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Satellite Services

The archipelago is a challenge for telecommunication infrastructure development. For this reason, VSAT, Mobile Satellite, Broadband Satellite, and Broadcast Services are provided in areas that are not yet covered by telecommunications infrastructure.

VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) is a service solution that can be used to accommodate telecommunication needs in areas not covered by terrestrial networks for the needs of users with fixed, moving or mobile locations. These solutions include VSAT IP, VSAT SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier) and VSAT dSCPC (Dynamic SCPC). Communication between user locations and can use a link with a Point to Point (SCPC) topology, or an IP-based shared topology (VSAT-IP).

Benefits :

  • Broad coverage and implementation of services are not affected by geographical conditions and contours
  • VSAT Implementation is relatively faster than cable network implementation
  • Suitable for low-rate communication with 'bursty' characteristics
  • Can be used for data, voice, video implementation
  • Easy and fast if upgrade / downgrade / reconfigure is done

MSS (Mobile Satellite Services) is a service solution that is used as a mobile wireless communication solution for areas where it is not possible to build a cable terrestrial network, Fixed VSAT, or radio-IP, for example in forests, drilling, sea and aircraft.

The solutions cover On Ship Connectivity (broadband internet network on ships), In Flight Connectivity (which allows passengers on the plane to communicate by telephone and internet), and Satellite Phone (as an end user device for satellite communications).

Benefits :

  • Broad coverage and implementation of services are not affected by geographical conditions and contours
  • Implementation is relatively fast with a compact device
  • Can be used for mobile, voice, and video data communication

Broadband Satellite (Mangoesky) is a solution for broadband internet services using satellite media provided for people who are not covered by internet services via cable media by providing DTH (Direct to Home) TV and FTA (Free to Air) TV access as additional entertainment.

This solution can be used as internet and entertainment services (DTH and FTA Television) for remote locations such as offices or employee halls at mining sites, plantations, and others.

Benefits :

  • Providing fast delivery of services in accordance with the SLA
  • Satellite access adaptive to bad weather
  • Static IP to support mobile CCTV services
  • Easy monitoring & top up quota for customers

Broadcast Services is a service solution supporting the efficiency and effectiveness of the company's business which includes TVRO / Television Receive Only services (satellite receiver devices that are only used to receive television broadcasts), TV Uplink (broadcasting services via satellite that transmits information signals in the form of audio and video), and SNG / Satellite News Gathering (a device that transmits portable satellite information signals using an uplink earth station). This solution can be used for broadcasting live programs, events or news, to facilitate interactive video conferencing, as well as program playback.

Benefits :

  • Simple network topology with easy and fast installation
  • Bandwidth can be adjusted according to needs
  • Services are HD (High Definition) with a wide coverage area

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