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ICT System Integration

ICT System Integration solutions support the company's business processes to run effectively and efficiently. These solutions include Application Platform solutions, Sales Distribution & Supply Chain Management, and Big Data Analytics Solution.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an application platform service solution used for planning and managing company resources, which includes financial and accounting aspects, payroll, HR, purchasing, sales, budget, materials, and all other capacities that affect company management.

Features :

  • Finance Management System, a module for collecting financial data and creating the required financial reports
  • Project Monitoring System, a module for monitoring projects (timesheets, supplies, expenses, purchases, budgets) in one system
  • Procurement & Sourcing, a module to streamline the procurement process (purchase requisitions, purchase orders, material receipts, invoices)
  • Sales & Marketing, modules covering purchase requisitions, lead & opportunity management and sales management
  • Supply Chain Mgt System, a module for supply chain management (inventory, warehouse, sales orders, return orders, delivery orders, quality management)
  • Asset Management (AMS), a module to find out the condition of assets in order to maximize it’s life cycle and maximize asset utilization
  • HR Management System, HR management module (contact information, payroll, attendance, performance evaluation, promotions, awards, sanctions)

Benefits :

  • Integrating all business processes so that data processing becomes faster, easier and more accurate
  • Reducing operational costs by eliminating delays in information and communication
  • Data analysis and reporting can be done in real time

e-Ticketing is an application platform service solution in the form of an electronic ticket system for using transportation modes, or used as entrance tickets for tourist sites, access to buildings (offices, malls, apartments, hotels, parking buildings, etc.) which can also be integrated with electronic money. Thes solution covers gate systems, electronic payments, and contactless smart cards.

Benefits :

  • Reducing fraud due to all processes & transactions are recorded in a system
  • Analysis of visitor data, reporting and evaluation can be done in real time
  • The existence of an access control system to increase security
  • The existence of a visitor registration system that can be integrated with the building security system

Digital Tax Hub is an application platform service solution in the form of an ICT Hub in the Digital Tax Ecosystem which includes Host to Host e-Invoice - eVAT (Corporate Taxpayer Host to Host e-Invoice service), ePPT - eBUPOT WTH (Taxpayer electronic withholding service), PPH Host to Host (PPH Host to Host taxpayer reporting service), as well as ePayment & eBilling (tax payment service) which can also be integrated with the company's Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system.

Benefits :

  • Supports the Financial Audit function and facilitates the restitution process
  • Ease of integration with company ERP
  • Micro-Services and Queing technology to guarantee speed & accuracy
  • Integrated monitoring dashboard
  • Security assurance (End to End Data Security)
  • Sharing infrastructure costs (hardware, software, connectivity)

Integrated Core Banking Solution is an application platform service solution in the form of a banking system with integrated modules to enable online transactions between branches as well as operational and financial reporting in accordance with national banking regulations.

This solution covers recording new customer data, opening savings accounts, current accounts, deposits, cash withdrawals and deposits, loan disbursements, foreign exchange transactions, bank transfers, general ledger transactions (accounting), reporting (internal and external), interface with the system. support and other processes carried out by the Bank.

Features :

  • Time Deposit, management of deposit accounts with interest calculation based on nominal and time period
  • Remittances, facilitate the transfer of foreign currency both incoming and outgoing
  • Current & Savings Account, a savings account with various parameters
  • GUI (Graphic User Interface), easy access to applications via web browser
  • CIF (Customer Information File), recording customer data based on individual / company groups
  • Loan, with a variety of installment payments for individuals / companies
  • Signature Verification System, convenience and familiarity to verify customer signatures
  • SDB (Safe Deposit Box), ease of setting up the use of a safe deposit box
  • Funding, Financing & Inventory, facilities for running funding, financing and inventory schemes
  • Nostro Account, the Bank's foreign currency account in overseas correspondent banks
  • General Ledger, Flexible COA (Chart of Accounts), Multi Currency (forex trading) and revaluation

Benefits :

  • Assists the Bank easily and quickly in product and service development as well as business expansion
  • Providing convenience and digital customer experience with banking access that can be done anywhere and anytime
  • Automation of all operational units of the Bank so that they are more efficient and easier to integrate with other systems

Integrated Talent Management System (ITMS) is an application platform service solution in the form of integrated corporate talent management, with the aim of creating and developing talents that will drive the company's business, as well as transparency and objectivity in employee career management.

The modules in ITMS cover Talent Management (for managing company talents ranging from Talent Sourcing to Talent Clustering) and Career Management (helping companies find the right nomination for a position, as well as more active employees who directly aspire to a career in the company).

Benefits :

  • Management of company talent has become more systematic
  • Increase employee activity in determining their career at the company
  • Employees can know the assessment of the career process in a transparent manner

Employee Self Service Portal is an application platform service solution in the form of a corporate employee portal for managing attendance, work activities and sharing information / ideas, which can be accessed on 2 platforms, namely mobile apps and web apps so that employee attendance management is more effective, data is reliable with the interactive dashboard, as well as the efficiency of the company's operating costs.

This portal is equipped with management presence features, broadcast messages, social media monitoring, booking management, employee care management, personal data verification, and user management.

The Custom Application Platform is a company application platform service solution that is integrated and specific as needed, including the Academic Information System (an application to simplify the online campus academic administration process), Hospital Management Information Systems (cloud-based information systems used by patients, pharmacies and insurance), Hotel Management System (integrated web-based and mobile-based hotel and room service management applications), Service Desk Management (On-Site Engineer activity monitoring applications), Application Programming Interface Services (interfaces that allow products / services / software to "communicate" ).

Mobile Workforce Management is a sales distribution & supply chain management service solution in the form of a cloud-based mobile and web application system to meet the needs of field workforce management such as sales / marketing personnel, surveyors, and collections in making transactions anytime and anywhere. This application can monitor the location and performance of field workers, send sales orders or provide services to customers precisely and accurately, as well as broadcast & personal messages.

Benefits :

  • Faster and easier to distribute work
  • Manage and monitor the work of field employees and sales teams
  • Increase productivity and customer experience

Warehouse Management System is a sales distribution & supply chain management service solution in the form of an optimal warehouse management application system covering transaction information, inventory and total stock in real time, managing storage locations for goods, and managing distribution of goods. This application is web and cloud based so it is easy to use and relatively fast in implementation, and integrates with other warehouse equipment, such as barcode printers and handhelds.

Features :

  • Receiving Planning, planning for receiving goods, checking the type of goods and its quantity, allocation of storage racks
  • Barcode Process, labeling incoming and outgoing goods using a barcode that is integrated with the barcode reader / scanner device
  • Count & Quality Control, calculating stock in a system and controlling the quality of goods in the warehouse
  • Good Receive Notes (GRN), creates Goods Receipt Letter automatically through the system
  • Pick, makes it easier to pick up goods, with FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, and manual options
  • Pack, helps packing the goods that will come out of the warehouse
  • Delivery Order (DO) Notes, creates a Letter of Release of Goods automatically from the system
  • Invoice, create invoices for all goods activities in the warehouse
  • Intelligent Report, warehouse activity reports in easy-to-understand graphic form

Benefits :

  • Accelerate the process lead time in a systemized and online manner
  • Knowing all transactions, inventory and stock quantities quickly, accurately, and in real time
  • Provide service visibility for the parties in an end-to-end manner

Fleet Management System is a sales distribution & supply chain management service solution in the form of an application system for managing and monitoring logistics fleets, such as trucks, box cars, trailers, containers, and other vehicles. This service uses GPS and GSM tracking technology which is also equipped with additional sensors for monitoring fuel, temperature and door sensors.

Features :

  • Track Now, get the position of the map visualization for single or multiple vehicles in real time
  • Trace History, get the trip history of each vehicle to be analyzed
  • Vehicle Ranking Report, displays vehicle ranking based on the KPI that has been set
  • Asset Monitoring Dashboard, overview of vehicle status (available, occupied, under maintenance, pending for installation, and GPS under maintenance)
  • Advance Trip Analysis Report, displays trip data such as trip duration, distance traveled, top speed, average speed
  • Zone Management, manages and regulates vehicle movement according to a defined zone
  • Asset Maintenance Management, informing the due schedule for vehicle maintenance such as changing engine oil, etc.
  • Job Management, arranging job orders starting from planning delivery, departure, collection and delivery of goods

Benefits :

  • Integrated Service, designed to be integrated with other applications
  • Cloud Computing, ensuring reliability and is accessible anytime and anywhere
  • Increased efficiency of operational costs and fleet productivity
  • Monitoring of vehicle position and fuel usage in real time

e-Commerce Platform is a sales distribution & supply chain management service solution that makes it easy to manage online and offline stores and develop businesses in many market places in just one platform.

By using this platform, companies can manage reseller and customer orders at the same time, and get the benefit of more effective operational management across multiple sales channels connected in one dashboard.

The Distribution System is a sales distribution & supply chain management service solution in the form of a back office application that makes it easy to manage distributor sales and distribution operations so that the productivity and efficiency of the company's business can increase. With this, the company can accelerate business operations, and focus more on controlling activities, not on administrative tasks.

This solution is equipped with Route & Delivery Management, Operation Control, Mobile Distribution, and Reporting System features.

ID Verification is a big data analytics service solution to validate the location of a person's residence, office location and level of activity based on cellular data.

In general, the process carried out is to compare the compatibility of filling in the home and office location with the location where cellular data activity is using the registered cellular number. ID Verification is very suitable for use in the banking, insurance and financial services industry segments.

Benefits :

  • Broad range of data sources from cellular providers in Indonesia
  • Speed up the process of verification and validation of borrower data
  • Improve the efficiency of borrower data validation processing costs
  • High accuracy level above 80%

GIS Analytics is a big data analytics service solution in the form of a web-based geospatial information system that allows users to create clearer and more detailed multi-layer geospatial data and analysis, as well as online and real time monitoring. This solution can also set the location on the map and provide insight into a specific location. This technology is commonly used for scientific investigations, resource management, development planning, cartography, and route planning.

In addition, GIS Analytics is also equipped with online dashboard features, mobile responsiveness, API for data integration, and visualization in the form of maps.

The People Movement is a big data analytics service solution that is used to monitor and analyze visitor demographics based on socio economic status, age, gender and origin, which is equipped with data processing, as needed by user, and custom online dashboards and periodic reports.

Benefits :

  • Monitoring the movement of customers, residents and others
  • Obtain an accurate data description of the movement
  • Obtain a demographic profile based on certain categories

Health Profilling Analytics is a big data analytics service solution that provides a profile of patient / company employee health information that is processed systematically and comprehensively. The results of this data analysis provide identification information on health trends and the behavior of patients / company employees.

This is beneficial for companies in making strategic decisions, formulating preventive promotional strategies, is curative and rehabilitative, and improves the quality of health services and minimize risks.

Features :

  • Disease Management, classifies employee health trends based on the historical data of said employee health
  • Medical Case Management, ensuring medical services are in accordance with agreed protocols and benefit schemes
  • Provider Management, information on health providers so that quality services remain at competitive costs
  • Medication Management, suitability & safety of drug use, especially for high-risk diseases

Benefits :

  • Assist in strategic decision making to improve the quality of health services
  • Provide an in-depth understanding of health trends and the behavior / lifestyle of patients / company employees
  • Become a reference / reference in creating health insurance products

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