Smart City Solution

An integrated end to end ICT solution used in every aspect of city operations to provide a better quality of governance and community welfare

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The implementation of ICT in the tourism sector by supporting the location and asset management to increase promotion and exposure of tourism potency in certain region. This service is expected to grow the interest of tourist visit and optimize the Local Government Income

e-Ticketing is a service solution in electronic ticketing system for public transportation access, tourist destination access, buildings access (office, mall, apartment, hotel, parking hall, etc.) integrated with an electronic payment system. E-ticketing solutions include a gate system, electronic payment, and contactless smart cards.

Apps-based solutions for Indonesian local governments in providing travel guide/ tourism information. This Apps can help to simplify the process of introducing regional tourism potency, make a travel plan, and find travel information. The features of Hi-City Apps are tourist destination, shopping center, restaurant, accomodation, public service place (police station, railway or bus station, gas station, post office, etc), area maps, transportation, and event/ festival schedule.

Applications system to provide customized Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) service for all business innovations in the tourism sector

Application/ system to improve the operational process of tourism counter managed by village/ agency. This App using MPOS to create an accurate transaction monitoring and support cashless payment, especially for tourism destination that require non complex e-ticketing solution

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