalability, providing services up to 1 Gbps
  • Reliability, the network's ability to detect and recover problems
  • Service Management, the ability to monitor, diagnose and manage the network

Dedicated Internet is a service solution for providing dedicated internet access to both global and domestic internet with a guaranteed bandwidth ratio of 1: 1 to the reference point.

Dedicated Internet service solutions include Beda Bandwidth (with the maximum difference between global and domestic bandwidth being 1:10), Burstable (providing additional bandwidth capacity up to two times the dedicated bandwidth in a burstable manner), and Lite (asymmetric with the middle gap ratio of upstream and downstream bandwidth for global connection).

Benefits :

  • Coverage area of service to reaching in all regions of Indonesia
  • 24 hour monitoring through Network Management System tools
  • MRTG (MultiRouter Traffic Grapher) providing bandwidth traffic in real time

Internet Protocol (IP) Transit is an interconnection service solution to both the domestic and global internet with a guaranteed bandwidth of 1: 1 up to the reference point, using the company's internet resources.

IP Transit service solutions covers IP Transit with Different Bandwidth (maximum difference between global and domestic bandwidth by 1:10), IP Transit Burstable (providing additional bandwidth capacity up to a maximum of twice the committed bandwidth), and IP Peering (mutually beneficial interconnection service between 2 internet network).

Benefits :

  • The largest gateway capacity and the widest coverage area in Indonesia
  • Ease of distribution (resale) of internet services
  • Discretion in managing personal IP
  • Improve ISP network performance as it is a redundant gateway
  • Direct connection to the global internet with premium quality

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a service solution for distributing traffic to several PoP (Point of Presence) locations to provide accelerated access with high availability and high performance levels.

CDN technology can increase the quality of experience (QoE) level of visitors in accessing content by distributing content access traffic to several CDN servers that initially point to one Origin Server.

Features :

  • Website Acceleration, accelerate response of content when visitors access web pages
  • File Download Optimization, download large capacity files quickly & reliably without depending on distance
  • Live Streaming, streaming audio / video over the internet with a wide audience coverage
  • Media on Demand, accelerate access by placing content on the CDN Server

Benefits :

  • Availability of Capacity On Demand and no need to make large investments in the main server
  • Connected to the largest internet network in Indonesia as well as global service coverage
  • Speed up website / content responses based on closest CDN Server that serves requests
  • End-to-end services from the network infrastructure layer to the CDN service layer

Global VPN IP is a global connectivity service solution that connects corporate networks in Indonesia with corporate networks in other countries through the MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) network. This service allows multinational companies to create private IP networks with global coverage to connect their branches in various countries.

Benefits :

  • Scalability, providing services from 32 kbps to 10 Gbps in one circuit
  • Trusted, data confidentiality and network securities are guaranteed
  • Manageability, perform end-to-end network monitoring, diagnosis & management

Global Ethernet is a global connectivity service solution that connects corporate networks in Indonesia and in other countries with Ethernet layer 2 technology which includes point to point services (Private-Ethernet Private Line and Virtual Private-Ethernet Virtual Private Line) as well as point to multipoint services.

Benefits :

  • Standardized Service, standardized services for point to point and point to multipoint connections
  • Scalability, providing services ranging from medium bandwidth up to 10 Gbps in one circuit
  • Reliability, the network's ability to detect and recover disruptions without affecting service
  • Service Management, the ability to monitor, diagnose and manage the network

Wifi Station is a wifi service solution in the form of Dedicated Wifi internet using optical fiber with speeds up to 100 Mbps equipped with various Value-Added Services according to company needs.

Through this solution, companies get wifi access with a specific SSID, as well as obtain various value added services to support business activities and develop internet-based business opportunities.

Features :

  • Welcome Page Generator, customization of login id, voucher management system and customer profiling
  • Customized Login ID, login access options on the welcome page
  • Voucher Management System, providing login access using the voucher username and password
  • Customer Profiling, filling in user profiles before obtaining internet access
  • Venue Owner Dashboard, Dashboard for monitoring Access Point status, traffic and usage

Wifi Hospitality is a wifi services solution in the form of managed wifi that is integrated with the advertisement wifi platform making it possible for companies to obtain additional revenue from advertisements installed on wifi.

Wifi Hospitality assists the needs of a company’s business such as managing customer email lists, increasing the use of social media, increasing customer loyalty and attracting new customers which are all controlled automatically (auto pilot).

Features :

  • Data Communication, covering Dedicated Internet, Dedicated Internet Lite, High Speed Internet, M2M, & VPN
  • Device, covering Access Point, Hotspot Gateway and Switch
  • Monitoring System, covering Device, Network and Advertising Monitoring
  • Monetizing, covering User Engagement, CMS Platform, Guest Management and API Integration
  • Dashboard, covering Analytic User, User Profiling and Advertising
  • After Sales, covering the availability of Engineers on Site per area and Escalation Management

Benefits :

  • Bandwidth Management (bandwidth allocation / room) per user access
  • Realtime Dashboard, user profiling can be done any time
  • Managed Landing Pages, landing page modification can be done at any time
  • Ads Injection, the inclusion of advertisements when the user is browsing or filling out a feedback form
  • Traffic Monitoring Access Point in real time

Radio IP is a service solution for wireless communication needs with dedicated bandwidth capacity for areas in Indonesia that are not covered by terrestrial networks, especially cables due to geographic conditions.

This solution is equipped with a high level of security and closed network configuration. The scope of this service can be adjusted based on company needs.

Benefits :

  • Service costs are cheaper than satellite services
  • Flexibility in the form of convenience and low costs when upgrading

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