Smart City Solution

An integrated end to end ICT solution used in every aspect of city operations to provide a better quality of governance and community welfare

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Public Participation

The implementation of ICT in managing collaboration between the Government and other city stakeholders such as the Community and Industry. This collaboration can be in the form of providing an interactive public service system, governmental information, updated regional conditions, etc. Smart Citizen aims to foster a collaborative spirit of various city stakeholders and provide value in smart city development

Smart City Solution by sending messages (SMS / MMS) to people residing in certain area. This service applies the concept of push sms for people living in area that have been determined by the user of this service, so that information can be quickly and accurately given  to the local community

An app-based Smart City Solution for the community in supporting the collaboration between the local government and citizen. This application allows citizen to report every incident they encounter such as traffic jam, environmental waste violation, accident, natural disaster, crime or any other public incidents. Accident reporting is conducted by photographing the current situation and reporting it through an real time application connected to the related local government agency to ensure every report is handled quickly and correctly.

An integrated reporting information system for service providers such as corporations, community, government or other organizations to receive, follow up and monitor reports in order to perform quick, acurate, and measurable actions. SiPANDU uses WhatsApp as a replacement of application or website forms to make it easier for user to report the issues they encounter to the stakeholders. With smart engagement as a concept, SiPANDU is designed as a practical and efficient reporting platform

An SMS and mobile app based Solution which allows citizen to report and inform the Head of District straight away by using the SMS/ App service center.

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