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TelkomGroup continues to present the best products, services, and solutions for customers to be able to support business actors (enterprises), government, and SMEs (businesses) to be able to move swiftly in line with rapid technological changes. Telkom provides digital connectivity, digital platform, and digital services according to the needs of today's digital era.

Smart City Nusantara

Smart City Nusantara uses information and communication technology to improve the comfortness, security, efficiency and work ability in giving a sustainable service and the citizens' quality of life by prioritizing the local values. By using ICT, the city will be able to understand the current situation and take quick mitigations to prevent the issue from recurring.

Public Participation

The implementation of ICT in managing collaboration between the Government and other city stakeholders such as the Community and Industry. This collaboration can be in the form of providing an interactive public service system, governmental information, updated regional conditions, etc. Smart Citizen aims to foster a collaborative spirit of various city stakeholders and provide value in smart city development.


An implementation of information and communication technology related to the development of education system in a certain region which involves all ecosystem and stakeholders such as students, teachers, schools (both private or state-owned), parents, and the Regional Education Agency to enhance the development of education quality for the citizens and produce high quality human resources in terms of education.


An implementation of ICT to increase the environment quality in a certain region through business process digitation and digitalization to support the environment's purification and preservation process, in purpose of helping the regional government and related stakeholders to create a healthy, clean and comfortable environment for all.

Governance Management

An ICT implementation in the bureacracy and management sector in regional government, whether it's between regional government agencies or between regional government agencies and related stakeholders such as community organizations and associations to support the coordination process and function management from each stakeholders involved and establish a clean, transparent and professional governance.


The ICT implementation in the health sector to improve community health service and monitoring, by providing professional, fast and integrated medical equipment and facilities.


The ICT Implementation in public security sector that will involve all relevant stakeholders to ensure the public safety including real time monitoring, emergency action, quick response, and coordination between all related stakeholders. This innovation is expected to foster a sense of security and comfort for the entire society.


The implementation of ICT in transportation sector within an area/ region to create an effective and efficience mobility management through integrated public transportation facilities.

Local Resource and Government Asset

An implementation of ICT in local resource and government asset sector to improve management process and an effective and efficient asset utilization in purpose of maximizing public service and optimalizing regional income through a transparent local tax and retribution management.

ICT Infrastructure

A basic solution in connectivity infrastructure to support the implementation of ICT based solution in a certain region so that every entity in that region can be connected to each other and the connectivity will be able to be managed by the regional government.

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