Smart City Solution

An integrated end to end ICT solution used in every aspect of city operations to provide a better quality of governance and community welfare

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Local Resource and Government Asset

An implementation of ICT in local resource and government asset sector to improve management process and an effective and efficient asset utilization in purpose of maximizing public service and optimalizing regional income through a transparent local tax and retribution management.

Smart solution in the form of Lighting Automation and Controlling System at lighting facility. The benefits are:

  1. Facilitate easier maintenance and save cost and energy usage up to between 50-75%
  2. Provide easier power consumption monitoring and system error detection.
  3. Provide easier settings to lamps operation, GIS folder and inventory management, and also able to produce statistical data
  4. In line with national and regional action plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions (CO2)

Description :

QRen is a digital payment application (digital wallet) by using QR Code that is intended for merchants in accepting the transactions from customers

Benefits :

  1. Fast (because it uses the newest QR technology)
  2. Practical, easy to download, register and transact 
  3. Able to be effectively used by all types of merchants
  4. Safe to use (transaction is done without using cash)
  5. Profitable, as the users can become a PPOB agent

Features  :

  1. Transaction
  2. Prints the QR Code of the Store
  3. Reports (transaction, agency, payment, purchase)
  4. PPOB agent
  5. FAQ

A parking retribution management system for the local government as a solution of transparent parking service and registration problems through an integrated and real time system and support the implementation of Cashless Payment in the local government.

A terminal solution and an application system to monitor the Hotel, Entertainment and Restaurant (PHRI) tax online from each taxpayers to the Regional Income Agency. This solution aims to secure reception of PHRI tax from the taxpayers by comparing the PHRI tax deposit to the turnover of each taxpayers.

A traditional market service management system which involves the vendors, stores and market retribution billing registration packed in a concept called ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Through this concept, E-Pasar is aimed to answer all problems found in traditional markets, starting from the market asset management, vendors, retributions until the drafting of periodical reports.

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