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The use of technology creates new opportunities for the business world. We will continue to innovate along with the development of digital technology for the advancement of your business. It becomes a matter of pride when we can grow together through innovations that are recognized not only domestically, but also in the international arena.

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M2M (Machine to Machine) / IoT (Internet of Things)

M2M (Machine to Machine) / IoT (Internet of Things) digitalizes work processes using technology that connects devices via IP networks making it possible for companies to monitor and control them with the aim of resource efficiency and effectiveness.

Smart Building is a building & infrastructure automation service solution that applies smart, energy-efficient (green building) structures, automation systems and Advance HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning)

Features :

  • Building Connectivity (BCON), GPON Connectivity (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) facilities using fiber optic, dan Switch Core
  • Building Facility (BFAC), IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange), IP TV, dan Audio Video (AV) Phone (intercom) facilities as an added value
  • Building Safety Security (BSS), Fire Alarm, Public Announcement, CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), Access Control and Panic Button facilities
  • Building Automation (BAS), monitoring, automatic and real time controlling and maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Integrated Building Mgt (IBMS), Building Energy Management System, Facility Management, Building Information, and Integrated Monitoring System

Benefits :

  • Environment friendly due to lower electrical energy consumption
  • Management automation resulting in more efficient management costs
  • Increase comfort and safety as an added value for residents
  • Ability to be integrated with various types of devices, making it accessible from anywhere

Smart Home is a building & infrastructure automation service solution for controlling various devices such as TVs, air conditioners, lights, curtains, and security sensors such as IP CCTV, smoke detectors, LPG detectors and other devices through applications enabling users to monitor and customize scheduling, utilize timers and interaction between sensors / devices in real time.

This solution is equipped with Home Monitoring features (to display various devices that are integrated with the Smart Home Gateway) and Device Management (to group sensors / devices along with their categories).

Benefits :

  • Integrated security system that provides notification in case of anomalies
  • Multiple sensors set at same time based on defined conditions
  • Using a smartphone that can be accessed anywhere and anytime

Smart Office is a building & infrastructure automation service solution in the form of office building support systems that can digitally integrate with each other to create an environment that is intelligent, collaborative, efficient and sustainable.

This solution is equipped with wireless features (wifi network & NFC use), seamless (virtual desktop, unified communication, video conference & print from any area), paperless (electronic correspondence, e-whiteboard, e-document management & digital signage), and riskless. (NFC for payment & entry access, intruder tracking, visitor management, iris scan document access).

Benefits :

  • Intelligent – work ecosystem integrated with the network platform
  • Collaborative – fosters and encourages collaborative experiences
  • Efficient – improve employee efficiency and productivity
  • Sustainable – energy and power saving through optimizing energy consumption

Smart Lighting is a building & infrastructure automation service solution in the form of an outdoor and indoor lighting control system that can increase efficiency through scheduling, dimming and motion sensing, which can also be controlled remotely.

Features :

  • Light Management Dashboard, Management of light status, obstacle notification & voltage usage analysis
  • Light Remote Control and Mgt, Control via mobile devices, using a web-based admin system
  • Advanced Scheduling, Making advance scheduling (on / off / dim)
  • Triple Layer Security, layered security from applications, power line and wifi
  • Smart City Integration, integration through IP cameras and environmental sensors

Benefits :

  • Device flexibility with multiple protocol options
  • Energy efficiency and maintenance using LEDs with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Accessible via web and recieves direct notification of anomalies
  • Ease of installation as it does not require rewiring

Smart Water is a solution for building & infrastructure automation services in the form of a pre-paid water purchase system so that business processes become more efficient and save operational budgets. Infrastructure managers can easily monitor customer data, know the details of consumption of water purchases, with no manual meter recording required, and no arrears and billing to customers. The Smart Water kit consists of a metering system, valve actuator, token system and web service.

Features :

  • Meter Token, regulates water usage based on prepaid meter quota, equipped with a keypad and LCD for refilling meter quota
  • Motorized Valve, Valve will close automatically if quota runs out, and reopen if the quota is filled.
  • Sales Channels, various token purchase channels through ATMs, Payment Gateways, to infrastructure management offices
  • Web Administration, customer data management, tariff classes, PPOB integration and customized reports

Custom IoT Solution is a service solution for using M2M / IoT in various industries providing convenience and increase efficiency in business processes, including Heavy Machinery Monitoring System (data analytics through IoT sensors to improve accurate report quality and work order scheduling in real time), Airport Operation Control Center (integrated operational management resulting in information and decisions deriving from one airport operation command), as well as High Precision Tracking (object tracking based on the Global Navigation Satellite System with high precision up to 2m for basic and up to cm level for advance through Realtime Kinematic devices).

M2M / IoT Network Monitoring is a service solution for remote management and control of IT devices via an Internet Protocol (IP) network. The use of encryption integrated into the device will ensure safe and reliable use. Control can be done through Secured Shell (SSH) and Web Admin access.

Features :

  • Hybrid Management Consolidation, Providing real time visibility and control over IT devices in multiple locations
  • Remote Technician, Control, manage, console, and power (on / off / reboot) IT devices from anywhere
  • Power Management, Simplify deployment and lower IT distribution management costs
  • Custom Design, Built for businesses with various branch locations, administrator positions specifically in the main center only
  • Enterprise IT Security, SSH protection and SSL data encryption as well as AES certified encryption features
  • Easy Setup, after branch is connected to the network, administrators can perform remote configuration in bulk
  • Flexible and Scalable, with the addition of KVM devices, server management can be done down to the BIOS level

Benefits :

  • Secure network with a high level of security
  • Easy to manage, supported by mass deployment features, full remote control and upgradeable
  • Universal access from any location, anywhere & anytime via mobile device
  • Failover, device access switches automatically if the connection is experiencing problems


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