Smart City Solution

An integrated end to end ICT solution used in every aspect of city operations to provide a better quality of governance and community welfare

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The ICT Implementation in public security sector that will involve all relevant stakeholders to ensure the public safety including real time monitoring, emergency action, quick response, and coordination between all related stakeholders. This innovation is expected to foster a sense of security and comfort for the entire society.

SPGDT or Integrated Emergency Response System is a contact center-based solution to ensure medical emergency services for citizen. The benefit of SPGDT:

  1. Improve emergency service system that can reduce mortality and prevent disability
  2. Create standardization and integrated emergency management system
  3. Single Access Contact Center for the society who need emergency response
  4. Facilitate the availability information of emergency room rooms in every hospital

A system to monitor security conditions in important locations such as market, mosque, station, park, tourism venue, etc. Benefit of city surveillance,

For the society:

  1. monitor local social conditions, such as crime, street musician, street vendor, etc.
  2. monitor local environmental conditions, such as waste violation, illegal building, etc.
  3.  monitor local traffic conditions, such as traffic jam, accident, and traffic violation, etc.

For the government:

  1. CCTV can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously at the same time via LAN network
  2. CCTV can be accessed anywhere using internet access without distance limitation
  3. can be monitored using PDA, laptop and PC
  4. Has high security standard (protection from unauthorized users)
  5. No need to use multiple monitoring screen, 1 monitoring screen can observe up to 64 CCTV camera points simultaneously

A smartphone app solution for society, designed as an alarm by delivering emergency messages when in danger or threat. Emergency information from the panic button will be forwarded to the closest family, the city command center, and the closest police unit quickly.

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