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Payment Services

The ease and variety of payment channel choices are very important and affect the number of collections and sales. The development of IT has brought about major changes in various fields including payment systems.

Payment Point is a billing payment aggregator service solution in the form of business collaboration (partners) that can service various routine bill payments, credit purchases and online shopping payments from bill owners / operators / merchants. Both companies and individuals can take advantage of their places / facilities such as shops, outlets, space for placing vending machines and their networks (ATMs, e-channels, outlets, etc.) to serve payments.

Benefits :

  • Partners will obtain a sharing fee for each transaction
  • Various online and real time web / mobile based transaction tools
  • Single deposit for all services
  • Partners will receive a marketing kit or branding outlet

Billing Payment is a billing payment aggregator service solution in the form of recording, accumulating and collecting bills digitally that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. These solutions cover invoice creation, distribution and bill collection through various payment channels.

Remittance is an e-payment platform service solution that provides easy money transfer that has been integrated with all banks connected to collaborating principal / bank switching, with features like Cash to bank account, Cash to cash, and Cash to e-Money.

With this remittance solution, transactions can be done in real time and online 24 hours, and also make it easier for customers to top-up, make payments, make purchases and transfer funds.

Settlement and reconciliation is an e-payment platform service solution in the form of financial operations and managed services that can assist companies in carrying out the reconciliation process in an integrated manner and ensuring the settlement is executed safely.

This solution provides features including Disbursement, RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement), Clearing House, and Realtime Dashboard Reporting. In addition, the benefits obtained from this are minimized settlement risk as well as a practical, fast, efficient and safe means of inter-bank transfers.

e-Money White Label / Co-Branding is an e-payment platform service solution in the form of a choice of payment instruments with a prepaid scheme. This platform is available in 2 technology options, namely card / chip based and server based (mobile cash). e-money white label is for companies that already have a license to operate and utilize e-money, while e-money co-branding is for companies that do not have an e-money operating license.

This is of course in line with the National Non-Cash Movement (GNNT) program launched by the government to create a cashless society.

Benefits :

  • Speed and ease of implementation to minimize operational costs
  • Minimizing management costs and the risk of fraud cash management
  • Includes submission of permits and reporting to regulators (for e-Money White Label)
  • Unnecessary in applying for an e-money license to BI (for e-Money Co-Branding)

Quick Response (QR) Code is an e-payment platform service solution that connects sellers (merchants) with payment instrument issuers to provide convenience and security for buyers in making mobile payments using the latest QR Code technology.

ATM & Debit Switching is a transaction switching service solution in the form of an interbank switching system that allows bank customers who are members of the LINK network, both Himbara and Non Himbara, to make transactions at ATM / EDC that are members of the LINK network. This allows transactions using domestic cards to be routed through the domestic network, not through the international network.

This system makes it easy for the Bank to provide transaction facilities through interconnecting & interoperability domestic infrastructure, with competitive fee-based income from transactions made through switching LINK.

Payment Gateway is a transaction switching service solution that provides convenience, security and a wide choice of payment channels (such as cash, credit card, debit card, e-money, internet banking and mobile banking) that can be integrated with the company's website.

Benefits :

  • Companies can monitor transaction reports online and in real time
  • Very high transaction security accompanied by international certification
  • Facilitates development and operations in the reconciliation and settlement process
  • Transaction invoices can be sent via URL / Link, QR Code and email to consumers

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