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Digital Advertising

The increasing penetration of internet users in Indonesia has made companies not only rely on conventional methods but through digital platforms in marketing their products / services.

Social Media Marketing is an online advertising service solution in the form of corporate social media management and placement of ads on social media which includes Facebook Ads (with performance parameters of click to website, page post engagements, page likes, apps install, video views, and events responses), Google Display Network (using keywords, placement on certain websites, topics, interests, and demographics), Twitter Ads (with performance parameters of clicks to website, tweet engagements, followers, apps installs, and leads on twitter), Instagram Ads (with performance parameters of clicks to websites, website conversions, mobile app installations, and mobile app engagement).

Digital Media Advertising is an online advertising service solution that can increase sales and measure the reach of promotions through optimization of the Search Engine Optimization / SEO function (search engine optimization affects the visibility of websites or web pages in search results), Search Engine Marketing / SEM (placement of ads in search engines such as google AdWords, yahoo, etc.), as well as Website Publisher (creating a company website which covers choosing a domain name and appearance / layout / template / web design to be used). Companies can easily change website content, whether it be text or images through a CMS (Content Management System).

Media Placement Service is an online advertising service solution that allows companies to advertise on the wifi.id landing page to build brand awareness, market products, and reach consumers or potential consumers.

Mobile Advertising is an online advertising service solution that can be used by companies as an effective marketing medium to build brand awareness, market products, and reach consumers via SMS & MMS Broadcast (sending mass messages to many numbers with the sender's name masked into an alphanumeric sender automatically by independent advertisers via web or integration between applications), SMS & MMS Profiling / Targeted (sending messages to customers according to a predefined profile - age, gender, location, ARPU, handset type, OS type), as well as SMS & MMS LBA (sending messages to customers who are in certain locations with the concept of push SMS).

TV Advertising is an advertising solution on the UseeTV Indihome platform, which is spread across >300 cities with >10 million viewers and is equipped with pause & rewind features, video on demand, video recorder, and tools for measuring ratings, shares, top programs, top channels, peak hour. Types of TV Advertising services include TV Placement Ads (in the form of Creative Ads - ads that appear on the set top box user interface - booting ads, rotate banner ads, pre-roll ads, time shift ads, picture in picture ads, navigation ads, Insertion Ads - ads which appears amidst Commercial TV program channels, and Media Hub - advertising on multi pay TV providers), as well as TV Programs (in the form of Channel Blocking and the use of Studio Hall).

Smart Social Media is a big data analytic advertising service solution in the form of a website-based application for monitoring the company brand on social media, which covers monitoring brand popularity, brand of interest and brand engagement. In addition, the company can also monitor competitors' brands.

Features :

  • Complete Information, information on all posts on social media accounts
  • Active User, user information on social media accounts, followers and biography (bio)
  • Reach & Engagement, information on the level of awareness and interest of the post
  • Conversation, number of conversations on social media accounts
  • Analytics, complete analysis of social media data possessed

Smart Advertising (Smart Ads) is a big data analytic advertising service solution in the form of a targeted SMS solution on cloud so that companies do not need put in the effort to get targeted GSM customer data but simply defines the target audience using the profile provided by Smart Ads.

This solution covers Postcall Regular SMS (semi real time SMS with specific city, day and hour parameters), Segmented Postcall SMS (semi real time SMS with city, day, hour and specific segment / classification parameters), and Advance Call Pattern (SMS Profiling based on subscriber profile which includes geographic, demographic and digital behavior profiles).

Benefits :

  • The audience is right on target because the intended audience is based on the profile set by the company
  • Campaign can be run independently by the company (Do It Your Self)
  • Campaigns run parallel to various messages with different target audiences

Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) is a service solution for providing promotional media in the form of LCD screens in public and private areas to present video information in the form of product promotions, company profiles and other visual information in an attractive and on target manner, both outdoors (with national reach and can be updated remotely) and indoors.

This service is combined with Big Data Analytics in the form of profile data for mobile customers who pass through the DOOH location, making it possible for target audience and selection of broadcast times to be adjusted and advertisements to become more effective and efficient.

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