Smart City Solution

An integrated end to end ICT solution used in every aspect of city operations to provide a better quality of governance and community welfare

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An implementation of ICT to increase the environment quality in a certain region through business process digitation and digitalization to support the environment's purification and preservation process, in purpose of helping the regional government and related stakeholders to create a healthy, clean and comfortable environment for all.

A system to control and monitor consumer gas usage in order to effectively conserve a decreasing natural resource. The benefits are:

  1. Helps in controlling gas usage
  2. Providing a sense of security to the public
  3. Providing safety to gas users
  4. Minimizing accidents due to gas leakage.

Smart solution in the form of Lighting Automation and Controlling System at lighting facility. The benefits are:

  1. Facilitate easier maintenance and save cost and energy usage up to between 50-75%
  2. Provide easier power consumption monitoring and system error detection.
  3. Provide easier settings to lamps operation, GIS folder and inventory management, and also able to produce statistical data
  4. In line with national and regional action plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions (CO2)

This system is used to monitor the rivers condition, equipped with water level and river flow monitoring sensors, environment temperature and rainfall barometer. The benefits are:

  1. Provide hazard warning analysis to monitoring system.
  2. Existing data can be forwarded to decision makers or directly to the public in the form of news and warnings using digital signage for complete information circulation.
  3. Supports earlier execution of preventive measures.
  4. Able to provide quicker recovery against disaster and to reduce material losses.

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