Smart City Solution

An integrated end to end ICT solution used in every aspect of city operations to provide a better quality of governance and community welfare

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Governance Management

An ICT implementation in the bureacracy and management sector in regional government, whether it's between regional government agencies or between regional government agencies and related stakeholders such as community organizations and associations to support the coordination process and function management from each stakeholders involved and establish a clean, transparent and professional governance.

Recording and archiving services for all Government Institutions, BUMN, BUMD and State Universities throughout Indonesia. The benefits are:

1. Cost efficient

    Reduce in HR costs and manual documentation process

2. Space efficient

    Able to save office spaces and document shelves

3. Organized

    The archives are permanently saved, data will not lost

4. Accessibility

    Archives can be accessed by people from various locations

5. Productive

    Manual process for searching and saving documents are eliminated

Application services for public service administration automation process quickly, accurately, and easily. The benefits are:

  1. No Investment (users do not need any hardware or software investment)
  2. Without Maintenance (users do not need to be preoccupied with hardware / software maintenance activities)
  3. Quick Implementation (Customers can use the desired application in a much shorter time span)
  4. Web-based (it can be accessed from anywhere and anytime)
  5. Customizable (Application can be adjusted with the organizational structure and script layout of each kelurahan)
  6. Secure (every user will have isolated environment, ensuring security)
  7. Cloud Computing (infrastructure and maintenance efficient, and solution for the limitations of human resources in IT)

Corporate portal services that provide communication platforms, information, and knowledge for companies/institutions to serve the automation needs of the company's internal correspondence process. The benefits are:

  1. The official memo creation speed of 15-30 minutes
  2. Numbering and dating of "Actual Date" letters, making it easier to be monitored
  3. Can be accessed from anywhere, not just limited in the office area
  4.  Ease of access to documents anytime, not limited to office hours
  5. IT-based
  6. Smaller space requirement for archive room because of reduced paper use
  7. Can save history of letters ever made
  8. Letters sent and received letters are stored neatly in e-Office
  9. Able to perform SPD and office leave management

Cloud computing-based information system solutions for local governments in carrying out land and building (PBB) tax collection activities, includes data collection, NOP grant, recording, maintenance, printing, revenue monitoring, billing, and even services. The benefits are:

  1. Large amount of tax object data now can be processed better.
  2. Accelerate and facilitate the PBB Tax assignment process with uniform and accurate counting procedures
  3.  Provide tax object data information easily, quickly and accurately to facilitate decision making.
  4. Can be integrated with spatial database
  5. Helping calculation of land and building’s sales value of taxable object in bulk with the help of computer CAV (Computer Assisted Valuation)
  6. Accelerate and simplify the process of completion of services to taxpayer.

Application dedicated to the licensing service process for more transparent, fast, easy and accountable process. Benefit:

  1. Assisting the process of license management, including license application, file verification, retribution calculation, progress information, and the making of Licensing Certificate comprehensively.
  2. Providing customable services, easily customized in terms of licensing data available in each local government and appropriate with the existing rules of Permendagri No. 24 of 2006 and Permendagri No. 20 Year 2008.
  3. Supporting 3 models of OSS (One Stop Service) adapted to the institutional structure of Local Government.

A web and mobile based application system to increase the interaction between the government and village citizens ranging from administration business, government services and local village ventures.

A system to integrate data from various vertical applications into a horizontal platform, resulting to an integrated database as a starting of "SATU DATA" program for the government of Indonesia towards a whole big data implementation in the country.

An online biometric presence application system using the face and lifeness detection method to authentify one's presence, supported by location tagging and geofencing for online presence system in order to simplify institution's presence management.

An application to help village citizens in monitoring their activities related to budget realization or others, starting from planning, execution, and evaluation (reporting).

An application system to visualize all stream/transaction data recorded in each existing applications within a rural area in a chart and formulized into a business intelligence (BI) form.

A central user management application connected to various applications. UCM will apply the CAS (Central Authentication Service) concept to give a valid user account data access to connected applications.

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