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Managed Network & Security Services

Managing a complex and secure network is a challenge. Often companies have to work with more than one partner with different service levels.

MNS WAN (Managed Network Service Wide Area Network) is a managed network services solution in the form of end-to-end monitoring and management of corporate networks on network devices and carriages proactively and quickly. With this solution it can speed up the resolution of disruptions to the corporate network making it possible to increase the company's business productivity in the end

Features :

  • CPE Services, to support ordering, installation and maintenance of hardware in the customer area
  • Service Desk Support, in the form of a Single Point of Contact facility for local and international calls
  • Service Assurance, service guarantees such as event monitoring, incident notifications, online disturbance reports and status updates
  • Self-Service Customer Portal, a facility to control and monitor service status anytime and anywhere
  • Reporting, covers web-based network performance reports (availability and utilization)

MNS Cloud Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) is a managed network services solution in the form of cloud-based wireless network management services, making it possible for companies to make changes to access point configuration anytime, anywhere despite they are not in the company's private network location.

This solution is equipped with high availability & disaster recovery features, sign on mechanism, redundancy & service security, and a single management dashboard.

Security Operation Center (SOC) is a managed security services solution in the form of central security control services, monitoring and analysis of security attacks on both infrastructure and applications in a logical and physical matter. In addition, SOC is also proactive and responsive in handling security incidents.

This solution is equipped with logical attack & CCTV monitoring features, end to end monitoring dashboard, threat intelligence, correlation engine / SIEM - Security Information & Event Management, and automated respond.

Benefits :

  • Improve IT security by detecting & responding to threats / attacks
  • Compliance with international information security standards
  • Early warning of cyber security incidents to speed up recovery when they occur

Network & Web Application Security is a managed security services solution that helps anticipate potential losses due to cyber attacks.

The solution covers Global Internet Security (to protect corporate IT infrastructure from Distributed Denial of Service / DDoS attacks), Web Application Protector (to protect corporate business applications from attack threats both at the network level and applications located in the Data Center or Cloud), and Next Gen Firewall (cyber security system service in the form of an integrated firewall, intrusion protection to maintain network security through one device).

Security Consulting is a consulting service solution assisting companies get leading edge solutions on security systems to protect corporate businesses from cyber security threats.

These solutions include Cloud Network Design (completes cloud network design), Cloud Risk Assessment (assesses cloud infrastructure risks), Cyber ??Security Health Check (understands potential attacks), Network Architecture Assessment (assesses network architecture design), Network Compliance Assessment (provides network recommendations compliance), Penetration Testing (identification of security levels), and Vulnerability Assessment (exploiting weaknesses to reduce efforts to maintain the network).

Benefits :

  • Get insights to mitigate weaknesses in the company's existing IT infrastructure and applications
  • Improve and ensure company security systems comply with industry standards and government regulations

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